A Heart of Service in a World of Ego

A Heart of Service in a World of Ego


The program of the ego is centered in domination, manipulation and control. It is not capable of doing anything outside of attempting to attain its personal agendas. Desire is born out of unmet needs and those desires to meet the needs drive the personality to disregard everything that is not in alignment with its quest.

It is all done from a place of pain. The unconscious need for love, money, power, control, satisfaction, etc… is what keeps us trapped in cycles of pain and suffering.

The heart lives in a space of selfless, loving service. It has no awareness of the egocentric needs run by the program of the personal self. When in the heart, we give unconditionally, unattached to outcomes and unbound by the should’s and shouldn’ts of the ego.

We watch the innocent child give completely from the space of their hearts. We adore this aspect of them and view it is a beautiful, yet temporary, condition, destined to fall away with experience and maturity, as it did with us. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Life doesn’t have to be this way.

You, as a divine being, are fully capable of questioning your own motives…your own agendas…and course correcting when you recognize that they are self-serving and exclusive in nature. Just because you don’t automatically see into the unconscious level of your psyche does not mean that you cannot learn how. The door is always opened to those who ask from their hearts.

The ego’s desire is to take and control because it feels powerless. The heart’s desire is to give and surrender because it is the source of all real power. You are not your ego. It is only a limitation that you continue to hold onto out of learned habit. Not only can you be greater…you ARE greater.

Accept the challenge of living in your heart and placing yourself in daily service in this world of the ego. Give of yourself for the benefit of others with no strings attached.

Remember, even small acts of kindness in a cruel world make a very big impact.



What is Freedom, Anyway?

What is Freedom Anyway?

As we in the United States celebrate Independence Day again, I am moved to take the concept it is built upon and put it under greater scrutiny.

What is it to be free? Here in America, we think we are free because we have the civil rights set in place by our forebears, the right to vote for our elected officials and the ability to move within the country as we please.

However, for those who have looked deeper into what “seems to be,” it is seen that our freedom has been appointed by something outside of us…namely our government. Is it really freedom when it is given from the outside? They…the powers that be…regulate all of it. They created the system we live within wherein we consider ourselves free, and comparing this system to those of more repressed countries is all that is required to keep our good citizens in a relatively non-questioning place where they accept as truth something that isn’t real. You see, within the world, freedom is just a concept, open to interpretation and subject to change.

The mind does the same thing. For those unique individuals who have awoken to the burning desire for spiritual liberation…true freedom…much work has to be done to uncover and root out all the ways the mind works overtime to trick them into complacency regarding their own evolution.

The trickery, manipulation, power struggles and sabotage we witness and judge in the outside world is only a reflection of what the egoic mind creates in its inner world. The battle wages within you and it is up to you alone to determine whether you will give in and admit defeat, or fight with courage and steadfastness until the very end, regardless of the outcome.

How strong of a spiritual warrior do you think you are? Strong enough to die to the Self for your cause of spiritual liberation?

Just as a soldier who goes to war in service to his country, you must initially go to war in the battle of polarization…in service to the Self. The soldier believes he fights for something good, something worthy and noble…freedom, itself! In reality we can see that there is no true freedom in the world. Yet, the soldier fights on. So must you continue to fight the inner war that rages within the polarized self of the lower mind, until such time as it is seen through, altogether. The ego doesn’t die, nor does it transcend itself; it is impossible. The battle is never won or lost. It continues to rage on, as it was programmed to do. However, after fighting valiantly, time and time again, while holding the focus of God in front of itself at the expense of the entire program of the lower mind, the program itself falls away by Grace, and this is where true freedom is experienced.

You, as a seeker, are not here to change anything. You truly aren’t. The world, in all its complexity, hypocrisy and separation, functions exactly as it was programmed to. And this program of separation emerged out of consciousness, itself…out of you.

