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Greetings, and welcome to The Kumara Center!

We are in times of great change and no one on the planet is exempt from the shifting that is taking place. The Kumara Center was created as a vehicle to serve humanity during this time. Our mission is simple:

To be aware of what is happening, collectively, on the planet

To do what we can to be of service in a way that is for the highest good of all concerned

To continue to hold the space of loving equanimity for our beloved planet and all life associated with her

We know that all life is inter-related and interdependent and that what we do individually must also serve the collective. It is a great challenge at this time for people to stand in their truth and full authority in the face of those who oppose a society based in the heart. Our goal at The Kumara Center is to function as a beacon of light for those who strive to be a creative force in the new template for life on Earth. Our services range from very specific spiritual work for those who are seeking higher understandings to growing and fostering a sense of greater community, both locally and globally, through our ongoing outreach programs.

We are honored to be of service to you at this time and thank you for adding your energy to our collective!

The Kumara Center for Spiritual Awareness Core Council:

Linda, PielleAyan, Pujanda, Shusara and Tim


Hold the Space Meditation
We hold a brief, collective meditation each Wednesday night at 9:00 pm. Join in from home, or whe...
Wed, Feb 19
9:00 PM
Satsang with Shusara - Zoom Sessions
Please join Shusara Akona Kumara for an evening of Satsang, Kumara Center style. Shusara blen...
Thu, Feb 20
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Hold the Space Meditation
We hold a brief, collective meditation each Wednesday night at 9:00 pm. Join in from home, or whe...
Wed, Feb 26
9:00 PM
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Group Meditation Facilitation: Group meditation is a powerful way to experience the shifting of consciousness for both the individual, as well as the collective. During this type of meditation, the facilitator(s) raise their energetic vibrations, effectively bringing the group with them. Music is used to aide in the process of raising the vibration to the point of one having an experience outside of mind, which is moving past the illusion of separation. This process results in the actual transfiguration of the individuals involved, at a cellular level. Due to the energies involved, physical symptoms may be witnessed by the individual, such as dizziness, body aches, nausea, feeling ungrounded and also euphoric. It is recommended to stay with the meditation, and not to attach to mind's attempt to move one's attention back to the physical form. Group meditations generally range from 10 people up to over 100 (sometimes with more than one facilitator) and are 2-3 hours in length. For an exponential increase in the experience, multiple meditations within the same group can be arranged. The group builds a collective energetic, which continues to increase in power with each subsequent meditation.

Open Satsang: These sessions are based on the traditional model of satsang used in the East where seekers come to be in the presence of the guru/guide, and the energetics of his/her consciousness. Time is spent in meditation, the guide answers questions and speaks about dissolution of the self. The Kumara Center's model is slightly different in that time is also spent speaking about the process of dissolution and the specific methods used by Shusara in her work with others. Sessions are two hours in length, although they may be longer if a long meditation is requested.

Processing Workshops: One of the key components in the beginning work of a seeker is processing. It is the means by which the seeker uses his/her own life experience to begin the dissolution process. Through a series of specific steps, the seeker is guided to uncover the hidden belief systems that have created and perpetuated his reality. The way to overcome polarization lies not in conquering it, or destroying it, but in seeing through it. This 4 hour workshop brings the seeker the understandings necessary to begin to see through the illusion of separation.

Weekend Intensives: The weekend intensives are a wonderful way to combine our different sessions into one powerful, life changing experience. Normally beginning on a Friday evening, and ending Sunday afternoon, intensives are held in locations where the entire group can stay together, away from the world, and be in the energies for an extended period of time. Five extended meditations are held during the weekend and the group also has time for questions, instruction and sharing. This experience is only for the serious seeker, as the energies are very strong and require a certain level of ability in order to remain in them for two days. Groups are kept to a maximum size of 15.

Speaking Engagements: Shusara is available to speak to groups on a variety of spiritual topics. Please contact us with your specific needs.

For more information on any of the services, please contact us.


Satsang with Shusara

Please join us each Thursday at 9pm ET for Satsang with Shusara on BBS Internet Radio. Archives of all sessions are available for free download here.


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Thank you for your interest in The Kumara Center! Please direct your questions or comments to us at the following:

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