(2:10pm meeting starts)

Add Your Energy
Shusara wants work to stop on the KCSA web page and focus on the Add Your Energy page, feels it's important to get this going. The group talked about the mechanics for what would go on the site. Tim agreed to have a basic site ready in  two weeks. Having the meditation on the same day each month is preferred, specific day not agreed to but first Tuesday seems likely.

Equinox Event
Might not have an equinox event. Group was okay with this.

Membership Statistics

  • Global CNW 400 +0
  • CNW Meetup 160 (+2)
  • KCSA Meetup 144
  • CNW Facebook 211
  • KCSA Facebook 111
  • AYE 47

KCSA Mission
Group stated their personal feel of what the KCSA mission statement is. Shusara wants to identify our congregation. Meghan doesn't see us having a physical facility like how churchs would've been in the past. Group discussed how Charlotte doesn't have to be the place where we build a following. We need to get more of Shusara's teachings out. Shusara feels there's a push to get a book done.

Social Media Activity
Shusara feels we should like other Facebook pages to post things on the page. Other members agree it's a good idea.

(4:18pm meeting ends)
(Next meeting is March 1)