To win the battle which can’t be won, one must first wake up to the understanding that, in highest Truth, there is no battle and never has been. The smoke and mirrors illusion of separation is a magical thing…we have been made to believe in something that simple doesn’t…can’t…exist at all.

So, what is freedom, anyway? Freedom is Real. It is a state of Beingness, not a condition under which you live. It is your birthright and awaits you patiently as the snake of the ego eats its own tail, devouring itself until it comes full circle. Keep fighting, warriors of the One. Fight relentlessly for what is Real. Fight for your eternal freedom.



Perseverance Pays Off

Perseverance Pays Off

Welcome to 2016! Multitudes of us exited 2015 feeling battered and beat up, both physically and emotionally. Last year was indeed a bumpy ride, and the journey is far from over. It is my personal feeling that we are several years away from any real palpable energetic lifting of the collective on the planet. You have to remember that everything being held in the collective unconscious is now being pushed to the surface for clearing, and it is happening due to the perseverance of people like you who feel drawn, even called, to unraveling and seeing through the matrix of this level of reality.

It is a challenge to not become disillusioned and disheartened by all the adversity presenting itself in our inner and outer worlds, on both personal and collective levels. But, the testing is necessary in our evolutionary journey. Just as you prove your knowledge and mastery of a subject to your school teachers through being tested, you do the same in the school of polarization. It is your consistent, focused attempts at applying the higher understandings you receive to your own life that results in the opportunities for greater understandings to come, and with them, greater and more difficult testing. It is all part of the process of awakening.

Those who still cling to the concept that awakening should be easy, or should be comprised only of holding oneself in a constant state of positivity will be brought harder, and harsher, life experiences to wake them up to the fact that there is no way out of polarity, except to travel through it. All sides must be embraced and the truth present in all of it has to be recognized and owned before higher states of consciousness can actualize through you on a consistent basis. The deepest, most entrenched, beliefs of humanity are coming under scrutiny now more than ever, which is a very good thing. The polarities that present themselves through our beliefs about war, money and politics are prevalent in the world at large now, with vocal expression on both sides. And now, finally, people are beginning to wake up to the fact that, regardless of any particular battle cry, at our core we all want the same things. And that is where we can find common ground on which to build something real. We live in a world where unity through diversity can, and will, be our saving grace, but only if those who are beginning to see the bigger picture continue to persevere in walking from their hearts, and not from the fear and hate that was imprinted onto their consciousness.

The spiritual path begins like a wide, smooth highway and over time, in direct correlation with your choices and actions, becomes rougher, narrower and steeper. At times it appears to be insurmountable and unsurpassable, but keep moving forward, dear Ones. You may stop as needed to catch your breath, but never take a step back. Your dedication and perseverance will pay off.

Happy New Year!



On Your Knees

On Your Knees

I always tell new students that you must come to this work “on your knees,” which connotes the level of surrender and humility required for a seeker to begin to consciously, and successfully, walk their spiritual path. And, at some point along the way, I must also give my students the understanding that not only do you have to come to it on your knees, but that this work will bring you to your knees, as well.

I’ve witnessed a lot of that this past month.

You see, there comes a time when much of the basic work is behind you. You have surrendered enough to enable you to begin the dissolution process in earnest and you have witnessed profound changes in your inner/outer worlds. This is when the path begins to climb steadily, becoming increasingly more precarious in incline as you venture forward.

This work will challenge everything you believe in and everything you are attached to…and I do mean EVERYTHING.

Jobs, friends, families, spouses, homes, material possessions, your hopes and dreams…there is nothing off limits when it comes to your spiritual liberation.

When I explain to seekers that it takes great courage and strength to do this level of work, I am convinced they think I’m kidding or being overly dramatic. That is, until they have their own experience of bringing brought to their knees.

When you don’t do your inner work, you must live the lessons out in the physical, which is hard enough. No one wants to lose a job, or their possessions, or the love of friends and family. Walking through each of these experiences takes courage and humility because you must recognize that you brought it on yourself and that the experience is intended to further your spiritual growth. When utilized, the outer experience leads to inner growth.

