Lend Your Support for Change

Lend Your Support for Change

How long have you been praying for a better world? How many of you have invested your hopes and dreams in a world of peace, without suffering? Surely, anyone reading this blog would apply. My question for you today is, how do you think it is actually going to happen? And, even further, are you prepared and committed to being an active part in the shift?

The reality is this: we live in a polarized world. Our current reality is based in the interplay, and balance, of opposites. Currently on Earth, if we experience joy, we must also experience sorrow, either in our own life, or witness it in the lives of those in the “outside” world. The shift into the Golden Age is a movement from the state of consciousness which believes in, and identifies with, separation, to living from the Unified Field, which is a state of Christed consciousness where all are known to be individuated, but never separated.

The point of today’s blog is not to speak about how you hold yourself separate and the work that needs to be done to transcend that. Rather, I’m interested today in the very practical matter of how our physical actions right now are moving us toward the shift, or keeping us locked in an obsolete paradigm. It comes from my personal experience and from witnessing the experiences of true wayshowers who are in my life.

We live in a system of currency and value judgments. Money rules in our daily lives and we assign value to things based on the monetary value that has been assigned to it by the collective. For instance, a doctor is seen to have a high value to society and a fast food worker is not. Their salaries are proof of the collective judgment. Interestingly, there are other jobs where there seems to be a sense of confusion, or conflict, over their value and that value’s relation to money. People love to bash lawyers, saying there are too many of them, they are ambulance chasers, and the world would be better off without them. Yet, lawyers make far over the average income, so we actually afford them a high value based on what we are willing to pay them. The same could be said of people working in the banking and investment industries, or the insurance or pharmaceutical industries. On the other hand, society is quick to judge the value of teachers, nurses and clergy members as very high, yet none of these professions is paid in accordance with the value we profess to place on them.


Who made the rules and why do we collectively say one thing and then lend our support to what we don’t believe in and withhold support from what we do?

Will this work in the new paradigm? Can the concept of value as determined by currency even work?

These are questions very worthy of your deep contemplation.

The fact of the matter is this. There are people on this planet right now who are already walking in the state of Christ, or unity, consciousness. Operating outside of the established paradigm, these are the people who are fully capable of leading the world into and through the shift, yet the vast majority of them have little to no financial support to do their work and their work remains limited in its scope because of it. We, as a collective, moan and wail about how difficult life is and how we wish things would change, yet we do little to nothing to support those who are actually living the change right now. Remember the Einstein quote which, paraphrased, goes “you can’t solve a problem from the level of consciousness which created the problem?” Exactly! And here is the unfortunate truth. How many organizations out there are struggling to keep their doors open because they function from loving service to humanity and refuse to function from the level of the existing paradigm?  How many have just a handful of dedicated people behind them, funding all their work on their own, and can’t seem to make those they serve understand how valuable their voluntary financial contribution is to the organization? I dare say, ALL of them.

We are being called to create a new paradigm from within the confines of the old one. How can that happen? Do you see the conflict? Seekers love to justify their lack of financial service to teachers and guides who don’t charge set prices for their services by saying that spiritual teaching should be free. Is it true? From the highest level, yes, it absolutely is true. And anyone truly called to service either doesn’t desire to charge a dime for their work, or refuses to place a monetary value on their services. On the other hand, seekers are not living from the level of highest truth. From this place, their mentality is flawed. Illumined or not, everyone pays money to live on this planet. So, how do expect a spritual teacher to do the work they are called to do without receiving some kind of support in return? And who is most-likely going to donate to their work outside of those they specifically serve? You must recognize that most of those who are the vanguard of change on this planet are living lives which depend on the sight and generosity of those they serve, but they will serve all, regardless of whether someone pays them or not. That, my dear Ones, is selfless service. They are not here to be taken advantage of. They are here to be supported and their work is here to be edified by you.

The harbingers of the shift have serious work to do and they have the will and the commitment to follow it through to the end. There are books to get published, centers to be opened, movies to be produced, and lots of travel required for lectures and conferences. Their work is full-time and, for most of them, it is a 24/7, 365 day per year job which requires huge amounts of energy to move through their refined nervous systems; all which is extremely taxing to the human body. Those who do not have this calling can have no true understanding of how challenging it is, which is why I am bringing it to your attention now. Did you know that many who are meant to be on the front lines of this movement have either given up or are contemplating it because they either don’t have the resources to make it happen, or they work some worldly job to gain the resources and then they don’t have the time or energy required to do their other work? Can you imagine how frustrating it can be when all you want to do is help and your hands are tied behind your back? Think about this: what if our collective lack of support for these people is the thing that stops us from being able to make the shift?

Ok, so here’s where we get to the point. The average seeker in the world is very selfish and greedy. That’s right, I said it. The seeker wants the keys to the kingdom for the price of a book or a series of workshops and doesn’t believe they should have any more obligation than that. After all, it’s all about them. You will never attain what you believe to be enlightenment without a heart for selfless service, dear Ones. Greed and selfishness is in complete opposition to the state of Christ consciousness. Take some time to objectively look at yourself from this light. Has it been true for you?

At this time, it is up to those who aren’t called to be the teachers, inventors, artists, etc… to begin to acknowledge the value of those doing this needed work by doing what they can to help. Begin investing your energy toward the shift in the ways that you can. Some people have been blessed with careers that afford them more than they need and can add substantial financial energy where they feel called. Others work paycheck to paycheck, but have energy in the form of time to add to their favorite causes. The donation of time is always an immense gift to organizations who have volunteer staffs. Many could volunteer their own talents to organizations in the form of free services in accounting, marketing, legal, etc… and business owners could donate products and services like office supplies and items that could be used in fundraising activities.

