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Pujanda Lakhisanda


I have held a wide variety of jobs in this life, predominately in the customer service world.  I still don’t know “what I want to be when I grow up.” Currently, I work for a large financial institution handling the monetary needs of middle market companies.  In the little spare time I can find, I enjoy relaxing with friends and family, traveling, having deep conversations with anyone who is willing, and doing anything creative.

My Story

I am a lifelong seeker of truth, even before I could understand what that meant. As a child, I had certain knowings that were very odd to even me. Knowing that I am here to do something important, knowing that I’ve been here for countless lifetimes, knowing that this life was when I was going to fulfill my purpose and do what I came here to do. Pretty intense stuff for an eight year old. In the beginning, my quest was to fill in the obvious blanks. If I came here to do something important, what should I be doing and where did I come from? 

Like many before me, I sought answers in the Church. While I found some truth I also found a great deal of exception. The idea of I’m right and you’re wrong did not settle well with me. I thought, for God to be all knowing and filled with so much love, how is there so much condemnation and judgement? So I moved on in my journey.

As a teenager, my father introduced me to The Celestine Prophecy. With each insight, I felt great shifts within me. It was my spiritual book of choice for some time. I referred to it when I felt lost or in need of recentering. It was very effective for a few years but then it, too, fell short of something. So my journey continued. 

Then, I was sort of on my own for a while. I didn’t have a physical guide or a specific spiritual teaching I was following. I dabbled with The Secret and while I found truth there, I still felt like there was more. Like The Secret was a stepping stone and not the end game. I meditated and tried to “find myself.” I felt like I didn’t belong in this world and I was always trying to make myself fit. I decided to just do the next right thing and see where that led me. Of course, that led me exactly where I needed to be. 

I met Shusara in 2007 at a local Meetup. She helped me in many ways in our short time together and I always considered her one of my guides even though we lost touch after a while. We would touch base here and there but it was nothing regular.  I recall her telling me during one of our catch up emails, “I can show you a great deal when you are ready.” I wasn’t ready… for a while... laughing.

One evening in January 2015, I was in meditation setting my intentions for the New Year when Shusara came into my awareness. I thought, I need to reach out to her and see what it is she can show me. She won’t know I’m ready unless I tell her. I went to bed that night resolved to reconnect with her the next day. I woke up to a message from her inviting me to an event 2 miles away from my house. Wow! Talk about synchronicity! So I went to the event. Then I attended my first Satsang. The rest, as they say, is history. I’ve been a student of Shusaraji and The Kumara Center ever since. I can honestly say that I am not the same person I was when I first came to the Center. I am so thankful for the transformation I have made and continue to make every day. I am unceasingly shocked, shifting, and in awe of the Work. It truly is “the point of the arrow.”