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Shusara guides listeners, from her own experiential understandings, through the process of slowing down the mind and dissolving the patterns and belief systems that create the “reality” we experience. The programs are different every week, but always equally powerful. These are archives of our show at BBS Internet Radio.


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Satsang 12-15-16
Tonight during satsang PielleAyan asked Shusara to talk about the Christmas season in regards to the energies present and how seekers can best utilize them. After explaining, Shusara took a question from Meghan concerning how she is stuck at a point in her work. Shusara walked Meghan through the process of looking deeper into the initial issue she is dealing with and brought her to the doorstep of her underlying pain.
Satsang 11-17-16
Tonight during satsang, Shusara addresses the need for seekers to get to a point where they move beyond psychological work, since the greater lesson is to see through what comprises the world, rather than attempt to change it. The greatest expansion in your consciousness comes not through study, but through taking the understandings you've been given and consistently doing your very best to walk them out in your daily life. Your life will bring you everything you need in order to go beyond; you just have to be willing and determined to show up in your own life.
Satsang 11-03-16
Tonight's session began with Meghan relaying a recent experience to Shusara which was there to show her the relationship between expectation and suffering. After walking Meghan through her story, Mira asked about how to deal with an issue involving an ego battle between child and caregiver. Shusara uses Mira's question to illustrate how to apply deeper understandings in your daily life and in relationships with others.
Satsang 10-13-16
Justin began tonight's session by asking Shusara about what personal development teachers call the "authentic self." In addressing this concept, Shusara went on to talk about denial and its role in pain avoidance, giving the listeners an example of how to confront and move through denial by asking deeper questions and being honest and courageous enough to answer them.
Satsang 09-29-16
Manipulation and humility are the main topics of tonight's session. The ego is compelled to function out of domination, manipulation and control, and it utilizes all sorts of subtle tactics to press its agenda in all areas of life. This continues in the walk of the seeker along the spiritual path. Without a foundation of humility, the seeker will not have the strength to resist the personal agendas and do the necessary work to see through them.
Satsang 09-22-16
Taking a cue from the race riots in Charlotte, Shusara focuses tonight's session on the following key teaching: "We are not here to change anything. We are here to see through it." It is imperative that seekers of higher awareness hold themselves accountable for living from the level of understandings that they have been given. Seekers need to view these types of situations from a broader lens which recognizes that the stories are part of the program, and simultaneously hold compassion for those who are trapped in the stories. Do what you can, by using your discernment, to assist those who will receive your help, but do not attach yourself to the outcome.
Satsang 09-15-16
In tonight's session, Justin and Shusara discuss the primary attachment of the ego. Justin presents the concept of surrendering to the present moment and Shusara shows him the inaccuracy of that statement and its corresponding beliefs. Shusara addresses again how the mind creates linear time and uses that to illustrate how the ego can never actually be in the present moment.
Satsang 09-01-16
Tonight's session began with a student, Justin, commenting on the power of The Kumara Center's work from his vantage point of a serious spiritual seeker. Shusara adds to Justin's commentary by pointing out the missing piece from other paths that we present to the seeker. One must begin to stop running from their pain and view it as a means to greater liberation. It is of the utmost importance to be balanced in life. You are here to live life fully, embracing all experience as a necessary part of the path home. Finding laughter and fun in life is just as important as seeking out serious spiritual work. Remember that your life IS your spiritual path.
Satsang 08-25-16
Shusara begins tonight's session with looking at how, even in a world where "bad" things happen, the gift...the always present. The circumstances and stories that bring pain hold the greatest value for the seeker, because the key to unlocking the pain exists within the pain, itself. And the pain which exists in the story is held in place by the beliefs which underlie it. Beliefs are learned and there is innocence underneath them. It is compassion which allows us to see beyond a person's actions, justified by their beliefs, to the innocence beneath the patterning.
Satsang 07-14-16
Shusara began the session by addressing the concept of the world being real, yet not real. Consciousness, locked into identification with the concept of the personal self, is enslaved by it. At this level of consciousness, the outer world is its reality. However, to unidentified consciousness, the world is an unreal projection of the identified collective lower mind. Shusara also speaks about the innocence within the identification and how just a reflection of the imprinting placed upon them. Unidentified consciousness moves through the world, unattached to concept, and compassionate toward what remains polarized.