Unlike traditional religious tithing, which more often than not stems from guilt, we are being called to view the world from a higher place and to function from that level of understanding in our current lives. Find the ideals that you truly believe in and walk them NOW. Lend your energy to those who, right now, embody where you want to see our collective end up. Don’t wait for change to come and then offer support. If we all do that, change will never come. Be part of the growing surge in consciousness on the planet by supporting it before the sleeping masses catch on. A leader is nothing without those who step up to join him and the “followers” are truly the ones who make all the difference in the end.

Find the awakened ones and support them in their missions. For all you know, that just may be the purpose of your mission at this time.


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Depletion and Time Away

Depletion and Time Away

Today I want to write about the necessity of true “down time” for the committed spiritual seeker. Traditionally, aspirants spent years…even lifetimes…in relative seclusion from the world. The higher you go in elevation, the less you feel the impact of the collective consciousness, which is why mountains have always been very sacred places and why many of you feel so at peace when you are among them. The life of a spiritual seeker requires that the nervous system be fine-tuned in order to be able to move into the higher states of consciousness which he/she aspires to attain. What people do not understand, and can’t understand until they have reached a certain level of dissolution, is how detrimental the current construct of life is to anyone doing serious spiritual work. For instance, it is very difficult to attain spiritual advancement within the very dense energies found in large cities, yet some of us are called to do our work within them, despite its challenges.

What is needed is to prioritize the importance of alone time in your life. It is not a judgment on those you love. Friends and family members often take it personally when you assert that you need time away. The fact is that just being in others’ energy fields all the time is very draining on your own vibrational resonance in direct relation to the levels of consciousness you are surrounded by. When you sleep next to your partner at night, you are affected by his/her level of consciousness, whether beneficial or not. When your kids run around the house playing, you are bombarded by their energy. But, you say, they are happy children. That’s not a bad thing. Of course it’s not bad. However, the higher your level of consciousness, the more refined your energy is and even the energy of happy, playful children can be enough to make you feel as though your nervous system is being fried.

I have taken two trips in the past month to go into seclusion so that I could do some writing, which is quite a challenge as a wife, mother and guide. I was amazed on the first trip that it took me a full five days to get through the exhaustion that came upon me as soon as I got to my destination. It was an entire week before I could write anything, as my energetic resources were completely depleted and had to be recharged first. I was equally amazed at how quickly my newly built-up resources were wiped out when I returned home. I observed over the course of several days how my energy got lower and how my experience of being “tapped in” had completely dissolved within a week. All the signs of Spirit, or synchronicities, that I had been observing during my trip vanished in the barrage of daily wife/mother/guide activities. The constant pull from the world took its toll on me and my capacity to do deeper levels of my work. For anyone who does energy work, or who has been called to function as a spiritual teacher or guide, I cannot stress enough how imperative it is that you figure out a way to remain attuned energetically. Granted, this is far easier for some than for others and I am equally speaking to myself as I write these words.

The bottom line is this. People won’t understand. You have to do it anyway. People will think you are just selfish. Do it anyway. People will think you are being lazy and shirking your responsibilities. You must do it anyway. If your loved ones truly love you, they will not stand in the way of what needs to be done, even if they don’t like it.

Do you understand? You see, unlike the seekers of old, we are challenged at this time to hold the highest levels of Light possible in form AND live among those who are incapable of doing the same. We are called to keep on keeping on in the face of incredible adversity, but we are NO GOOD to anyone if we are depleted. You can’t be of service to others if you are too exhausted to raise your own vibration, no matter how much physical and mental effort you put in to it.

The world doesn’t understand this. People will judge you as they would judge an accountant. It’s no big deal…just get the work done. Except, we aren’t here to do worldly work, are we? It’s time that we honor our calling and give it the attention and respect that it deserves. We aren’t here to fit into a mold of what our lives “should” look like and how we “should” function within them. We absolutely must learn to trust our own inner guidance, regardless of what anyone thinks. We need to do the best we can in our daily lives, lean on the help of others when needed, and learn to recognize when it is time to walk away from it all for a little while. Your sacred calling must not take a back seat to your worldly life. It is not life-denying by any stretch, but it does require your constant attention. After some time, you will learn the signs of depletion to be on the lookout for when you are engaged with the world. When they pop up, be kind to yourself and do what you need to do to get back to your center.

No excuses and no apologies!


15 Minutes

15 Minutes

Today I want to share a story. It could involve anyone and the story could take place anywhere at any time. Whether this situation has happened to you or not, I’m sure you will recognize yourselves in it to some degree. My hope is that you will read it and get a sense of how often this type of scenario gets played out and how sad and unnecessary this kind of situation really is.

Your partner had to be out of the house for the evening. You anticipate her return and your mind is filled with how you will spend your time together and what it will be like. As the evening goes on, you look more and more forward to seeing her at the time you expect she will return. That time comes and goes and you find yourself even more eager to see her. More time passes and now you begin to experience all kinds of thoughts…projections of what may have happened, or maybe memories of other times she was late. Your emotional state is now becoming unstable.

By the time she arrives home, 15 minutes have passed since the time you expected her. Now, when she opens the door, all smiles and happy to see you, she is not met with a smile and hug in return, but a cold shoulder and a questioning attitude.

What caused the shift between loving partner excited to welcome her home, to upset partner who detaches from the woman he loves?

15 minutes.

