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Satsang Archives

Shusara guides listeners, from her own experiential understandings, through the process of slowing down the mind and dissolving the patterns and belief systems that create the "reality" we experience. The programs are different every week, but always equally powerful. These are archives of our show at BBS Internet Radio. Tune in for free each week Thursday 9pm ET.

Tonight during satsang PielleAyan asked Shusara to talk about the Christmas season in regards to the energies present and how seekers can best utilize them. After explaining, Shusara took a question from Meghan concerning how she is stuck at a point in her work. Shusara walked Meghan through the process of looking deeper into the initial issue she is dealing with and brought her to the doorstep of her underlying pain.


Tonight during satsang, Shusara addresses the need for seekers to get to a point where they move beyond psychological work, since the greater lesson is to see through what comprises the world, rather than attempt to change it. The greatest expansion in your consciousness comes not through study, but through taking the understandings you've been given and consistently doing your very best to walk them out in your daily life. Your life will bring you everything you need in order to go beyond; you just have to be willing and determined to show up in your own life.


Tonight's session began with Meghan relaying a recent experience to Shusara which was there to show her the relationship between expectation and suffering. After walking Meghan through her story, Mira asked about how to deal with an issue involving an ego battle between child and caregiver.  Shusara uses Mira's question to illustrate how to apply deeper understandings in your daily life and in relationships with others.


Justin began tonight's session by asking Shusara about what personal development teachers call the "authentic self." In addressing this concept, Shusara went on to talk about denial and its role in pain avoidance, giving the listeners an example of how to confront and move through denial by asking deeper questions and being honest and courageous enough to answer them.


Manipulation and humility are the main topics of tonight's session. The ego is compelled to function out of domination, manipulation and control, and it utilizes all sorts of subtle tactics to press its agenda in all areas of life. This continues in the walk of the seeker along the spiritual path. Without a foundation of humility, the seeker will not have the strength to resist the personal agendas and do the necessary work to see through them.


Taking a cue from the race riots in Charlotte, Shusara focuses tonight's session on the following key teaching: "We are not here to change anything. We are here to see through it." It is imperative that seekers of higher awareness hold themselves accountable for living from the level of understandings that they have been given. Seekers need to view these types of situations from a broader lens which recognizes that the stories are part of the program, and simultaneously hold compassion for those who are trapped in the stories. Do what you can, by using your discernment, to assist those who will receive your help, but do not attach yourself to the outcome.


In tonight's session, Justin and Shusara discuss the primary attachment of the ego. Justin presents the concept of surrendering to the present moment and Shusara shows him the inaccuracy of that statement and its corresponding beliefs. Shusara addresses again how the mind creates linear time and uses that to illustrate how the ego can never actually be in the present moment.


Tonight's session began with a student, Justin, commenting on the power of The Kumara Center's work from his vantage point of a serious spiritual seeker. Shusara adds to Justin's commentary by pointing out the missing piece from other paths that we present to the seeker. One must begin to stop running from their pain and view it as a means to greater liberation. It is of the utmost importance to be balanced in life. You are here to live life fully, embracing all experience as a necessary part of the path home. Finding laughter and fun in life is just as important as seeking out serious spiritual work. Remember that your life IS your spiritual path.


Shusara begins tonight's session with looking at how, even in a world where "bad" things happen, the gift...the love...is always present. The circumstances and stories that bring pain hold the greatest value for the seeker, because the key to unlocking the pain exists within the pain, itself. And the pain which exists in the story is held in place by the beliefs which underlie it. Beliefs are learned and there is innocence underneath them. It is compassion which allows us to see beyond a person's actions, justified by their beliefs, to the innocence beneath the patterning.


Shusara began the session by addressing the concept of the world being real, yet not real. Consciousness, locked into identification with the concept of the personal self, is enslaved by it. At this level of consciousness, the outer world is its reality. However, to unidentified consciousness, the world is an unreal projection of the identified collective lower mind. Shusara also speaks about the innocence within the identification and how everyone...as personality...is just a reflection of the imprinting placed upon them. Unidentified consciousness moves through the world, unattached to concept, and compassionate toward what remains polarized.

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