(2:22pm meeting starts)

Advertising in Natural Awakenings
PielleAyan looked into advertising at Natural Awakenings. 1/12 of a page ad is $80 / month. Ongoing events listing is $5 for up to 150 characters. Linda indicated that we're not on Elemental Healing's web site.

Community Room Chairs
Group discussed Robin bringing up members from our group getting chairs from laughter yoga. No one in our group has been doing it. Group discussed that we would always need about 4 chairs. PielleAyan is going to talk to Robin.

Continuing BBS Radio
Group talked about merits of doing the BBS radio show. Shusara mentioned that we can have a banner ad for $25 on BBS' home page. Tim mentioned possibly airing archives on other sites such as blogtalk.

Elemental Healing Benefit Nonuse
PielleAyan indicated that we aren't using the community room or library so wondered if we could get some kind of discount.

Excess Funds
Meghan indicated that we took in $348 for April. Last month was $236.

Linda as Secretary
Shusara also put forth a motion to make Linda the Secretary.

Meghan found a church accountant. He said that we can have a tier membership, it is legal. There's a certain portion of the membership that isn't tax deductible due to discounts they get with it. One tier could be monthly donation, another could include discounts.

Mini Intensive Update
Shusara's experience of the mini intensive was strong. She's open to doing it on a quarterly basis. Shusara thought it was a good way to create money because we don't have to drive out somewhere. It would be good to let Robin with Elemental Healing know ahead of time so that other tenants could be notified.

Pete, a consistent donor, is coming May 28. Shusara is going to do a one-on-one with him.

President Presentation
Tim gave a presentation about his new role of the Presidency.

Quarterly Intensives
Quarterly intensives on February, May, August, November. Tentatively scheduled for the 2nd weekend of the month.

Shusara's Meditation Space
Shusara's mini shed is coming along nicely. Might be possible to hold a board meeting there 2 months from now.

Social Networking Membership

  • Facebook KCSA: 220
  • Facebook CNW: 278
  • Facebook AYE: 730
  • Meetup KCSA: 178
  • Meetup CNW: 162
  • Meetup AYE: 16
  • Global CNW: 416

Summer Solstice
Linda has emailed Jim asking if he could speak for a summer solstice event. The solstice is Sunday June 21 12:39pm EDT. Shusara isn't set on doing the solstice events.

Tim as President
Shusara put forth a motion to put Tim in the President role. She would still function as the CEO and chairmen of the board. Shusara feels that Tim would be a good fit in this role, also because he has contributed a lot of financial resources which is typical of presidents at other organizations. She also needs to step away from day-to-day tasks to further her work. Tim had come to her about the role last year but had done nothing with it, so now she's going to force it on him. She wants to give him a three month window with the role and then the board will have a final vote.

Shusara reminded everyone that titles don't preclude people from acting in areas outside of their title.


  • See if we can get BBS stats on the rerun show.
  • Take our archives and play them on other sites such as blogtalk.
  • Need to get moving on 24/7 radio station: contacting Doug (BBS) about music information. PielleAyan will take this over.
  • Look at Justin for media work, other committed students to be on various committees.
  • Tim needs to be listed as an administrator of the bank account.

Board agreed to do BBS banner ad for $25 / month.
Board agreed to have Timothy Humphrey perform in capacity as President for 3 months from this meeting.
Board agreed to have Linda Karalus perform in capacity as Secretary for 3 months from this meeting.

(4:54pm meeting ends)
(Next meeting is June 6)


(2:21pm meeting starts)

Challenging Energies
March has been a hectic month, seems to be for time to bring up issues to be looked at and cleared. Shusara feels like possibly by the summer things will start to shift for us as a group, the energies feel like that. Her natal chart has indicated that for the past few years she's gone through a lot of difficulty but things will start to clear soon, possibly by this summer.

PielleAyan submitted the curriculum materials to Shusara.

Tim brought up a need to have a fellowship activity. Feels there's a need to have a community fellowship activity. Is going to start setting up an event before satsang so that people can talk and then come to satsang.

Group Dynamics
Shusara mentioned how there's a fine line that has to be walked because there's no manual. It's good for each person in the group to be transparent with each other so that we know how each person functions and can uniquely support them. Linda mentioned how she feels she's shifting and will be able to contribute more this year as time goes on.

Group discussed planning an intensive. Individual board member's schedules suggested a day long intensive Friday night May 1 to Saturday afternoon May 2. Price will be $200, but $175 if fully paid by end of day April 19.