That’s right…15 insignificant minutes. Does it even matter what happened in those 15 minutes? You may think so. For most, if she got stuck in traffic due to an accident it would be more acceptable than if she remained to talk with friends or colleagues for an extra 15 minutes. In truth, it doesn’t matter what happened, the fact is that it happened and now you have taken it as some sort of personal assault.

So, instead of enjoying the rest of the evening together, you now spend it apart. You, feeling angry at her, and her, feeling confused about what happened.

What a shame it is to be bound by your expectations. It leaves no room for change…no room for life. You make plans in your own mind involving others. When those others don’t function in perfect alignment with your internal plans, who pays the price? Everyone does. You suffer because your expectations which come from your desires aren’t met and, as a result, you experience pain; your pain causes you to pull away from those you love because you see them as the reason for your pain. If she had just come home 15 minutes earlier, everything would be just fine, right? So, in your world, there is no room for another person to experience their own life without it being a constant source of anxiety, frustration and judgment on your part. Your emotional state is at the mercy of all the things you can’t control.

Imagine for a moment that it didn’t matter. That you could desire a certain outcome, but not be disappointed when it didn’t play out the way you planned. Who is it who wants to control everyone around them, anyway? Only the personal self…the one who can’t stand to not have things go just the way he thinks they should…the one who takes it personally whenever anything isn’t just perfect in his world…the one who experiences pleasure here and there but can never achieve true happiness. It’s the sense of you…your personal identity.

Now, let’s go back to the man and woman in the story. If he had been capable of remaining in his heart, a very important thing would have happened. He would have experienced the only thing that really mattered when she got home…his love for her. He would have felt his love and he would have expressed his love. He also would have been able to receive the love she was giving him when she arrived.

15 minutes…an insignificant amount of time and an equally insignificant detail that served to drive a wedge between two people who love each other.

Learn to accept that it’s always going to be something. People who love you will not always meet your inner expectations of them. Even if they want to, they can’t always, because life happens. You need to shift your focus from being the victim to viewing them from a place of innocence. A child would say that if someone loves me, why would he want to hurt me? Exactly….if she loves you, she is not intentionally late just to anger you, which is the basis of the story you ended up concocting and then believing about her. That isn’t love, plain and simple. So, stop withholding your love from her when she functions from innocence and it doesn’t go your way. Just let it all go and focus on the only thing that ever mattered anyway…

15 minutes can only be experienced as 15 minutes when the self is identified. In the present moment, there is only that…the present moment. No one can ever be late in the present moment.


Easy is Not an Option

Easy is Not an Option

We live in a time when spirituality is easy access. Those seeking God don’t have to track down a Guru in a remote village in the Himalayas, beg to be made a student and then work and wait for long periods of time for the smallest morsels of instruction from your teacher. Everything you could possibly desire to know is all at your fingertips if you have a computer and an internet connection.  While it appears that this wealth of information has been a benefit to humanity, it also comes with its own problem.  You see, the spiritual aspirant who left everything behind to find his guru had already demonstrated a level of dedication. When the call comes, it is not easy to make the necessary changes in your life to heed that call. It always requires a certain level of sacrifice and it’s meant to; that sacrifice separates the wheat from the chaff. After all, many are called, but few are chosen.

Where is the sacrifice in today’s seeker? When you can jump into one form of spiritual teaching and then bounce to another, and yet another until you find the one that most closely fits “you,” where is the dedication? Where is the sacrifice? Where is the surrender? You expect God to hand you the keys to the Kingdom, yet you turn tail and run at the first sign of personal challenge. I can’t tell you how many people have come to one of my satsang sessions and have never returned, or came a few times and then left, or even came for a whole year and then left. Why? Because at some point it got too hard for them to be constantly pushed past their comfort zone, that’s why. Contrary to current popular bellief, spiritual work is not all “love and light.” If that was the case, you all would have ascended by now. True liberation requires fierce dedication and the willingness to challenge your own beliefs, feelings, thoughts….the very essence of who you believe yourself to be. And after that, it requires the courage and the will to consciously dismantle all of it. It can be absolutely gut-wrenching work and will bring you to the deepest levels of pain you have ever experienced. Your liberation, or salvation, is your reward for all that hard work. And by liberation, I don’t just mean that you get to be done with physicality at the end of this lifetime. As a liberated being, you get to live FREE in this world while you are still in form. As a free being, you live in complete inner peace and are capable of fully experiencing all the joys and pure magic of life! Nothing touches you anymore…regardless of outside appearances.

Dissolving the personal self is similar to the traditional way of breaking a horse. The mind fights back, over and over and over. It tries different tactics and it looks for ways to decieve and trick you. Eventually, it surrenders and remains calm, but it’s only after a lot of hard and very consistent effort by the trainer. The difference is that the horse is being pushed and trained by an outside source, while your mind has to do all this work to itself, which to those who prefer to live in denial seems rather masochistic and unsavory. Do you still think your redemption is easy? Do you still want to believe that if you just sit in meditation all the time and create your world around you so that it’s as stress-free as possible then it will all work out and you’ll be lifted in grace? Honestly, if you do, then you’re kidding yourself and you can swim in that denial as long as you want. As Jesus said in A Course in Miracles, “If you want to be like me, I will help you, knowing that we are alike. If you want to be different, I will wait until you change your mind. And you will change your mind.”

So, if you are serious about your desire to realize God in this lifetime, or even if it’s not that lofty and you just want to move past all the self-sabotaging and misery the personal self brings to the party, it’s time to seriously get to work. I will tell you this. It will be hard. Easy is not an option. The question is, how hard do you want to make it? It’s like removing a bandage. Do you want to take your time, subjecting yourself to every seemingly endless moment of discomfort, or is it better to just take a deep breath and rip it off? I know what I chose. What you will choose is your free will.