Satsang 03-10-16
In tonight's session, Shusara attempts to give helpful examples of how to navigate through deeper spiritual work within the context of your own life stories. You have the opportunity every day to deepen your understandings as you apply them in your life, but the desire has to be stronger than any fear you hold. In truth, there is no stasis in the universe. You are either moving forward on your path, or backwards. You are capable of living a conscious spiritual life and the extent to which that unfolds begins and ends with you and you alone.
Satsang 02-11-16
In tonight's session, Shusara stresses that the spiritual goal of the seeker, aka ascension, is very real and she encourages everyone to loosen their grip on how they hold their material reality in relation to the seemingly "unreal" world outside duality consciousness. Heaven does exist, but as a state of consciousness and not a location. It is right here and right now and one's perception is what dictates their experience of it, or lack thereof. In truth, you have never left, or stepped outside of, that which you are...God. Shusara uses different examples to point to a new way of seeing what is actually going on here.
Satsang 02-04-16
Tonight Shusara encourages listeners to hang in there with their personal challenges and shares that she feels a "shifting and lifting" is on the way. The respite can be enjoyed, but know that you will need to jump back into deeper work when life's challenges ramp up again. Effort and challenge are inherent parts of the world of duality, and to be in resistance to either is futile. Therefore, embrace the spiritual warrior within and dive head-on into the work of seeing through the identification with the personal self.
Satsang 01-28-16
In tonight's session, Shusara focuses on the teaching of "let it go" or "let it be." This teaching is valid on multiple levels and is a necessary step on the journey home. It can be utilized in a very practical manner in your daily life, making this session excellent for all levels of seeker. You'll want to listen to this show more than once!
Satsang 01-21-16
Tonight's session centers around polarization. Beginning with the common issue of spiritual seekers polarizing over food, Shusara speaks very bluntly about how all levels of truth have their place, but not all remain true when viewed from multiple vantage points. The seeker who strives to be vegetarian because his guru requires it, will at some point have to let go of the belief in vegetarianism as being "better" than the practice of eating meat. This belief, which is polarized, will hold the seeker in his identification. Shusara continues to address different scenarios of intense polarization and asks her listeners to look closely where they have become trapped in the polarization of their own stories.
Satsang 12-17-15
The topic of tonight's session is surrender. Many people at this time are having to look at their choices and where those choices are made from. The true seeker takes every opportunity to question internal motivations, looking for the agendas based on unmet needs and desires of the ego. It is time to go deep into self-inquiry to recognize where you continue to function from action/reaction and to consciously make new choices based on greater sight.
Satsang 12-10-15
Human communication is the topic of tonight's session. Unlike the experience of being fully present outside of the personal self, the human ego has an agenda behind its communication with others. This type of communication can be very detrimental. Shusara illustrates this with specific examples and urges listeners to begin paying close attention to how they communicate with others.
Satsang 12-03-15
Shusara addresses the challenges people are experiencing in tonight's session. Many are being called to walk through very difficult circumstances at this time and it is important to remember that you wouldn't have the challenge without also having the capacity to walk successfully through it. While it remains necessary to journey through these situations from the level of the personal self, it also requires you to not lose sight of the bigger picture of who and what you truly are: beginningless, endless, formless, single, being, knowledge, bliss.
Satsang 11-12-15
Tonight's session revolves predominately around the concept of the "doer." Meghan shares her recent experience of functioning outside of the doer and Shusara engages with her to help bring Meghan, and our listeners, into deeper understandings. Using Meghan's fears around vulnerability and embarrassment, Shusara illustrates the attachment the personal self has to being seen a certain way and how, ultimately, you have no control over how others perceive you, regardless of how hard you try. In Truth, there is nothing to take personally actually going on here.
Satsang 11-05-15
Shusara started off tonight's session by clarifying how the personal self uses projection as a reinforcement for its stories. It is imperative that seekers become aware of how they utilize projection, and to make a conscious effort to stop doing it. Shusara also addresses how to function when someone is projecting onto you and shares examples of how to deal with these situations.
Satsang 09-24-15
In tonight's session, Shusara walks seekers through the heart-constricting, and ego-reinforcing state of mind of defiance. She gives us an understanding of how need, desire, attachment and resistance all work together in holding the personal self in place. Personal questions posed by members of The Kumara Center are also utilized as a means of pointing to what continues to hold everything in place.