Natural Awakenings Advertising
Tim mentioned looking into having weekly satsang advertised in Natural Awakenings. PielleAyan said she would look into how much it costs.

Office Fundraiser
PielleAyan wants to have a Kumara fundraiser out of the office. Group discussed how the proceeds could go to KCSA.

Linda mentioned she had lunch with Peg last year. Peg seemed to be going on a different path.

Picture Quotes
Idea was presented that Shusara could make available the pictures for the quotes and a set of quotes and other people could make the quote pictures.

Shusara Experience
PielleAyan mentioned an experience she had while doing healing work with Shusara. The fuller aspect of Shusara had merged with the physical incarnation here and there were many illumined world beings celebrating. Shusara and Perry mentioned they were grateful to the group for allowing their trip to happen.

Shusara Worldly Detachment
Shusara mentioned she's having more of a challenge dealing with the world and its commitments while she's moving forward in her work. Linda and Tim mentioned how they felt it was time for the council to pick up more of the worldly activities Shusara has been doing.

Shusara's Meditation Space
Shusara mentioned how the outside building at her house will be made into a meditation room. This is to provide a space for her to get away and meditate because the energies at her house, with the kids, is becoming too great to be in for extended periods due to her continued work.

Tim and Finances
Tim really wants to decrease the amount of money that he's contributing to the group. Meghan mentioned how the donations are being presently used. Shusara still wants to have intensives, which could be a way to bring in money.

(To Do)

  • Tim is going to set up a weekly fellowship meeting before satsang at 6pm.
  • PielleAyan is going to send an email about intensive to select people.

(5:45pm meeting ends)
(Next meeting is May 3)


(12:25pm meeting starts)

Kumara Center Lawsuit
Shusara hasn't contacted the Kumara Center lawyers but has researched trademarks and noted that trademarks are specific to categories. Their category is for the Buddhist religion so we may still be able to use it.

Shusara Blocks
Shusara shared that aspects of her personality, Karen, still need to be looked at that are serving as blocks for her.

Shusara Personal Life
Shusara reminded us that aspects of her personal journey that she shares with us is expected to stay with us and not shared with others.

Social Networking Membership

  • Facebook KCSA: 208
  • Facebook CNW: 282
  • Facebook AYE: 624
  • Facebook 144K: 63
  • Meetup KCSA: 179
  • Meetup CNW: 169
  • CNW Global: 416

Third Party Office Use
Tim brought up there's interest in using the office. Someone would have to be in the office. The energetics in the office would change if we invited another group to use the room. We would have to check out the person first.

  • Perry and Tim agreed to attend a meeting to check out the person.
  • Present to the person that we don't normally rent the office but we would allow it if he agrees to certain things: spraying Zen spray before and after, saying the protection.

Web Site

  • Look at BBS' iTunes functionality and see if we can have a link back to our site in the description.
  • We need a page for satsang and our radio show.
  • Create a page for satsang.
  • Make the link to BBS on the home page bright green.

(1:30pm meeting ends)
(April 4 is next meeting)


(3:18pm meeting starts)

BBS Archives
Board agreed to make all the archives free and put a blurb about donations. Still keep them blocked on BBS. Look into getting the archives on other sites, iTunes, etc. See if we can use BBS' iTunes functionality.

PielleAyan started working on a curriculum.

Meghan brought up finances and different ways to pay for Shusara's upcoming trip.

Shusara got confirmation that Kumara really has to move so it will be a primary focus, also because it will also create income.

Member Updates
People shared things they've seen in direct relation to the work they're doing. How their world and lives have been changing.

Tim shared how he's been looking at his laziness and the affects it's having on his life. He sees that it's holding him back in his life and his KCSA work.

There seems to be momentum building, seen especially in our social networking sites, Facebook AYE. Someone joined the global CNW from listening to the radio.

Thursday satsang many more people came, some came accidentally. Shusara does healings with PielleAyan and a message came that Shusara shouldn't promote herself as a guide. We need to have things in place to address the needs of people who come to us, something aside from satsang.

Linda went to the office to do the AYE meditation and she let two other people join her.

Tim wanted to talk about the newsletter and having it actually be on the site, but just communicated over email. Shusara agreed.

Office Improvements
Shusara had idea of setting up a table outside the office to leave the donation bag, possibly literature.

Kumara Center Lawsuit
Something has happened that has prompted Shusara to talk to the Kumara Center lawyers. She has to make another graphic that doesn't have Buddha in it.

Shusara's Work
Shusara is going back to the beach next Friday – Wednesday/Thursday.