But, there is a much scarier and trying proposition. That is, to step up to plate and do the inner work before it is forced on you, which can then lead to new outer experiences. What does that look like? It looks like the student who becomes so committed to seeing through all of it that they are not only willing, but proactively begin searching for all the areas where they still function from the patterning, and then take measures to stop it.

This invariably results in students who must make very tough choices. Choices that leave the personal self begging for another chance, screaming to be heard, and working overtime to justify why you should listen and agree. Why? Because in order to transcend the life/death cycle, you can’t carry dysfunctional attitudes and ways of functioning in the world with you.

The mind is so incredibly subtle, that most of your dysfunctional behavior gets covered over and hidden from your own sight. It takes great skill to go in, at an unconscious level, and root out what still binds you. But do it, you must. And you will cry until your tears run dry, you will punch pillows and stomp your feet, you will beg Spirit to change things so you don’t have to do what your Knowing has shown you that you must.

And then, you will surrender to your heart, to your Knowing, to God within, and you will move forward from the place of right action into the void of the unknown…

…on your knees.



Death and Rebirth

Death and Rebirth


Wow, what a crazy month November was! After having the very strong energetics of what was coming up for the collective show up in my outer world in October, I gave my students fair warning that the energies were on their way. And then I watched as some of my students were challenged to move through very difficult personal circumstances that the world had presented them. And, later in the month, I even had a hand in setting up our own Core Council for some “ego drama” because it was time for another shift to take place within our organization.

Seekers are always searching for the big “a-ha” moment, looking for a huge shift to be experienced that impacts and changes their awareness of the world forever. Those moments do occasionally happen, but more often than not, it is a gradual process, filled with choices made by heart, which expand consciousness, mixed with choices made by the ego, which contract it.

But each time the student makes a choice from heart and experiences the impact of that choice, a little piece of the personal self falls away…sometimes for a short time, and sometimes permanently. So, the ego dies, little by little as the greater, divine will carries the seeker through each life decision.

In meditation, it is the same. Layers of identified consciousness are released, or thrown off, during deep meditation. Dissolution takes place and the personal self reforms after the meditation ends, but it reforms from a new place. And, depending on how deep the meditation, and how long the seeker is able to remain in that refined state, the reforming of the personal self can be minimal or truly transformative. So, you meditate every day and every day there is a type of death and rebirth happening.

And in the outside world…the projection of the collective unconscious…you experience constant death and rebirth through interpersonal relationships. Things get pushed to the surface, the opportunity for growth is presented, and you are given the choice to work together through the death of the old and rebirth into something new and wonderful, or to hang on to what’s been comfortable and ego-driven , either running or pushing away the potential gift of growth and wisdom through adversity.

To be “born again in Christ” is not just terminology from a certain aspect of Christian religion. It is every true seeker’s ultimate goal. It serves to discard the chains that bind, dying to the identification with the personal self, and to step forward from the reawakened level of awareness that you are the Christ…then, now and forever. Amen.

May you all have a blessed month, full of love, respect and honor for the Christ within all people on this Earth.



Taking Responsibility

Taking Responsibility

The concept and teachings of non-attachment are powerful, and very necessary on the spiritual path. Paradoxically, it is also true that we must take full responsibility for our lives.

Remember, dear Ones, your life IS your spiritual path and everything happening in it IS spiritual. Just coming into an understanding is not enough to dissolve something.  It is how you walk your understanding in the world that ultimately makes the difference.  People want to be “masters.” Well, how do you think masters turn into masters? Do you think that the Buddha would sit in “nirvanic” contemplation all day and then take advantage of people when he was in the world?  Do you think that if you visited Jesus’ apartment it would be unkempt and in need of a good cleaning?

In the journey toward mastery, it is imperative that you begin to take full responsibility for your actions and choices. You are becoming more conscious in your world, so you must now live from a more conscious space.  How you live in the world is a marker of your level of consciousness.