Satsang 09-17-15
Tonight, Shusara addresses, in depth, the teaching of the Winning Position. From its initial imprinting, through its long-term impact on the individual, the Winning Position plays a large role in how humans react to triggers. This is an excellent session for anyone hungry for deeper understandings about the program we call human consciousness.
Satsang 09-10-15
Tonight, Shusara talks in depth about love and focuses specifically on how human love is predicated on behavior. While the primary focus of our work is the dissolution of the personal self, that equates, in worldly understanding, to guiding people to live from their hearts. We look at why the personal self has such a difficult time wrapping itself around all the paradox within the teachings and Shusara assures us that at a point in the journey all the contradictions make perfect sense.
Satsang 09-03-15
Shusara begins tonight's session with a call for everyone to listen and pay attention to the statements that you are beginningless, endless and divine. The world works to prove otherwise, but it is important to continue to feed this understanding into your consciousness. The adversity that we experience in the world is truly a gift of the divine, and Shusara equates every experience as God presenting you with a return ticket home; a ticket that few want or will accept. It is your job as seeker to allow yourself to be present with each challenging situation and to use it as a vehicle for higher experiential understanding.
Satsang 08-27-15
Tonight's session began with an analogy between the relationship of light/dark and non-polarized/polarized consciousness. Shusara illustrated the impact that resistance has on the Light, creating "shadows" that are taken to be real by the personal self and, as a result, occluding the Light from them. She also likened human consciousness to a buoy at sea being tossed about during a storm. The work of a spiritual seeker is serious and challenging, just like everything you strive to attain in life. Shusara uses examples of life's challenges to show how spiritual work needs to be just Are you ready to get to work?
Satsang 08-20-15
Shusara guides us through a type of visual meditation during this session in order to illustrate how the ego's perspective is limited and how reactive mind functions. She also focuses on the illusion of both cause/effect and time/space. This session is all about the ego and will be very informative for seekers from all levels of understanding.
Satsang 08-06-15
In an effort to reach all listeners with a universal message, Shusara focused tonight's session on what all seekers can do every day in order to continue forward momenum on their spiritual paths. The first understanding she gave concerned paying attention to the things that cause constriction around the heart and working to drop whatever fear, desire, or belief that holds that constriction in place. Secondly, she talked about beginning to function from your own set of values, versus judging yourself based on society's value system. It serves no purpose to judge yourself based on a system you don't even believe in. Lastly, Shusara taught about the challenge of living from a clear space and the damages that result from actions such as third party communication. This is a great session for those new to this work.
Satsang 07-30-15
Tonight's show focuses on the necessity of the seeker to confront all his fears, needs and desires in order to advance on the spiritual path. Let Shusara be your drill sargeant tonight as she pushes you to do your work. It's the toughest job you'll ever love!
Satsang 07-09-15
After a brief guided meditation centered around awareness and the present moment, Shusara spoke about passive spirituality. In this very blunt and direct transmission, Shusara challenged everyone to stop running from their fears, and to show up to do serious dissolution work at this time. No excuses, no denial, and no more hiding. The time has come. Stand up and get started.
Satsang 06-11-15
Shusara addresses all seekers in this session to determine their level of commitment to their spiritual work. Are we a seeker, or a true devotee of God? How far are we willing to go in our quest for enlightenment? Shusara points out how important it is for us to ask the tough questions and be honest with our answers, utilizing self-inquiry to root out our deep attachments and fears. The work will push you to your limits, but the end result is liberation from limitation.
Shusara leads us on a guided meditation for the duration of satsang tonight. Allow the words to flow through you and take this meditation into your daily life.
Satsang 05-28-15
During tonight's session, Shusara came back to some of the key understandings to dissolution work. The repetition of theseTruths is vitally important, because the mind's capacity to understand them changes during the course of dissolution work. These understandings are not meant to be memorized, so much as integrated and actualized. Truths such as the superimposition of the unreal upon the real, you aren't here to change anything, you're here to see through it, and the three steps to living in the world were all presented and discussed at length.