There are aspects to Shusara's work that she can't talk about which is different to her. She's doing more inner work. Her behavior may seem to change because of things she's called to do. Some of it will require her to go to other places, out west like Yosemite. She's doing another level of work now. There isn't much money that she can afford so if she's needed somewhere she's going to bring it to the board. She needs to go out west in March. The estimated cost is $460 to fly, probably about $800 for a car.

PielleAyan shared what happened when she did work with Shusara on Thursday. The divine mother came in and said that the work we've been doing, our shifting, is allowing Shusara to shift. Shusara's work won't be so physical.

Shusara is being asked to do prayer work now. Prayer for other people.

With the work Shusara is doing she's seeing a direct relation to the work she does and affects in the world.

Social Networking Membership
KCSA Facebook: 200
CNW Facebook: 277
AYE Facebook: 567
144K Facebook: 59
KCSA Meetup: 176
CNW Meetup: 170
AYE Meetup: 10
Global CNW: 415

Web Site
Shusara had an idea of putting the quote pictures in the home page picture rotation.

Meghan had an idea of having news rotate on the main page.

Shusara wants to have BBS more prominent on the site.

Tim wants to work with Shusara to put the protection and ray work on the site.

There's still no way to track visitors on the BBS radio. Tim mentioned that he installed stat tracking software on our site.

(5:36pm meeting ends)
(February 28 is next meeting)


(2:10pm meeting starts)

Clearing Lingering Pain
Shusara mentioned that now is a good time to be in process. It's paramount that any lingering pain that is still being carried has to be looked at now, it's extremely important. Working on issues with parents is a common one. Pain can only be dissolved from the personal self, even though the work is impersonal. Feeling the energy is important to release it. Let it come through as it is: anger, rage, etc. Work we're doing is also affecting the collective, helping it release issues too. If we don't do it now we're going to get hit hard this year, we'll be forced to move into the space that we don't consciously want to go to. Moving into the space of unconditional love this year is important.

Core Council Meditation
Shusara wants to do a monthly core council meditation, similar to the solstice meditation we had in December. She brought up doing an intensive with the core council at the beach house she goes to.

Tim mentioned how he feels we should have a curriculum to allow people from different perspectives to approach the work. The Q/A sessions seemed to fit into this. Group agreed it was a good idea. PielleAyan will work on topics. She'd like to start it for March, possibly February.

Facebook Updates
Shusara mentioned how other people are starting to share the Facebook picture quotes.

Newsletter Updates
Meghan mentioned that only 7 of 15 people opened the newsletter, the 6 core council and 1 non council person. Meghan would like two articles now so that she can schedule better and have a backup. Group discussed attributes of the newsletter. Tim and Shusara mentioned how the newsletter they envisioned would contain links to articles rather than the full article contained within it. Tim said it would be better to have the articles on our web site and also have a digest article on our web site that would be the actual newsletter. Tim mentioned how the email that the newsletter came from was not from our domain and increases the odds of it being interpreted as spam, he also thought it would look better coming from our domain.

Pulling Back
Question on what to do on the third Tuesday of the month? Linda doesn't want to do anything, she feels she has to focus on herself right now. PielleAyan doesn't want to do anything in the community room because it has to be reserved. Tim thought we had already agreed to do stuff: speaker, movie, game, etc. Meghan feels no one is coming. Shusara feels she's in a space where she needs to focus on other things: outside office, being guide, book. She mentioned that in her personal walk that there are times where there are down times. If we make choices out of fear then we're putting the brakes on how the group can grow. Energy seems to be there to hold events on third Tuesday and if no one comes to use the time as time to be together. People mentioned a need to plan better, a few months out rather than always scrambling. Group decided to not do the Q/A sessions anymore for January and February, instead they would be replaced with curriculum sessions. They would be done on the first and third Tuesday of the month.

Radio Station Ads
Perry knows a guy at work who can do voiceover work for us, for ads to go on the 24/7 station.

KCSA Transition
Shusara feels a big transition is coming for us.

(5:03pm meeting ends)
(February 7 is next meeting)


(1:49pm meeting starts)

Shusara mentioned we could offer yoga. Meghan hopes that as we grow we attract people willing to volunteer.

Cease and Desist Letter
Shusara hasn't responded to the cease and desist letter in regards to our name. She wants to talk to the Rimboche. She feels that worst case scenario is we go back to our previous name: Shambhalla.