Your life itself is your spiritual work…all of it with no exceptions. To be lazy in your life is to be lazy in your spiritual work. What does it serve to continually enable lazy behaviors in your life? How you approach your life shows your level of inner character. Sorry to break it to you and burst your bubble of what “enlightenment” looks like, but the greater your level of mastery, the harder you work. True masters are very hard working people. Just look at this mess of a world! Do you honestly think that, with everything that needs to happen here, the masters just sit around in meditation and stroll in their gardens? You can’t begin to understand the immense amount of energy they expend in their work, on all levels.

You play around with spirituality because you are lazy and want everything to be easy. You say you want peace and love, but you have no stomach for sacrifice or discomfort. You remain victim to the world and you can cocoon yourself in your “love and light” bubble, but your fear and pain will remain underneath the surface, waiting patiently until you finally heed the call of your inner God-Self, telling you the time has come to return home. Who knows how many more lifetimes it will be before you muster up the courage to fight the ultimate battle, but fight it you must if you ever want this endless cycle of birth, death and forgetfullness to end.

You have eternity to get serious about walking the path, but why wait?


The Risk of Spiritual Sunburn

The Risk of Spiritual Sunburn

Good day to you!

A common occurrence among spiritual seekers is the falling apart of aspects of their lives after they have begun deeper inner work. People make a naïve assumption that just because they are on a spiritual path and are beginning to feel more peace in their lives that everything will be smooth sailing going forward. There are multiple reasons why this isn’t the case, but today I want to focus on one of them. Let it serve as a gentle reminder for you going forward.

In the early stages of spiritual growth, the seeker who is looking to “spirituality” to solve all his problems, and believes it will, does indeed experience a greater sense of joy and peace in his world. Akin to the placebo effect, just the belief in the concept that seeking God brings greater joy is enough to bring the appearance of greater joy to the seeker. However, the effect isn’t sustainable as long as the beliefs (cause) that held one’s suffering in place are seen through and transmuted, and it takes time to reach that level of self-inquiry.

This is where the danger of spiritual sunburn presents itself. How many of you have had the experience of going to the beach on vacation and getting sunburned the very first day? If you haven’t, surely you know someone who has. Why does this happen? Obviously, the intensity of the sun’s rays is greater than the capacity of untanned skin to integrate it smoothly. Beach lovers have all learned this lesson and they will take time to tan in increments before taking a trip to the beach and then, even for the first few days at the beach, they will be moderate in the amount of sun they allow on their skin. This process enables them to achieve that beautiful dark tan they desired, without the negative side effects of painful, and later peeling, skin associated with sunburn.

Many spiritual aspirants have succumbed to the sunburn experienced when the call for God is made from a place of either being just naïve or, more dangerously, self-righteous. Unless you are being guided by a physical teacher, you probably don’t have the awareness that it is in your best interest to move through your work in small, step by step, increments, allowing the energetic fields to increase in vibration slowly and the physical form to then integrate these energetic changes. After seeing the positive outcome of initial levels of spiritual work, it’s easy to think that you’re ready to handle more and you may naively ask for more without recognizing that what you ask for, you will receive in ways you don’t expect. This type of spiritual aspirant, after making such a mistake, will learn quickly that all lessons will come in their perfect timing and they will then walk the path as it comes to them, without trying to force it.

The other type of aspirant, who asks for “more” from a self-righteous place, sets himself up for a hard time in the physical world. I cringe every time I hear a student say the words “bring it on!” because I know what that means. Your spiritual path consists of many levels and layers of initiation, all occurring in specific order. You can’t just skip a level and jump up two, but you can be brought the lessons of both of those levels concurrently. I have seen seekers, caught up in the moment of experiencing new levels of awareness, literally tell the masters to send them more, because they’re ready for it. And I have watched those same seekers get pounded by the outside world, where all your lessons present themselves to you. I’ve seen them lose jobs, lose partners, lose homes, and on and on. Why? Because they asked for it. In a moment of feeling indestructible and overly self-confident, they unknowingly asked for harder lessons to come faster. If you hold the attitude of self-confidence in your spiritual work, the masters will bring you the tests to see if you’re actually worthy of that level of confidence. Confidence is exuded from a master in the most humble of ways. One who gets cocky about their level of mastery is still firmly entrenched in the personal I and most certainly requires more lessons in order to go deeper into that aspect. “Bring it on” are not words uttered out of divine humility.

You must demonstrate wisdom on your path, lest you get burned by the initiatory lessons of Self-realization. As I tell my students, if you were to go from the lower energetic resonance of a beginning seeker who is just recognizing the desire for Truth, to the high-level resonance of an enlightened being, you would literally burn up. The body’s nervous system would not be able to handle the abrupt shift and it would kill the body. Just touching the physical body of someone who is currently in the energy of the Unified Field is enough to kill you. Now, imagine that level energy coming into you from the inside. Like Cate Blanchett’s character in “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull,” your mind/body couldn’t handle that much knowledge/energy all at once and it would be the end of your experience in this time/space hologram.

Mark my words well, and may your divine humility be your sunscreen, dear Ones.


Heeding the Call of Your Conscience

Heeding the Call of Your Conscience

My message for my students of late has been centered around where you make your choices from. We are in times where the causality of our choices is leading to the effects we must experience in the outside world at a quicker rate than ever before, and the speed will only increase as we collectively move forward on our ascension path.  So, what do your choices have to do with your conscience?