Satsang 05-21-15
There are levels of the psyche that need to be stabilized in order for deeper dissolution work to occur. Tonight, Shusara spoke about how the victim story needs to havea "healthy" balance in one's life before a person will be ready for deeper work. How a person views his own story before dissolution work can be used as an early indicator of how capable he will be at breaking down that story. It is imperative that we all pull back and see ourselves (the personality) as very innocent. The program was placed on you, and choices and actions were dictated by the program and the filters of perception that are locked in place. From outside of the story, you can see the innocence in all of it and must begin to see yourself as that innocent One. In Truth, youremain perfect and whole, regardless of outside appearances and experiences. Dissolution work requires that you not only confront the unconscious mind and all it's trappings, but that you simultaneously retain your understanding that you aren't your personality. This aspect of the spiritual path is paradoxical, but true.
Satsang 05-07-15
Communication was the topic of tonight's session. Whilethe subject matterseems simple enough, the human mind is addicted to self-serving communication and it has to be seen clearly through inner work. Shusara used several examples to illustrate why miscommunication occurs and why it is so prevalent. One of the key teachings, the superimposition of the unreal upon the real, was explained during this session. Don't underestimate the power of this program. The practical knowledge and ensuing application of these teachings is priceless.
Satsang 04-30-15
Tonight's session began with an explanation of how the energy of identification wraps around the heart and constricts it. Shusara encourages everyone to explore this energy in their bodies and look for how subtle it can be. PielleAyan then posed a question about who we are as awareness itself, which lead into a discussion about the personal self, the objective observer and what witnesses both. Then Tim shared his experience with seeing how the lessons get brought to you in the outside world when you don't address them from within.
Satsang 04-23-15
Tonight's session revolved around attachment and how all attachments need to be released on the spiritual path. PielleAyan shared a personal story of how she had been locked in her concept of service and belief in her level of readiness to step up her service. It took having things "taken away" from her in her world for her to begin to see what was really at play. Shusara also spoke about how people get addicted to feeling good and their attachments to those things keep them stuck and can be difficult to see because the mind hides them. Resistance can be easier to see. If you find the resistance, you can use that to show you the opposing attachment. Looking at attachments is very challenging for the personal self. Keep looking...don't give up.
Satsang 04-16-15
Tonight's session centered around concepts: how this polarized reality manifested out of one, how the personal self was bornwithin one and how the eternal exists outside any form of one. You'll want to listen to this session multiple times, as it is multi-layered in the understandings it brings forward.
Satsang 04-09-15
Tonight's session centered around a reminder of some of the KCSA teachings and an explanation by Shusara of how to walk those teachings out into the world. Also, one of our listeners called in to ask a question about how energy becomes disqualified and its relation to the chakras. Shusara encouraged everyone to take the teachings that she gives on air and begin applying them in their lives. It's all about the application.
Satsang 04-02-15
In this pre-Easter session, Shusara talks about the message of Jesus and the promise of the resurrection. It is necessary to own your divinity and to move that Knowing into the world of form. The physical world seems to be in opposition to your nature and the collective ego will attempt to convince you that you are not what you are. You must hold tightly to your Knowing despite outside appearances and influences. And you must remember that there is no limitation outside of separation.
Satsang 03-19-15
"The Path Less Traveled"

Like Robert Frost's poem, the spiritual seeker must determine the path they willfollow. An important question to contemplate is why you are doing the spiritual work you have chosen. What do you desire to gain from it? Are you willing to commit to the work involved in your chosen path? The path of dissolution work is certainly the one less traveled, but as in the poem, it makes "all the difference." Listen closely to this session as Shusara discusses deep and mind-bending truths about who you are and the reality you experience.

Satsang 02-05-15
Tonight's session began with Shusara speaking briefly about the Rays of Light and the impact it has on humanity when you balance thechakras and emanate pure, divine Light. Then, Tim posed a question concerning expressing anger and fears around the expression being "bad." This led into a conversation about the mind's projected fears which keep it from looking deeper and confronting its pain. Shusara showed how our fears are unfounded and illustrated this with examples. Tim shared more about his own recent experiences related to this topic.
Satsang 01-22-15
The topic for tonight's session was wisdom and knowledge. Shusara addressed the difference between the two and spokeabout how our life experiences are brought to us as a means to help us moveinto greater wisdom. She also made a point of cautioning us not to view challenges in life as "negative" experiences, as each one of them is a gift and an opportunity for our advancement. As seekers, it is imperative thatwe "get real" with ourselves and how we deal with the situations in our lives. We are here to shed the filters over our perception and begin to see the world as it really is.
