(3:00pm meeting starts)

Shusara wants someone to meet with Marcella McBride to find out more about the class that Devon took in February for more effective Facebook marketing; PielleAyan volunteered. Also would like anyone to find out any info they can on this.

Wants people to send her any inspirational videos they have so she can have a list of videos to send out instead of hunting around.

Shusara would like the first Saturday of each month be the board meeting, would also allow the weekly charity videos to be done. Board agreed.

Lish volunteered to research charities to see if they’re legitimate.

Equinox event will be at Latta Plantation, from 3:30 – 5:30, meditation will start at 4:30.

Shusara feels her energy is coming back. Is open to the weekly one-on-one Q and As. Asks that within a week everyone send her 5 questions. The first filming of the questions will be Tuesday, August 27 at 7:30pm at Meghan’s place.

Shusara wants everyone to send their contact information to Meghan to put it on Dropbox. Meghan took everyone’s contact information down.

Next meeting is Saturday, September 7 at 2pm.

(4:10pm meeting ends)
(Group meditated)