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Satsang Archives

Shusara guides listeners, from her own experiential understandings, through the process of slowing down the mind and dissolving the patterns and belief systems that create the "reality" we experience. The programs are different every week, but always equally powerful. These are archives of our show at BBS Internet Radio. Tune in for free each week Thursday 9pm ET.

Tonight's session began with a guided meditation which can be done at any time by those who wish to be in service to humanity and the planet. We then picked up with the roles of Victim, Perpetrator and Savior, explaining more about how to recognize when the victim is engaged and how to see when the victim attempts to swing out through the savior into the positive states of mind. Also discussed were the lower mind's need for domination, manipulation and control and how they function as the underlying drive for one's actions.  The show ends in discussing the key to how to live in the world at this time.


Tonight's session began with a brief talk about the current energies and how it is important not to identify with them. PielleAyan asked Shusara to speak to those who feel lost with the information on the programs and Shusara spent some time talking about the impact that the teachings are having on consciousness and how constant repetition is necessary to create an inroad into consciousness. Several questions by listeners were taken and the session wrapped up with the introduction of the victim/perpetrator/savior roles that are taken on by the personal self.


Tonight's session begins with the story of the fall of consciousness on Earth and why humanity needs to awaken from the dream of separation. We discussed how the fall began with the identification of consciousness with the concept of "I", how the lower states of mind, physical densification, karma and reincarnation came into being simultaneously and how the program of duality perpetuates itself. We also were presented with the understanding that your thoughts are not your own and that there is only one story being played out in this reality.


During this Thanksgiving session, Shusara and PielleAyan discuss gratitude. The program begins with a recap of what consciousness experienced at the time of "the fall" and how the program of duality consciousness was created. We look at how a child takes on patterning, following the "winning position," and how both sides are programmed into the patterning. Shusara recommends a technique to begin the process of moving out of reactive mind by sitting and observing the energy when you have been triggered. The session wraps up with PielleAyan sharing her experience of gratitude and how it has changed since she began this work, and Shusara speaking about how gratitude is conditional within the program, but is a natural part of your Beingness outside of the program.  The show ends with The Wailin' Jennys song, "Swing Low, Sail High."


Shusara shares the story of remembering her lineage and mission here. The rest of the program is centered around teachings she received early on from her guide, AtonaAreyus, such as:

Your life is your spiritual path; Human love is predicated on behavior; and there is nothing that is not spiritual.

Shusara shares her own experiences of these teachings and points the listeners to begin looking at how they have been functioning in the world, given these new understandings.  This is a powerful show for seekers new to the work.


In this introductory program, Shusara Akona Kumara shares her personal story of the events that led her to become a spiritual guide. As one of our listeners commented:

"It was like the quintessential Hero-Heroine's journey from darkness to light--to finding genuine purpose and meaning----one in which we could all find those similarities…"

Shusara also begins to address exactly what spiritual dissolution work is. This program is highly recommended for seekers uninitiated into this level of work, as it lays the groundwork where the seeker can connect with the guide and begin to dip their toes into the infinite pool of deeper spiritual understandings.

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