Remember how I quoted Jiminy Cricket’s “let your conscience be your guide” mantra in my last blog? It is a statement full of Truth and wisdom. To reiterate, your conscience is Divine. It is part of your Knowing as a divine aspect of Great Spirit and to follow one’s conscience is to remain on course along the path that Spirit has laid out for itself as you. Conscience is listed in the dictionary as:  “the inner sense of what is right or wrong in one’s conduct or motives, impelling one toward right action.”  I like this definition, as right action is a term my students are all very familiar with.  If we break the word down into its two parts, con from the Latin meaning with and science from the Latin for knowledge, we can see from a higher level that the Divine is built into the meaning of the word. The omniscient, or all-knowing, God IS The Knower. One’s conscience, therefore, is with, or within, the Knower. So, to follow one’s conscience is to follow the Divine that you are.

It seems simple enough, doesn’t it?  Yet, people get confused between conscience and imprinted beliefs of right and wrong. Here’s how you can tell the difference. All things in this world present in opposites. We make a grave mistake by labeling anything as definitely right or wrong without acknowledging all the grey area between the polarities.  Let’s take killing as an example. The vast majority of the people on the planet believe killing other humans is wrong. Of those who believe in the eye for an eye mentality behind the death penalty and see killing of a guilty individual as justifiable, the vast majority of those would agree that the killing of an innocent person is wrong. So, now most of the people on the planet will fall into this category: it is wrong for an individual to kill an innocent person. However, how many of these people will have to rethink that belief when presented with a situation such as Dr. Kevorkian, who assisted terminally ill patients with their own suicides? Now we have an individual killing an innocent person. Some would argue that the consent of the person to be killed makes the difference here, but you see my point. Things in this world are never simple to label as always right or wrong. We teach our children that it is wrong to lie, yet is it wrong to lie to someone about where you’re taking them on the way to their surprise birthday party? If an old woman was on her death bed with only minutes to live and you got word that her son, who was on his way to be with her, was killed in a car accident, would it be wrong to withhold the truth of his death from her, or tell her he’s on his way? Or, because lying is “wrong,” should you just tell her the truth and watch her experience the agony of her loss during her final moments of life?

Beliefs are tricky things. The mind loves to identify with them and we work very hard to hold ourselves firmly to our beliefs, yet the mind is also very adept at skirting around those beliefs when it’s convenient and can serve its selfish agendas. It can always come up with a benevolent justifier for acting out of alignment with its beliefs, like the man who says he doesn’t believe in physical violence but hits his child and justifies the behavior by saying that the child asked for it. Did physical violence all of a sudden become right just because the man got angry and couldn’t control his temper? No, of course not. But the man will not allow himself to see his own hypocrisy, so he must now believe in his story of how the child brought it on himself.

Your conscience, on the other hand, is pretty black and white. Within your Knowing, you always have a sense of what is right action for you. Most of the time it is very subtle and we move through our lives not hearing the voice of the conscience very often. But, when we do, it is loud and clear to those who pay attention.  The best way to describe the feeling when one’s actions are out of alignment with one’s conscience is this: it’s icky. That’s right, it just feels icky inside you as you go to make a decision that is not right action for you. It’s certainly not a technical term, but I’m sure you all know that feeling.  It’s the feeling you women have experienced when you’ve allowed yourselves to be sexual with a man when you really didn’t want to. It’s the feeling many of you men had as children when other boys dared you to do something that you normally wouldn’t do, like beat up another boy or steal something. It’s the feeling that men and women experience at the wedding altar when a small part of them realizes they are making a mistake, yet they don’t stop the wedding.

Your conscience is specific to you. It is not tied to beliefs, but is integral to who you are and what this manifestation of you is meant to become.  I worked for a stock broker for a few years as an executive assistant. I was very good at my job, but I was really only there for the money and the sense of self-importance the job gave me. Because it was a very small firm, the owner needed me to get my Series 7 license so that I could handle trades in his absence. I took that test 3 times and I failed it 3 times…the last two times by one question! Each time, I had that icky feeling inside, telling me that this just wasn’t my path and I needed to come clean with my boss, but I ignored it, convinced that the raise it would bring me would be worth it. As a National Honor’s Society student with an above average IQ, there was absolutely no reason for me to fail this test three times, no matter how hard I studied. The result of my successive failures was being let go by my boss and it was hind site which showed me what a gift in disguise that was. However, imagine if I had just listened to that inner voice from the beginning. The one that said, “What are you doing? You know in your heart that this isn’t your path.” It would have saved my employers all that money, they could have found someone better suited to the job sooner, and I wouldn’t have had to experience all the angst I went through, just to end up being fired anyway.  The initial choice to take the job was made because I needed a job, I believed things about what the job said about who I was and I believed that money was more important and should be valued above my own happiness. These were beliefs that I learned as a child…that we all learn as children. Parents may tell their children that the most important thing in life is to be happy and that they should do what they love, but what kind of example have they set? They speak the words, but their actions prove otherwise to their innocent children who pattern themselves after their miserable, stressed-out parents who consistently point to the importance of money in life. And so it goes, on and on, people spouting out platitudes of how life should be, yet no one speaking is even listening to their own conscience and living the kind of life they espouse.

My path was never to be a stock broker. For some, it is. And those who have that as their divine plan would not experience the tugging of their conscience at the thought of taking the Series 7 test like I did. See how it is unique to you?

So, where are you not in alignment with your conscience in your life right now? When you find an area, you can look back and see where your conscience has given you indicators along the way that you were off course and you consistently ignored your own God Self. Then you can begin to take a good hard look at what kept you from taking right action and confronting those fears within yourself. You see, it’s never been about those people in your life who have imposed themselves on you. It’s always been about why you allowed it. That answer lies within you and it is your job now to uncover what you have not wanted to see.