Community Engagement
Shusara asked Linda to keep track of ideas for community engagement. Continue to look for ad space. Shusara mentioned advertising in Creative Loafing.

Donation Scripts
Tim wanted to talk about the donation scripts.

Tim mentioned he thinks passing the donation bag around right after the event starts or right before it ends is a good idea. Shusara said for satsang we should ask before the person enters the room.

Meghan didn't agree with stating that donations are required because by law we can't require that. She mentioned that she had an idea of using donation receipts similar to how Goodwill does things. Accountants weren't okay with doing that involving cash.

PielleAyan wanted to encourage people to donate on a monthly basis. She had a script for the Q/A that she shared. Tim thought we should do both in terms of monthly donation and per event donation.

Mentioning of sending a monthly email to interested people, could include a donation button on there. Email would have things like upcoming events.

The Meetup mindset is people getting together, not that it's a person's livelihood. Satsang is the only event we couldn't require a donation. The law requirement is that a regular service can't be charged for so it is possible for satsang to have a fee if another event were recurring and free. The group mentioned to stop asking for donations at events and charge instead.

Elemental Healing
We aren't going to pre-book rooms in Elemental Healing.

Monthly Charity Donation
Meghan mentioned that we have $111 extra. She also mentioned that no one else but us has been giving to the monthly charity donation so board agreed to just send the money to KCSA.

Monthly Newsletter
Meghan wants to do the monthly newsletter. Submissions would have to be submitted 7 days prior. We're going to try for January 1 for the first. Getting the email list compiled is something to do.

Reaching People
Perry thought about manning phones at PBS and they mention us an organization.

Linda thinks we should go out to the people and not just rely on people coming to us. Tim mentioned that the work we do is valuable to everyone regardless of their profession or religion. Shusara said we would have to have the work staged in such a way that it could appeal to other people.

Shusara's Outdoor Shed
Shusara announced that Tim agreed to fund the complete structure Shusara will need for her space.

(3:19pm meeting ends)
(January 3 is next meeting)


(2:31pm meeting starts)
(Board stayed in silence after clearing)

24/7 Radio Station
The 24/7 radio station costs $50 a month. Tim hasn't done anything with it aside from the initial work he did. PielleAyan suggested that Tim teach Kadin so that he could do things.

The group talked about people donating at events and how it's not an option but actually a requirement, just that the amount is up to the person. We need to change the message of donations to indicate this. Group feels we need to look at donations and how to collect them. Perry suggested a script and each member agreed to look at a script and come back to next meeting with ideas.

Event Frequency
PielleAyan requested to not have five events in one week. Group decided to do the Q/A events on 2nd Monday and 4th Wednesday.

Meghan has been structuring finances in three ways: reimbursements, rent, savings. Meghan is conservative with finances and doesn't want to spend money on large things in case we need it for other items.

Group Pictures
PielleAyan feels we should have our picture out there to help people connect with us: on Meetup, Facebook, possibly on our web site. Have a bio on each person on the site; would have to be approved by Shusara.

KCSA Blocks
Tim brought up that people aren't attending our events. PielleAyan mentioned how as long as there are blocks in our group we'll be held back.

PielleAyan asked everyone where they see KCSA going, what blocks they may have.

  • Meghan's been feeling that her life had to be structured around KCSA. She feels a pull to be an advocate for the planet, to further her environmental biology studies. She feels she'll have to go back to school to get her PhD and would have to leave North Carolina. She would take everything with her, including KCSA. In the next two months she's not going to be around at events as much, she has to get ready for school: take GRE, etc.
  • PielleAyan mentioned blocks around money, people coming. She has a fear of when this gets big what happens with her life.
  • Tim mentioned his block is taking more initiative, in general, and having more of a leadership role in KCSA. He mentioned how he feels his giving money has become an obligation to keep KCSA going when it was meant to be a temporary thing. PielleAyan said that he should really look at this.
  • Perry has a block in terms of how KCSA's growth has and will pull Shusara away. On a personal level he doesn't want it to happen because that would mean his wife would be pulling away.
  • Linda saw she has to come first and feels that will interfere with her KCSA participation. She doesn't know what her place is in KCSA.

KCSA Property
Shusara and PielleAyan feel an energetic burden trying to maintain high vibrations and being amidst regular household energy. Shusara's trips away have indicated to her that needs to be the norm. This is the driving factor behind a drive to get property in the mountains. Perry has looked at property around Asheville and noticed that it's become a lot like Charlotte in terms of energy and that property prices are expensive. Perry saw property in Lake James he thinks might work. Shusara and Perry can save about $100 a month toward buying property. He relayed a message to ask if anyone on the board could contribute to this fund. Perry and PielleAyan mentioned to play with the energy and dream big. Perry mentioned a property that was a former Christmas tree farm and at the bottom of a gulley, Tim mentioned his KCSA meditations about KCSA properties was in a similar setting, PielleAyan chimed in and said hers was in the same place.