Humans can be very lazy creatures. We think that just because we have the mental capabilities of creating things to make our lives easier that it then justifies our laziness. It doesn’t.  Now, I’m not saying you have to grow your own food or weave your own thread for the clothes you will make. But, the inner inertia that people experience about all the small things in life boils down to the same thing. You really don’t want to put in the effort required for the outcome desired.

In case you haven’t woken up to this yet, EVERYTHING in this world requires effort. You must work to keep a roof over your head, food in your belly, and clothes on your back. Whether you labor to make money to buy it all, or do the building, growing and sewing yourself, does not matter. It all requires work on your part. As seekers, you know it takes great effort to see into the subtle inner workings of the mind and, for a time, it seems to take effort to get to a place where you can be still in meditation for more than 30 minutes. If you want a beautiful home, it takes work to keep it clean and tidy. If you want a sanctuary of calm in your backyard, it takes work to maintain that, as well. In this shadow world, it all requires some effort.

So, where are you lacking in your capacity to be responsible for your own lack of effort? Do you rush through things just to get them done because your focus is on the end result of having time to do what you want to do? How many times have you done that and have had to go back and fix what you did in the first place because you didn’t put enough attention into the details?  Was the time gained really worth the time lost in the long run? You have to begin looking to see how it actually served you.  Do you subconsciously need to prove to yourself, over and over, how incompetent you are and your lack of attention to detail serves that purpose?

Do your best, beloveds. Do your best for you and not for someone else. Not for accolades from others or for a desired end result, but just because you hold yourself to that standard. Take responsibility for the effort you put into your life and you will be at peace knowing, without a doubt, that you have done your best. Even if it wasn’t “good enough” there is no underlying shame when you know you have done your best.

God created the multiverse, from the cosmic orchestration of solar systems, galaxies and universes down to the minute perfection of a subatomic particle. You, my friends, are God in form. It’s time to start acting like it.




Have you ever been in a situation where you decided to take a stand against an opposing force? Of course you have! Here are a few good examples:

Man to woman:  “You can’t tell me what to do! I’m going to do what I want, when I want and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

A child in the grocery store who falls on the floor, kicking and screaming, because her mother said she couldn’t have the sugary cereal.

A weight-lifter, swearing under his breath to the bar he’s trying to press, “You will NOT get the best of me. I will beat you!”

The down and out person who blames it all on God and asserts, “I don’t need you, anyway.”

Defiance is ego’s way of digging its heels in when it feels threatened and it stems from deep fear.  In the experience of being defiant, one doesn’t see the fear at play because the focus is on the opposing force. But defiance wouldn’t exist without challenge to something that the ego doesn’t want to give up.

It is part of the illusion of choice and control. The personal self believes that it is the one making choices and that its will determines its current and future conditions. But the energy found underneath defiance reveals how tenuous the whole belief truly is. Nothing believed in that results in fear can be real or true, because fear itself is a false state.

In highest Truth, there is nothing to fear. You are perfect and whole, just as the One source…your source…can only be perfect and whole. You have your existence within that source of perfect wholeness, or holiness.

But, you say, I don’t feel perfect and whole. I feel imperfect and disjointed. My life is a mess and everything I try to do to make it better always ends the same way.

And this, my friends, is your reality simply because your consciousness is still identified with the concept of the personal self. This identification is what sits underneath your sense of “you”…your likes/dislikes, your needs/desires, your satisfaction/dissatisfaction.

And it is that false sense of self which has to hold on tightly to its beliefs in order to feel like it has some sense of control. It is obvious that there are greater forces at play on the planet than the will of a human being. If a tidal wave is coming, your personal will cannot stop it from sweeping you away. If your body stops breathing, your personal will alone will not bring it back to life.

Humans, as self-aware beings, have forgotten, or have chosen to ignore, that there is a force greater than them. There is a force that makes the winds blow and the earth rotate on its axis. And this same force is what breathes you, or stops breathing you.  And yes, terrifying as it may be, that force could stop breathing you at any time…regardless of your desires or attempts to stop it.