You are a great sailing ship on the sea of God. The winds of the world will blow, to and fro, and your conscience will be your rudder.


Witness the Despair, but Don’t Despair

Witness the Despair, but Don't Despair

I see so much despair in the world right now. I have watched it systematically work its way into the conscious minds of my students through their life experiences, and I am also watching it become more conscious within the collective.  Humanity’s combined fear of experiencing the level of despair present in the collective unconscious has historically lead to social programming based in denial, repression, and false hope. Few, especially in the industrialized countries of the world, have allowed themselves to truly feel the deep levels of pain that the collective holds, yet we all feel it deep within.

It takes the courage of a warrior to go into that pain, see the lessons in it, and walk through the other side stronger and fearless of the future. That is your job as a seeker, you know. If you want to know God, then you will have to be willing to allow grief and despair course through you until their energetic stranglehold has been released. Most of my students are no strangers to despair. Some know it all too well and had become users of antidepressant medications in order to keep the wolf at bay. Other students of mine repressed their grief early on and became tough on the outside so that no one would see their pain, even to the point where even they couldn’t see it clearly anymore. And then there are other students who learned to paste a smile on their faces for themselves and the world and have done their best to deny the reality of their sadness by affirming that things will surely get better, yet they never actually do.

Do these different types of students have anything in common? Of course! They’re all the same, really. They have all learned to take on certain behaviors in response to the pain in their lives. By now, you probably are aware of the main roles that get played by the personality. There’s the victim (“poor me” – those who end up getting stuck in depression), the perpetrator (“poor me, so screw you” – those who put on a harsh front for the world) and the savior (“Poor you. Don’t worry, it will all be just fine” – those who pretend to be happy). And what do each of these have in common?  The base role for each is the same: the victim. Perpetrator and savior roles come out of the victim as the victim swings out of the lower states of mind. The perpetrator is very self-righteous and will stay in negative states of mind from that space, while the savior will swing into positive states of mind in order to feel better about a situation. But, they’re all victims at the core.

The entire collective of humanity is experiencing this.  On a grander scale, we can see whole societies playing the role of victim (Israel), perpetrator (Iraq) and savior (United States). Of course, perspective plays a large role, doesn’t it? For those in the west, maybe this list looks accurate, but for those in the middle east, I’m sure the collective does not experience the US as a savior, for instance. But, you get my point. The roles are always played out in some fashion, from the individual, through increasingly larger collectives until you reach the macrocosm (such as the sun as savior, sometimes perpetrator, and the Earth as savior and sometimes victim).

But, what is the despair actually based in? Have you thought to really look at it yet?  You’ve spent so much time running from your own pain that it never occurred to you to turn around and face it head on. If you did, would you find the pain you fear? Maybe…but not for long. You see, the pain you felt then may have been real enough in the moment, but it’s only real and scary to you now because you continue to hold the story of it in place, and the energy of pain is trapped within you. The pain is still personal, but it doesn’t need to be. The suffering experienced as a child resulted in the psyche taking on defense mechanisms which served a purpose for the child at the time, but those attitudes and behaviors that were taken on don’t need to define you as an adult. In fact, they will only continue to hurt you as an adult if your desire is to live a life of love and joy.

This is where the spiritual warrior really shows his strength. You see, it is difficult enough to face the fears and the projected pain necessary to see through the illusion of separation, and only a handful of seekers out of a hundred will be willing to dive that deep. Out of that handful, there may only be one who can take it to the next level, where the personal becomes impersonal and the story no longer holds an emotional charge at all…even stories that are currently running. There is a level of detachment that the adept lives in which must be reached in order to transcend the life/death cycle. This is not psychological disassociation, although to the world, it can look like it.  The adept no longer identifies with the personal stories of the world, meaning that there is no attachment to the personal story of “me” anymore and he/she doesn’t get pulled into others’ “me” stories, either. The adept lives a life where she can witness despair in the world, feel compassion for those in despair, yet experience no sense of despair herself. She is the objective observer of her own world, and not the “do-er” in it.

Become more conscious of the stories of despair around you now, in your own life and in the collective. If they are your own, jump back into them and ask the Holy Spirit to lift you in Grace and allow you to finally see the lesson in your pain. Look at the pain in the world and view it through objective eyes, not by taking sides and adding energy to the polarization. I will remind you that all beings on the planet are God at their source, just like you. Although people may be unconscious to their divine nature, God has not left anyone and never could.

Don’t despair. You are beginningless, endless, formless, single, being, knowledge, bliss. You are life, itself! How can there be any despair in that?


It is Better to Fight

It is Better to Fight

I love Swami Vivekananda and often sit down when I have a few minutes just to read a bit from any book in his complete works set. The beauty of Vivekananda is that he has a way of cutting through the mystical and getting right to the heart of Knowledge from a place that the western mind can cognize. He is profoundly rational in his approach to Jnana Yoga, or yoga of the mind, which is the same work we teach at The Kumara Center for Spiritual Awareness. I came across a passage a couple days ago that resonated very strongly with me concerning the challenge I see seekers dealing with now. He says this:

“Even forgiveness, if weak and passive, is not true: fight is better. Forgive when you could bring legions of angels to the victory. Krishna, the charioteer of Arjuna, hears him say, “Let us forgive our enemies,” and   answers, “You speak the words of wise men, but you are not a wise man, but a coward.”  As a lotus leaf, living in the water yet untouched by it, so should the soul be in the world. This is a battlefield, fight your way out. Life in this world is an attempt to see God. Make your life a manifestation of will strengthened by renunciation.”    Volume 8, p. 227

It takes experience for the serious seeker to begin to see themselves as a manifestation of the will of God, and then to use their understandings in order to move that will forward in the world of polarity.  Living in a state of detached, loving equanimity is a necessary step to being able to take action in the world without attachment and judgment. Many seekers get stuck on the concept of forgiveness.  They still believe that the actions of others deserve their forgiveness. In truth, the judgment that one feels toward another’s actions is only there to show you where you haven’t forgiven yourself for the same underlying action. Therefore, in forgiving another, you truly only forgive yourself.

