(2:22pm meeting starts)

Advertising in Natural Awakenings
PielleAyan looked into advertising at Natural Awakenings. 1/12 of a page ad is $80 / month. Ongoing events listing is $5 for up to 150 characters. Linda indicated that we're not on Elemental Healing's web site.

Community Room Chairs
Group discussed Robin bringing up members from our group getting chairs from laughter yoga. No one in our group has been doing it. Group discussed that we would always need about 4 chairs. PielleAyan is going to talk to Robin.

Continuing BBS Radio
Group talked about merits of doing the BBS radio show. Shusara mentioned that we can have a banner ad for $25 on BBS' home page. Tim mentioned possibly airing archives on other sites such as blogtalk.

Elemental Healing Benefit Nonuse
PielleAyan indicated that we aren't using the community room or library so wondered if we could get some kind of discount.

Excess Funds
Meghan indicated that we took in $348 for April. Last month was $236.

Linda as Secretary
Shusara also put forth a motion to make Linda the Secretary.

Meghan found a church accountant. He said that we can have a tier membership, it is legal. There's a certain portion of the membership that isn't tax deductible due to discounts they get with it. One tier could be monthly donation, another could include discounts.

Mini Intensive Update
Shusara's experience of the mini intensive was strong. She's open to doing it on a quarterly basis. Shusara thought it was a good way to create money because we don't have to drive out somewhere. It would be good to let Robin with Elemental Healing know ahead of time so that other tenants could be notified.

Pete, a consistent donor, is coming May 28. Shusara is going to do a one-on-one with him.

President Presentation
Tim gave a presentation about his new role of the Presidency.

Quarterly Intensives
Quarterly intensives on February, May, August, November. Tentatively scheduled for the 2nd weekend of the month.

Shusara's Meditation Space
Shusara's mini shed is coming along nicely. Might be possible to hold a board meeting there 2 months from now.

Social Networking Membership

  • Facebook KCSA: 220
  • Facebook CNW: 278
  • Facebook AYE: 730
  • Meetup KCSA: 178
  • Meetup CNW: 162
  • Meetup AYE: 16
  • Global CNW: 416

Summer Solstice
Linda has emailed Jim asking if he could speak for a summer solstice event. The solstice is Sunday June 21 12:39pm EDT. Shusara isn't set on doing the solstice events.

Tim as President
Shusara put forth a motion to put Tim in the President role. She would still function as the CEO and chairmen of the board. Shusara feels that Tim would be a good fit in this role, also because he has contributed a lot of financial resources which is typical of presidents at other organizations. She also needs to step away from day-to-day tasks to further her work. Tim had come to her about the role last year but had done nothing with it, so now she's going to force it on him. She wants to give him a three month window with the role and then the board will have a final vote.

Shusara reminded everyone that titles don't preclude people from acting in areas outside of their title.


  • See if we can get BBS stats on the rerun show.
  • Take our archives and play them on other sites such as blogtalk.
  • Need to get moving on 24/7 radio station: contacting Doug (BBS) about music information. PielleAyan will take this over.
  • Look at Justin for media work, other committed students to be on various committees.
  • Tim needs to be listed as an administrator of the bank account.

Board agreed to do BBS banner ad for $25 / month.
Board agreed to have Timothy Humphrey perform in capacity as President for 3 months from this meeting.
Board agreed to have Linda Karalus perform in capacity as Secretary for 3 months from this meeting.

(4:54pm meeting ends)
(Next meeting is June 6)