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Satsang Archives

Shusara guides listeners, from her own experiential understandings, through the process of slowing down the mind and dissolving the patterns and belief systems that create the "reality" we experience. The programs are different every week, but always equally powerful. These are archives of our show at BBS Internet Radio. Tune in for free each week Thursday 9pm ET.

In tonight's session, Shusara attempts to give helpful examples of how to navigate through deeper spiritual work within the context of your own life stories. You have the opportunity every day to deepen your understandings as you apply them in your life, but the desire has to be stronger than any fear you hold. In truth, there is no stasis in the universe. You are either moving forward on your path, or backwards. You are capable of living a conscious spiritual life and the extent to which that unfolds begins and ends with you and you alone.


In tonight's session, Shusara stresses that the spiritual goal of the seeker, aka ascension, is very real and she encourages everyone to loosen their grip on how they hold their material reality in relation to the seemingly "unreal" world outside duality consciousness.  Heaven does exist, but as a state of consciousness and not a location. It is right here and right now and one's perception is what dictates their experience of it, or lack thereof. In truth, you have never left, or stepped outside of, that which you are...God. Shusara uses different examples to point to a new way of seeing what is actually going on here.


Tonight Shusara encourages listeners to hang in there with their personal challenges and shares that she feels a "shifting and lifting" is on the way. The respite can be enjoyed, but know that you will need to jump back into deeper work when life's challenges ramp up again. Effort and challenge are inherent parts of the world of duality, and to be in resistance to either is futile. Therefore, embrace the spiritual warrior within and dive head-on into the work of seeing through the identification with the personal self.


In tonight's session, Shusara focuses on the teaching of "let it go" or "let it be."  This teaching is valid on multiple levels and is a necessary step on the journey home. It can be utilized in a very practical manner in your daily life, making this session excellent for all levels of seeker. You'll want to listen to this show more than once!


Tonight's session centers around polarization. Beginning with the common issue of spiritual seekers polarizing over food, Shusara speaks very bluntly about how all levels of truth have their place, but not all remain true when viewed from multiple vantage points. The seeker who strives to be vegetarian because his guru requires it, will at some point have to let go of the belief in vegetarianism as being "better" than the practice of eating meat. This belief, which is polarized, will hold the seeker in his identification. Shusara continues to address different scenarios of intense polarization and asks her listeners to look closely where they have become trapped in the polarization of their own stories.


The topic of tonight's session is surrender. Many people at this time are having to look at their choices and where those choices are made from. The true seeker takes every opportunity to question internal motivations, looking for the agendas based on unmet needs and desires of the ego. It is time to go deep into self-inquiry to recognize where you continue to function from action/reaction and to consciously make new choices based on greater sight.


Human communication is the topic of tonight's session. Unlike the experience of being fully present outside of the personal self, the human ego has an agenda behind its communication with others. This type of communication can be very detrimental. Shusara illustrates this with specific examples and urges listeners to begin paying close attention to how they communicate with others.


Shusara addresses the challenges people are experiencing in tonight's session. Many are being called to walk through very difficult circumstances at this time and it is important to remember that you wouldn't have the challenge without also having the capacity to walk successfully through it.  While it remains necessary to journey through these situations from the level of the personal self, it also requires you to not lose sight of the bigger picture of who and what you truly are: beginningless, endless, formless, single, being, knowledge, bliss.


Tonight's session revolves predominately around the concept of the "doer." Meghan shares her recent experience of functioning outside of the doer and Shusara engages with her to help bring Meghan, and our listeners, into deeper understandings. Using Meghan's fears around vulnerability and embarrassment, Shusara illustrates the attachment the personal self has to being seen a certain way and how, ultimately, you have no control over how others perceive you, regardless of how hard you try. In Truth, there is nothing to take personally actually going on here.


Shusara started off tonight's session by clarifying how the personal self uses projection as a reinforcement for its stories. It is imperative that seekers become aware of how they utilize projection, and to make a conscious effort to stop doing it. Shusara also addresses how to function when someone is projecting onto you and shares examples of how to deal with these situations.

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