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Satsang Archives

Shusara guides listeners, from her own experiential understandings, through the process of slowing down the mind and dissolving the patterns and belief systems that create the "reality" we experience. The programs are different every week, but always equally powerful. These are archives of our show at BBS Internet Radio. Tune in for free each week Thursday 9pm ET.

We revisit the teaching of the vow of poverty in this session, looking closely at how the collective needs to function in alignment with its core values. Shusara speaks to the role trust plays in the choices the personal self makes, and shows us the difference in the way the heart functions. She also answers a listener's question about self-love.


It's time to take your own personal vow of poverty. Of course, this was meant to get your attention, and Shusara speaks at length during this session about our values and how they relate to society's values.  It's time to get honest about the pink elephant in the room!


After the intial clearing and guided meditation, Shusara answered two questions from our listeners.  We came back to the topic of shame and looked at how the collective is currently experiencing issues around futility, despair and hopelessness. Shusara shared how synchronicity can show you what is moving in the collective and offered a way to view our personal issues from the greater lens of the collective. The session ended with a 5 minute meditation focused on transmuting discordant energies that had come up to be released during the session.


The program tonight began with a short, guided meditation. Shusara answered a listener's question about making changes to the personality - is this bad?  The rest of the session focused on the state of mind called "shame." In closing, Shusara pointed out the symbolism of the Buddha under the Bodhi Tree to all of us living our lives here.


Tonight's show began with revisiting the teaching of the Buddha: "the cup is already broken," or as Shusara would say, "the only thing permanent here is impermanence."  Shusara answered the question of how ego is different from mind. We then looked at the need for people to begin objectively observing their own personality and stop playing the victim role. Having a sense of humor and living in kindness were both encouraged and elaborated on.


This program began with a brief discussion about the subtle, and not so subtle, physical cues people receive when they have been triggered. We then talked about the value of "self-help" work in this paradigm, pointing out the paradox that exists between how it functions here, as opposed to within non-polarity. Shusara spent some time advising everyone on how spiritual ego wants to negate certain levels of teachings and edify others. It is imperative that we view all things as equal.  Lastly, she discussed Buddha's quote "the cup is already broken," relating it to an experience Shusara just had this week.


Topics for the session include: staying in one's innocence during these chaotic times, the pitfalls of having expectations toward your meditations, misconceptions about functioning in the world from an enlightened state, and the subtleties of spiritual ego.


Tonight's session begins with Shusara revisiting last week's topic of 3rd party communication and answering a listener's question concerning it. She also addresses how little verbal communication is actually necessary in our lives and asks us to become more aware of how we use our words. Then, Shusara reads about Pope Francis and his address following the Third Vatican Council in December, and makes a point of how he is speaking from the level of the Christ to all of us. The rest of the program revolves around how the way we view our reality is completely opposite of what our nature actually is. She uses the example of a magician convincing the audience that the illusion is real as an illustration. Shusara urges us to begin seeing the world with an expectation for what we would think of as the "miraculous," since it is our God-given birthright.


Tonight's session is centered around two teachings. In the first, we are given an example of the "superimposition of the unreal upon the real" and Shusara uses the example to illustrate how one's experiences and beliefs will hinder their ability to see Truth as it presents itself.  The rest of the show revolves around 3rd party communication and how it is damaging to all involved.


In tonight's session, Shusara begins by explaining the dynamics of the spiritual protection she delivers at the beginning of each program.  We revisit the roles of victim/savior/perpetrator and look more closely at how the victim moves into the other roles, using an example to illustrate. We also look at the first two states of mind which occur at the moment of identification and encourage the audience to look for them in their own lives. Lastly, we talk about the perfection of each soul and how nothing in this world could ever alter it.

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