Shusara Shed
Perry and Shusara now have a contractor to finish the shed in their back yard, this will help Shusara to have her space ad not have to leave out of town like she is now.

Social Networking Membership
Meetup KCSA: 165
Meetup CNW: 170
Meetup AYE: 9
Facebook KCSA: 176
Facebook CNW: 248
Facebook AYE: 474
Facebook 144K: 55
Global CNW: 413

(4:27pm meeting ends)
(December 6 is next meeting)


(2:45pm meeting starts)
(Shusara not present)
(Meghan initially not present due to car accident, joined for last hour)

BBS Advertising
Would like to get advertisement space on BBS.

CNW Meetup Shutdown
Someone contacted Robin with Elemental Healing asking about our speaker for October. The CNW Meetup site has not yet been shutdown because Linda said Shusara would send the notification. Since it's still up we still feel obligated to hold meetings.

CNW Speaker
Kerry Beach has a friend who's an unwitting mystic and he would like for her to be a guest speaker. Board agreed.

Shusara would like to do a monthly e-newsletter. She would like us to all contribute so people were asked to start thinking about what we would put there.

Member Updates
Perry wanted to go around the room and see how everyone is doing.

  • Perry is not good. He hasn't had time to process. He has to fill in around the house while Shusara's away.
  • Tim has been very busy and challenged, but in a good way. Closing on his house, South Africa trip for two weeks, gave his presentation to superiors and learned a lot from it.
  • Linda got to work with Atona and see things she hasn't seen before. Her eyes are an issue for her. Has been feeling overwhelmed with a lot of things.
  • Meghan is rattled from her car accident. She's working with Atona.
  • PielleAyan's severance is running out so she's been focusing on finding another job. She's been stepping in to fill in more of Shusara's work while she's away.

PielleAyan mentioned several reminders. Do the global CNW emails. Give red ribbons on the global CNW site. Post the blogs and quotes on Facebook.

Shusara's Schedule
Shusara and PielleAyan worked on Shusara's schedule and determined she needs office hours. It's important for us to do our own work so that we can be of greater assistance to Shusara, by having enough of the personality removed so she can hand off work to us. PielleAyan mentioned that having Shusara's shed finished is important. PielleAyan said there's a need to simplify Shusara's life but she's not sure how to do it.

Shusara Time Away
Perry gave update on Shusara. Shusara initially had a tough time while away because the house she's in is still being worked on and she had to spend 2 days cleaning. She has at least 80 pages done, maybe half of what she needs. She has a publisher, an online company named lulu.com. She'll be back for next week's Thursday satsang.

Social Networking Membership
Meetup KCSA: 166 (growing fastest)
Meetup CNW: 170
Meetup AYE: 9
Facebook KCSA: 167
Facebook CNW: 243
Facebook AYE: 461
Facebook 144K: 53
Global CNW: 412

Teaching Videos
Shusara and PielleAyan are working on a set of teaching videos to go on our site. 24/7 streaming station is live. Tim mentioned that the station is operable and he's uploaded some of his outdoor meditations to it as well as some satsang archives.

Tim is going to be out for two weeks for his South Africa trip starting Monday the 6th. Meghan will be out Thursday the 9th to the 13th.

(4:20pm meeting ends)
(November 1 is next meeting)


(2:30pm meeting starts)

Board Member Q/A
Shusara talked about having an event where the core council facilitated questions from participants. It would be a way for us to present the teachings from our understanding. Agreed to do this on alternating Monday and Wednesdays, 7pm. Agreed to begin this on Wednesday, September 10.

Elimination of CNW Meetup
Shusara talked about a CNW Meetup member, Ken Keicher. He was critical about us as a group, stating all we do is meditate. Shusara put forth to the group is it time to let the CNW Meetup go. Board discussed pros and cons of keeping CNW Meetup. Not that many people show up to events, we as a board don't really resonate with the entry level orientation of CNW events. Group supported getting rid of it. KCSA could offer community outreach programs that would have been presented as CNW. The last CNW event will be this month, the 16th. Board thought the 3rd Tuesday could remain a community oriented fun night: movie, game, etc.