That’s reality. It’s time to succumb to reality.

The reality is that you are nothing in and of yourself…on the level of the ego.

The reality is that you are everything within yourself…on the level of Spirit.

You are Spirit believing itself to be a person. Believing that life should be this way or that, that this is right and that is wrong, and that you can and will control your place in all of it. And this is precisely why it never works out for you. You have forgotten that the Source which made it all and runs it all has a plan for itself, as you, that the insignificant ego could never orchestrate.

Stop stomping your feet and shaking your fists toward the heavens. Stop judging yourself and judging the story of your life. Yield to that which is greater. The trickster that is defiance will only bring you more of the same undesirable results from the past.

It is time to get out of your own way. Pay attention to the world around you and follow the subtle inner promptings you receive from that higher aspect of yourself which is always present. It won’t make sense to the lower mind, but it doesn’t have to. Do it anyway. And in doing so, you will begin to witness the synchronicity and magic of a Spirit-led life.

It will put up a fight, and a strong one at that. But in the Light of Truth, defiance doesn’t stand a chance against what is real. All expressions of separation are destined to ultimately dissolve away. The question to ask yourself is this:

Is the temporary feeling of self-satisfaction resulting from your acts of defiance worth the perpetuation of your suffering?


Shell Game

Shell Game

A man is easily triggered by his teenage son’s bad attitude and gets offended when he feels his son is disrespecting him. He jumps all over his son about his behavior and both end up in a bad place.

The same man, out of soap, borrows the soap from his wife’s bathroom and leaves it in his own. The next day, the wife gets in the shower and recognizes, after it’s too late to get out, that she has no soap and she becomes angered. How disrespectful of him! She approaches him and dumps her terrible shower experience on him. He apologizes and tells her he completely forgot, that it wasn’t intentional…but the wife yells at him that she’s sick and tired of him taking things and never putting them back, causing her to constantly have to pick up after him.

Welcome to the “disrespect” shell game of the mind.

Here’s how it works…

The son disrespects his father by subconsciously acting in a way that he knows is a trigger for dad. He then feels disrespected by his father when his father yells at him and belittles him.

Dad feels disrespected by the son and turns around and acts disrespectful, feeling justified in doing it. He then disrespects his wife by taking her soap and not returning it…again this happens subconsciously because it creates another “disrespect” cycle for him to engage in. He knows not returning things is a trigger for her, but he does it anyway and justifies it because he can honestly say it slipped his mind. Then the husband feels victimized and disrespected by his wife who is scolding him about not having soap in her shower due to her husband’s lack of respect for her and her stuff.

The wife now feels victimized and disrespected by the forgetful husband and then shows her own disrespect toward him by shaming him over a bottle of soap, feeling justified because what he did was wrong and she wouldn’t do something like that to him.

On and on it goes…hide the peanut under the shell and then keep it all moving so no one can track it.

The mind is incredibly subtle at how it creates the situations which will ensure the story…in this case disrespect…continues. They all consciously believe that being respectful is a positive, and desirable, thing and try to be respectful of others, and even themselves. However, because the belief that respect is good and disrespect is bad is so strong, the mind has to hide it from them when they are disrespectful and it does so by using judgment and justifiers.

Judgment:  “You’ve got an attitude problem, kid. Who the hell do you think you are talking to me like that? Show some respect for your elders!”

Justifier:  “It was an honest mistake. I didn’t mean to not return your soap.”  Or, “I yelled at him because that kid had it coming and he deserved it.”

One cycle begets another…person to person…on and on…and no one sees it happening, much less stops the cycle.

The faces and the forms change, but the story remains the same.

Shell game of the personal self.