There is no forgiveness outside of polarized consciousness. What could there possibly be to forgive when all know themselves to be divine and all function from their hearts? If we get locked in the concept that you have wronged me and the right thing to do is to forgive you, then we are missing the point.  Patterned consciousness is a program that can only reflect to us where we are identified with the program. You can’t judge another based on the fact that they are identified with a program. The program is not the person.

The program is the personality, but not the person.

When Jeshua said, “Forgive them father, for they know not what they do,” he was pointing exactly to this. People who are identified with the program of separation have no will of their own. They react to the world around them from the programming that was imprinted on them from birth. There is innocence in that, you see. You wouldn’t judge a child raised in the Midwest because he can’t speak Russian, but we judge the essence of the divine all around us every day because consciousness is identified with the story of separation.

You have to see it all as God.

Now the battle begins. At this place, you don’t stand in personal judgment anymore, but you can recognize when the program, through an individual, is working to undermine or sabotage Truth. From this place, you can take action as the will of the Divine in order to bring Light to the situation at hand.  You see, the spiritual warrior doesn’t lay down to die quietly, acquiescing to a fictional story. He fights the battle of good and evil going on at this level of reality while loving everything equally at the same time.  Jeshua overturned the tables of the money changers in the temple not because he faulted the individuals and judged them as evil. He was well aware that the money changers were lost in maya and functioned from within the program. However, he also was not going to stand idly by and watch this behavior continue, accepted by others, if there was something he could do about it.  In essence, the Christ called the lower mind out on its lies. He was communicating, “I see you and I (God) am stronger than you and your false story.” When done from this level of consciousness, taking this form of right action in the world can, and does, have a huge impact.

Easy for Jeshua, right?  You are all on your own paths to mastery and you won’t jump from identified, patterned consciousness to experiencing yourself as God in form and bringing higher Truths to the world for others to witness. But, having an understanding of the journey is a step on the path home.

Witness yourself in your life. Where do you see things come up that don’t sit right with your conscience? Do you take action in those situations, or sit back and do nothing? Do you hesitate out of fear of what people will think of you, or what they will say?  It is time to be the warrior in the battle of your own life. Your conscience is Divine and it is your responsibility to honor that conscience.

Now, take up arms and march into battle!


The Complicity in Complacency

The Complicity in Complacency

“With great power comes great responsibility.”  ~Voltaire

While this quote was originally directed toward the imbalances which existed at the time of the French Revolution, and later attributed to Marvel hero Spider Man, its underlying concept rings true in regard to spiritual adepts and those on a conscious spiritual path. You see, it’s just not enough to learn about spiritual truths from spiritual masters/guides and then take them on as your own without actually living from them. Your are responsible to live and make choices from the level of your understandings.

In other words, you have to be not only willing, but determined, to walk your talk. Anything else is pure hypocrisy.

I realize this is a big statement, and one that will ruffle some spiritual feathers. It should, because it’s true for many seekers today. So, are you a spiritual hypocrite? Does your life revolve around the spiritual community…going to meetups, attending local spiritual workshops, following prominent spiritual leaders on Facebook and “liking” all the comments that you agree with? Do you take time to comment on FB, feeling a need to add your own personal story as a way to show others how enlightened you are, all the while harboring judgments and ill feelings toward those outside of your spiritual circles?  Be honest, now. Can you love your neighbor when they let their dogs out at six in the morning and wake you up? Do you love your boss when he/she tells you that you aren’t performing up to expectations? Do you maintain your level of loving for those you care for the most when they don’t meet your expectations?

Tough questions to answer from an honest place.

Spiritual seekers tend to be hard working in the gaining of the mental knowledge needed to dissolve the attachments and desires of the world, but quite complacent in the application of these teachings.  As I often tell my students, it’s not enough just to see what’s at play because seeing it won’t dissolve it. True dissolution takes place when you move through the emotional level of each fear, belief, and attachment, because that is where the energetic charge which holds the dynamic in place is held. You have experienced pain in your lives at a time when your hearts were open and vulnerable.. The intensity of the pain was so strong that your mind engaged an entire matrix to keep you from re-experiencing those feelings. The pain was never dealt with and the energy was never neutralized, so it remains trapped within your consciousness. The way to liberation from the energy is to move back through the original pain…experiencing all the dynamics and owning it…and then using your higher understandings to see through the story. You must own it before you can disown it and holding the fear in the level of the unconscious only delays this process indefinitely.  This is exactly why you experience such strong emotional triggers in your life that are brought on by those around you.  It’s not them you are reacting to, but your own level of denial over what they represent to you.  It takes great courage to go into the fear…into the void of your own consciousness.

So, how does spiritual complacency lead to complicitiy?  Maya Angelou was quoted as saying something similar to the following:  “You did what you did because you didn’t know better. But, when you knew better, you did better.”  Wouldn’t it be grand if this statement held true for everyone? Complicity comes in the form of the seeker knowing better, but not doing better.  There is a certain amount of grace attached to taking wrongful action from a place of true innocence, such as the small child not understanding death who kills his first bug. There was no intent to harm within the child’s action. However, when that child grows and is given the understanding of life and death and to respect all life and then goes on to take pleasure in the torturing and killing of a small creature, that grace is no longer extended to him and his actions are karmicly binding. You see, he knows better, but because of the selfish desires of the ego, he chooses not to do better.

