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Satsang Archives

Shusara guides listeners, from her own experiential understandings, through the process of slowing down the mind and dissolving the patterns and belief systems that create the "reality" we experience. The programs are different every week, but always equally powerful. These are archives of our show at BBS Internet Radio. Tune in for free each week Thursday 9pm ET.

Tonight's session began with Shusara speaking briefly about the Rays of Light and the impact it has on humanity when you balance the chakras and emanate pure, divine Light. Then, Tim posed a question concerning expressing anger and fears around the expression being "bad." This led into a conversation about the mind's projected fears which keep it from looking deeper and confronting its pain. Shusara showed how our fears are unfounded and illustrated this with examples. Tim shared more about his own recent experiences related to this topic.


The topic for tonight's session was wisdom and knowledge. Shusara addressed the difference between the two and spoke about how our life experiences are brought to us as a means to help us move into greater wisdom. She also made a point of cautioning us not to view challenges in life as "negative" experiences, as each one of them is a gift and an opportunity for our advancement. As seekers, it is imperative that we "get real" with ourselves and how we deal with the situations in our lives. We are here to shed the filters over our perception and begin to see the world as it really is.


2015 will be a year of transformation and greater challenges for everyone. Shusara encourages everyone to consciously and willingly do their inner work now so that they won't have to live their work out in the physical. Any repressed or denied anger, guilt, shame, pain, etc.. must be addressed at this time, or you won't be able to move forward in your work. It's time to walk through all the deep, negative states of mind from within your personal story. You will come out the other side with greater experiential understandings and deeper wisdom.


Shusara takes a look at the year ahead during tonight's session. 2015 will be a year of big shifting for the individual and the collective. Shusara's overriding message tonight revolved around how things could play out and what you can do in your own life to lesson or neutralize any difficult experiences in the next 12 months.


Shusara opens this session with a discussion about how the physical body needs to adjust to the ascension energies. Then she spends time talking about things we are experiencing as this "reality" is dissolving. Referring to a recent Facebook posting, Shusara addresses resistance and how it functions as an indicator of truth that you have denied or repressed. Then she uses this to illustrate how the inner and outer worlds are the same and why we experience what we do in the manifested world. She also talks about the paradox of how we are all things, as this world is our holographic projection, yet simultaneously we are nothing. Neti, neti...not this, not this.


Tonight's session began with questions from PielleAyan concerning responsibility and obligation. In her response Shusara reminds us that each one of us is a unique blending of the Rays of Light and the Rays we are strongest in often show up in our natural abilities an propensities. She also reminds us how important it is that we trust our own knowing and not listen to doubts created by the mind. Shusara shares a personal story of when she first witnessed her unconscious as a projection in the outside world. Shusara then moves to discussing how nothing is separate even here at this level of "reality," even though the mind constantly works to prove that separation is real.


In reference to her most recent blog posting on kumara.center, Shusara takes a serious look at how we can lend our support for change on the planet. In this very candid, no-nonsense talk, she encourages us to look closely and see if our actions and choices are in alignment with where we desire to go collectively. It is important to recognize the challenge of birthing a new paradigm from within the old, as we have to use the existing structure in order to create something new and different. This session will leave you with lots to contemplate about your place within the harbingers of change on Earth.


We are in the midst of another large shifting of energy, and Shusara begins the session speaking about what that means for all of us. Tonight's session features dialogue between Meghan and Shusara concerning Meghan's work and how she experiences anxiety and panic, alongside excitement about her job. The dialogue leads to a moment of clarity for Meghan and this is an excellent opportunity for others to experience the shifting of consciousness which takes place through this work. Linda shares her own aha! moment which was crystalized as she listened to Meghan's story. Shusara takes these stories and expands on them, bringing the listener deeper and deeper into the matrix of patterned consciousness.


Tonight's session centered around two of Shusara's recent blog posts on www.kumara.center, "The Risk of Spiritual Sunburn" and "Easy is Not an Option." PielleAyan asked about the apparent contradiction between the messages of each. In one, the message was a warning to take your spiritual work slowly, not pushing for more than what's needed, and in the other, Shusara made it clear that you must forge ahead willingly in your work and not be complacent. Despite apparent contradictions, both messages actually are in alignment and Shusara brings the various understandings together in this hour. She also referenced a mantra that she has asked KCSA's Core Council members to focus on, and has now asked you.


Shusara spends time tonight in reference to a channeling by Kryon (link here).  The reality of "history energy" is changing and those who do dissolution work are facilitating that change. It is of the utmost importance that seekers recognize that everything is God...even within polarization. It's all a matter of degrees, not black and white. Shusara also addresses how students of the work bring their understandings into their lives. Them just living their lives from deeper understandings IS their spiritual path and they can be of service to the collective regardless of what they"do" in the world. The tests of mastery come for students as they learn to walk consciously in this polarized world, and remain conscious, simultaneously, of their higher aspects.

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