You Are Not Your Pain

You Are Not Your Pain

One of the most difficult things to bridge in dissolution work is the attachment the personal self has to its pain. Your sense of self is comprised of stories built upon disappointment, regret, fear, shame, anger, embarrassment, etc… all which are remembered, and continue to be experienced, as pain. But, what if you were able to actualize the understanding that you are not your pain? If you knew that your experiences of victimization, both emotional and physical, never were about you, but about the projections of the one who hurt you, how could you continue to hold your story of pain in place? You couldn’t. You see, there can be no story of pain without a perpetrator…a “bad” guy. Whether the bad guy in your stories is you or someone else, there has to be a perpetrator to create the experience of victimization.

The teachings show us that what you can’t own as yourself gets projected out onto others. People are so invested in defining what they “are” that they automatically hold themselves in opposition to what they believe they “are not.” This creates the magnetic repulsion required to hold the story of separation in place.

So, if you identify with being generous, you won’t see where you are selfish or greedy, but you will always see it in others and judge them for it. Likewise, if you pride yourself on being cautious, you won’t see your own recklessness. If you think you are unintelligent, you can’t see where you are intelligent. And even this: if you believe you are worthless, you won’t be able to witness your own brilliance.

Why do people seem to act as perpetrators? Simply because of the dynamic illustrated above. If they are to believe one thing about themselves, they must be repulsed by its opposite. In judging the opposite as wrong, they continue to hold their own identification as right. The focus is entirely on supporting the consciously held belief, and not really about the judgment that gets passed.

Here’s an example:

A father prides himself on being thrifty and good with money. When he hears that his daughter went out and purchased clothing on credit, he gets upset and proceeds to lecture her about her reckless use of credit and poor financial skills. The daughter, of course, feels victimized by her father. Even if she had made carefully thought-out plans for exactly how she would pay off her debt in a timely manner, she would still feel shame at having disappointed him. That shame would present itself through doubt and regret concerning her purchase, through a self-righteous attitude toward her father (like, he’s old and doesn’t understand how life is now, or he’s such a tightwad!), or a combination of both. It doesn’t matter how it presents in the girl, the foundation of it is the same pain. The only difference is that one way leaves her feeling her pain and the other works to repress the pain so she won’t feel her emotions so intensely. The girl sees her father as the bad guy. And the father has the same exact experience. Her financial choices were in opposition to something he identifies himself with. Therefore, she became a perpetrator to him when he found out about her credit card purchase. He experiences pain as he sees her as something “bad” or “wrong” because he is incapable of seeing her actions from outside of his own story.

Did the daughter intend to impose pain on her father when she bought the clothing? No. She most likely was oblivious to her father and his mindset when she fell in love with that outfit. From this vantage point, can we really say she is a perpetrator? Of course not. And, if the father was capable of seeing her actions as something unrelated to his beliefs, would he feel victimized by her? Not at all. So, where does the perpetrator exist for him? Only in his story of financial rights and wrongs. Did the father intend to impose pain on his daughter when he lectured her about money? Contrary to what the daughter would think, the answer is no. The father loves his daughter and wants the best for her. In his story, that best includes not racking up credit card debt. It is not dad’s heart that lectures the daughter, it is his fear. His fear about money and debt (taken on by his parents who lived through the Depression) gets projected out onto his daughter (seeing her as careless with money) and he reacts from that place. The reaction is automatic, based on his identification, which was learned. If the daughter could see that dad only reprimanded her because it brought his own fears to his doorstep, she wouldn’t see him as the bad guy, even if he did yell at her. Nor would she experience shame over her choice to buy the clothing, or a self-righteous attitude toward him. You see, she wouldn’t feel pain because she would know that it really wasn’t about her at all.

What holds it all in place for both of them? The identification with their stories; it is as simple as that. The pain experienced by each of them could not exist if the stories were not in place.

What is your pain? Your pain is the result of the attachment to what you believe about the story you have told yourself. When seen from beyond the story, what is witnessed is that none of it was ever true, nor will it ever be true.

You are not your pain. Now, drop the story.


