Satsang with Shusara on BBS Radio - November 7, 2013
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Our very first internet radio satsang session, back when we were The Shambhala Center for Spiritual Awareness.

In this introductory program, Shusara Akona Kumara shares her personal story of the events that led her to become a spiritual guide. As one of our listeners commented:

"It was like the quintessential Hero-Heroine's journey from darkness to light--to finding genuine purpose and meaning----one in which we could all find those similarities…"

Shusara also begins to address exactly what spiritual dissolution work is. This program is highly recommended for seekers uninitiated into this level of work, as it lays the groundwork where the seeker can connect with the guide and begin to dip their toes into the infinite pool of deeper spiritual understandings.

"Ever since I can remember I always thought religion, society & humanity just didn't have it right & that suffering had to be unnecessary. Satsang has awakened me to the truth & helped me to see through the suffering."


"Satsang for me is where I let go and relax into a sacred and very precious space to remember and reconnect with my True Self, God and All That Is. Shusara's energy is an intense, unconditional field of Love where I know I am safe to peel back the veils and soar."

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