This is why the spiritual path is steep and narrow. The status quo of life before understanding vanishes quickly for the true seeker and the level of personal responsibility increases steadily as the personal self dissolves. You can no longer stand by and be complicit to the suffering around you by your conscious non-action. Where a need comes into your awareness, you do what you can to fill that need; not attaching to the outcome of your assistance, but extending your assistance to the best of your ability for its own sake.  This is the Christ…this is God.

How many “spiritual” people have I witnessed making light of human tragedy?  I hear things like, “they must have drawn it to themselves” or “its all perfect, so it happened exactly as it was supposed to.”  This is not in keeping with the teachings. Hear me well. You do not move into states of detached awareness in order to disassociate from the world and from your place in it.  The Christ engages because he/she is the only one who can truly be of assistance here. Do you understand? The personal self can’t truly be of assistance because it is polarized in the act of assisting. The Christ is not attached and lives in a state of compassion that the personal self has no means to understand. And it is this state of loving, compassionate equanimity that can change the world as we now experience it.

Do yourselves a favor…don’t come to the table until you’re ready to eat. If you aren’t hungry enough yet, leave room for someone else who is. And, when you are hungry enough to sit down, don’t play with your food…dive right in!

“Always let your conscience be your guide.”  ~Jiminy Cricket


What’s Your Excuse?

What's Your Excuse?

When I go through my Facebook feed, I see loads of people sharing pretty pictures with quotes about how the world is just a dream and how we all need to move out of duality consciousness.

Lovely, right?

So, if all these “awakened” people truly believe what they share, why aren’t they attending Satsang or working with a spiritual guide?

The truth is that it is simple for the mind to embrace a concept and for the personal self to then identify with that concept. (That’s how you’ve ended up creating the reality you’re currently stuck in, by the way.) Those who espouse talk of non-duality, non-attachment and higher consciousness are most often trapped by the same ideals they have embraced.

We all know the “lightworker” who is afraid to acknowledge the dark side of life and terrified to confront it. We say, “Oh, what a shame that they can’t see it is their fear that keeps them trapped.”   You need to see that the average seekers of enlightenment…those who spend their time reading, liking and sharing these types of Facebook posts, are victims of the same fate as the lightworkers that they judge. The seeker’s identity is wrapped around concepts, just like the lightworker’s. Yes, the concepts have been born out of higher truths, yet when identified with from the level of the intellect (personal self) these concepts only serve to enslave the seeker further. Forever the seeker…never the sought.

The sharing of words of illumination is done by the mind as a means to support its own sense of how “awakened” it is.  If I say the right words and act like I understand them, then others will believe that I am that. It allows me to judge myself as better than others…more awakened, more enlightened, more in my heart.  Or so the mind would have you believe. In truth, you are scared. The idea of being unenlightened terrifies you, so you wear the mask of seeker for all the world to see. But where are the actions to back up these lofty words of illumination?

This is where the rubber meets the road. Are there enlightened souls out there sharing quotes on Facebook? Absolutely! And when you view how they live in the world, you will recognize that those words are authentic to them and their experience. The “concept” level of understanding has fallen away for them and they live from their experiential Knowing. Are there true seekers sharing quotes on Facebook? You bet! And you will know them by their actions, as well, for they are the ones attending Satsang, or engaging in serious dissolution work with a qualified guide. They are consciously attempting, every moment of every day, to live from the understandings that they have been shown and not just trying to prove to the world (really themselves) that they are awakened.

Spiritual ego runs rampant in would-be seekers. It is fueled by mind’s unmet need of enlightenment and the corresponding desire for illumination. Spiritual ego thrives on judgment of those less spiritually evolved than itself and it constantly seeks ways to show others how “right” it is and how “wrong” others are.  It’s job is to gratify its own self-righteousness at the expense of others.

Really enlightened behavior, isn’t it?

Remember, many are called, but few are chosen. Why is that? Because, it takes a certain level of surrender and humility to truly wake up from the dream of separation, which is not a marker of the average fallen human out there.  The mind is highly threatened by the thought of dissolving the personal self. Let’s face it, it’s a whole lot easier to play the game of seeker and live in deep, unconscious denial than it is to actually go ahead with the sometimes gut-wrenching self-inquiry required for experiential awakening. The seeker who desires, above all else, to feel “good” will never attend Satsang with me, and if they somehow do end up in session, it will be the only time, because I don’t humor or edify the personal self… I work to tear it apart.  Satsang, like any deep inner work, is not fun. It’s not meant to be. It requires an enormous amount of focus, dedication and effort on the part of the seeker to begin to uncover the true nature of the heart of the Divine which sits within them.

If you’ve made it this far in this post, ask yourself where you fit in. Be honest. Are you all too quick to agree with a lofty spiritual concept and spread it around to others, while at the same time not be conscious enough to witness how you don’t even live that concept in your own life? Or, are you one of the few that contemplates these higher understandings, looking deep inside to uncover how and why you fall short in being able to live the ideals that you want to believe? And, if this last example is you, then…

Why aren’t you attending Satsang?

Really, I mean it. What’s your excuse for saying you want liberation, but not committing to the work?

There is no more direct route to living from the heart and rediscovering one’s divine nature than being in the presence and awareness of one who has walked the path before you. Remember, many are called and few are chosen.

I’m calling you now. Isn’t it time for you to answer?