Love All, Honor All, Serve All

Love All, Honor All, Serve All

Dear Ones,

Greetings, and congratulations on making it through 2014! It was a challenging year for most of us, filled with hard lessons in how to let go, forgive, and most importantly, how to love more openly and more fully.

You must remember that you are walking the ascension path every day…little by little and step by step. So, too, is the collective of humanity on Earth. Ascension isn’t some event, or point in time “out there.” We are all moving through it right now, each moment bringing us one step closer to the actualization of non-polarized consciousness, or one step further away. And so the dance of ascension continues for us all, moving in direct relation to our understandings and our capacity to live from those understandings in the physical world.

How many of you still just want “out” of here? How many are sick and tired of all the drama in the world…the cruelty, hate, disrespect, fear, self-righteousness, violence, and lack of general decency? There’s polarization in all that and it will keep your consciousness trapped here. Or, are you still holding onto the idea that because you mentally understand the concepts around non-duality and ascension you will be ready for that final level of initiation back into the Illumined Worlds from whence you came? There is a level of denial present in that attitude, mostly due to the repressed fear that you won’t be up to the task at hand. Again, it is a trap. You must remember that you did not come here to escape this reality. You came here to master it; and master it you shall, even if it takes millions of years. No one is released from the grip of polarized consciousness without first mastering how to live in it while remaining unattached to it.

2015 will give us more opportunities to deal with our unfinished business. There is no longer time to play around with our spiritual work. For those of you who are serious about your spirituality when times are tough and lax when life is good, you may be in for a rude awakening if you don’t address the lack of importance you are placing on your spiritual work. Take this as your official warning. Ascension is not a game. It is not fiction or fantasy. It is very real and it is actually happening.

Likewise, for you seekers who are serious about your work all the time, pay close attention now to everything coming up in your world. The universe will point you to any unfinished business you may have been resistant to confronting in the past. It is sure to be placed in your awareness now, but don’t expect it to be right in your face. Part of your mastery here is to read into the subtleties of Spirit in your life and find their meaning and lessons for you. You will need to hone your skills in reading the energies and making connections to things that would otherwise seem unrelated.

You can all expect to witness greater disparities in the world this year. As we move closer to balance within, the world on the outside reflects the opposite. Everything the collective holds in polarization unconsciously is now being witnessed in the world by all. Don’t allow the highly charged energies of the polarization you will experience pull you into the space where you believe them to be real. Like reflections in mirrors at a carnival fun house, what you are witnessing is NOT an accurate representation of reality and it is not to be trusted. Your job is to see the world events as a necessary component of our collective ascension, but to remain unattached and unaffected by them. Your primary job is always to remain in your hearts. From the space of the heart, you will be able to do the following:

Love all, regardless of who they are or how they seem to be. All are reflections of the divine and all reflections, whether true to one’s divine nature or gross misinterpretations of that nature, have the divine as their ultimate source. See the divine in all things, existing at different points on the sliding scale of God’s perfection.

Honor all for their roles in this play of consciousness. Teachers come in all forms, from the ascended master in the etheric to the perfect representation of evil in manifest form. All have a gift to give you on your path home. Make it your work to see the unity in all of it, the interdependency and interrelatedness of all things. See each representation as something sacred and honor every atom of consciousness for playing out the role it was given.

Serve all from this day forward. Consider others’ needs more than your own wants. Be a conscious giver in the world. Assist those who need help, serve those who have something beneficial to give to humanity, and strive every day to be in service to mother-father God and to humanity. Pay attention to the promptings you receive from Spirit. You will be shown ways to serve. Listen and respond accordingly. There is only one, manifested as all, and in serving one, you serve all. Just as, when you help others, you also help yourself.

Be ready to weather the storms this year and equally expectant of witnessing the miracles and magic of Spirit along the way. Remember that God lives in you and through you as you, and that this life is just a dream in the mind of God…a dream of separation that never even happened. You aren’t that which is dreamt of…you are the witness to the dream.