Shusara showed the group the in-ergize video she did.

Satsang Archives
PielleAyan said the satsang archives in the store should be organized differently to show a part of the description. PielleAyan, Shusara, and Tim said we should have a satsang page on the site, it would also have a link to the archives.

Sibella Publications
PielleAyan followed up on an email she sent to the board in regards to a deal in getting advertising space on an online magazine, Sibella Publications. It's an online magazine focused on spiritual women. The ad will last for 15 months. Shusara has already designed the ad for the space we purchased.

Site Event Calendar
Shusara announced the event calendar on the web site. Tim demonstrated the different options of the calendar. Shusara wanted another category called AYE that the monthly meditations would have.

Social Networking Membership
Meetup KCSA + 7
Meetup CNW + 0
Meetup AYE + 9
Facebook KCSA + 9
Facebook CNW – 1
Facebook AYE + 67
Facebook 144K + 7
Global CNW + 1

Shusara asked if everyone understands Trello. Linda said she had trouble with it but seemed due to her vision.

(5:03pm meeting ends)
(October 4 is next meeting)


(2:09pm meeting starts)

Meghan put together a list of accountants to interview and questions to ask them. Our current accountant isn't serving our needs, not communicating well.

CNW Weekly Messages
Group agreed to post weekly messages on CNW Sunday, starting today, and they agreed on a certain order: Shusara, Perry, PielleAyan, Meghan, Linda. Board agreed to allow Meghan to do it on early Monday. Shusara said people should post on the CNW site first and then link to that in emails. Tim chose not to participate. Shusara asked Tim to communicate to her why he's not onboard with this.

Perry played a YouTube video discussing a conference where they were inviting applications for speakers. Applications due August 26. November 15 is the event. Shusara is fine with doing the event.

Meet and Greet
Group talked about the meet and greet and decided it would be better to postpone because the original date of August 19 was too close and did not leave time to advertise and get ready. Linda has eye surgeries coming up but no set dates as of yet. The group decided it might be better to try and do it in October, either 3rd or 4th Tuesday. Shusara said her 2 weeks away will be either the 3rd – 4th week of September or the 4th week of September into the first week of October.

Monthly Raffle Video
Tim brought up the monthly raffle video. PielleAyan is going to do it for this and last month's drawing. Group discussed having different people perform the raffle to make it easier on the raffle video being produced.

Satsang Difference
Shusara says she feels a shift in how satsang is run since we started our ritual from last board meeting. The only issue she has is that she doesn't have a space to get in a meditative state before satsang.

KCSA Growth and PR
Shusara has started writing a book. Partly because she realized a big benefit of being interviewed. She's thinking about taking 2 weeks off to work on the book. She and Perry need to bring in more income to pay for a task for Ryan. Shusara needs someone to work on the promotional work; she needs a PR person. PielleAyan has already started working on this. Shusara put out a general question as to how to get known and grow. PielleAyan said she downloaded a Doreen Virtue course that talked about how she did it.

KCSA Share Picture Quotes
Shusara feels we should share the KCSA quote pictures with other Facebook pages to increase likes on the page. Wants people to make the text that we post be individual to each person, not generic message. She also mentioned posting things to Facebook groups. Board agreed to post at least one picture to groups per week.

PielleAyan discussed bingo. Shusara asked PielleAyan to look at bingo as a way to bring in money because she couldn't do everything to bring in funds. Meghan discussed financial aspects of holding bingo. Getting a 501c(3) determination letter is important because it would allow us to host bingo, apply for grants, and other things. Board agreed to move forward with doing bingo. There's a cost of upwards of $1500 to get licenses.

Shusara on Other Programs
PielleAyan made Shusara a guest on other BBS programs, a magazine. She's looking at applying to be considered for Oprah's O network. She's emailed other people for interviews; Alan Steinfeld. She can't get the Facebook donate button to work. She's going to contact George Clooney, Woody Harrelson; Linda mentioned Jim Carrey.

Social Networking Membership
Meetup KCSA + 3
Meetup CNW + 4
Meetup AYE – ?
Facebook KCSA + 8
Facebook CNW + 3
Facebook AYE + 103
Global CNW + 0

Shusara handed out business cards and postcards to board members to distribute. She also gave each member a KCSA pen.

Shusara brought up a web site called Trello that can be used for task management.

Web Site Calendar
Calendar needs to be on the main site so that Shusara can advertise going there on Elemental Healing's newsletter.

(6:07pm meeting ends)
(September 6 is next meeting)