Satsang 01-08-15
2015 will be a year of transformation and greater challenges for everyone. Shusara encourages everyone to consciously and willingly do their inner work now so that they won't have to live their work out in the physical. Any repressed or denied anger, guilt, shame, pain, etc.. must be addressed at this time, or you won't be able to move forward in your work. It's time to walk through all the deep, negative states of mind from within your personal story. You will come out the other side with greater experiential understandings anddeeper wisdom.
Satsang 12-18-14
Shusara takes a look at the year ahead during tonight's session. 2015 will be a year of big shifting for the individual and the collective.Shusara's overriding messagetonight revolved around how things could play out and what you can do in your own life to lesson or neutralize any difficult experiences in the next 12 months.
Satsang 12-11-14
Shusara opens this session with a discussion about how the physical body needs to adjust to the ascension energies. Then she spends time talking about things we are experiencing as this "reality" is dissolving. Referring to a recent Facebook posting, Shusara addresses resistance and how it functions as an indicator of truth that you have denied or repressed. Then she uses this to illustrate how the inner and outer worlds are the same and why we experience what we do in the manifested world. She also talks about the paradox of how we are all things, as this world is our holographic projection, yet simultaneously we are nothing. Neti, neti...not this, not this.
Satsang 12-04-14
Tonight's session began with questions from PielleAyan concerning responsibility and obligation. In her response Shusara reminds us that each one of us is a unique blending of the Rays of Light and the Rays we are strongest in often show up in our natural abilities an propensities. She also reminds us how important it is that we trust our own knowing and not listen to doubts created by the mind. Shusara shares a personal story of when she first witnessed her unconscious as a projection in the outside world. Shusara then moves to discussing how nothing is separate even here at this level of "reality," even though the mind constantly works to prove that separation is real.
Satsang 11-20-14
In reference to her most recent blog posting on, Shusara takes a serious look at how we can lend our support for change on the planet. In this very candid, no-nonsense talk, she encourages us to look closely and see if our actions and choices are in alignment with where we desire to go collectively. It is important to recognize the challenge of birthing a new paradigm from within the old, as we have to use the existing structure in order to create something new and different. This session will leave you with lots to contemplate about your place within the harbingers of change on Earth.
Satsang 10-23-14
We are in the midst of another large shifting of energy, and Shusara begins the session speaking about what that means for all of us. Tonight's session features dialogue between Meghan and Shusara concerning Meghan's work and how she experiences anxiety and panic, alongside excitement about her job. The dialogue leads to a moment of clarity for Meghan and this is an excellent opportunity for others to experience the shifting of consciousness which takes place through this work. Linda shares her own aha! moment which was crystalized as she listened to Meghan's story. Shusara takes these stories and expands on them, bringing the listener deeper and deeper into the matrix of patterned consciousness.
Satsang 10-09-14
Tonight's session centered around two of Shusara's recent blog posts on, "The Risk of Spiritual Sunburn" and "Easy is Not an Option." PielleAyan asked about the apparent contradiction between the messages of each. In one, the message was a warning to take your spiritual work slowly, not pushing for more than what's needed,and in the other, Shusara made it clear that you must forge ahead willingly in your work and not be complacent. Despite apparent contradictions, both messages actually are in alignment and Shusara brings the various understandings together in this hour. She also referenced a mantra that she has asked KCSA's Core Council members to focus on, and has now asked you.
Satsang 09-11-14
Shusara spends time tonight in reference to a channeling by Kryon (link here). The reality of "history energy" is changing and those who do dissolution work are facilitating that change. It is of the utmost importance that seekers recognize that everything is God...even within polarization. It's all a matter of degrees, not black and white. Shusara also addresses how students of the work bring their understandings into their lives. Them just living their lives from deeper understandings IS their spiritual path and they can be of service to the collective regardless of what they"do" in the world. The tests of mastery come for students as they learn to walk consciously in this polarized world, and remain conscious, simultaneously, of their higher aspects.
Satsang 09-04-14
The title for tonight's session is "The Complicity in Complacency." Shusara speaks directly to advanced seekers about how they are held accountable for their choices and actions after coming into deeper spiritual understandings. This is not meant as punishment, but as a vital step in their path toward increasing mastery. PielleAyan shares her own recent experience in this and Shusara adds another example to illustrate how the universe will rearrange itself based on where you are functioning from.
Satsang 08-07-14
Tonight's session began with focusingon the difference between mental belief/understanding and experiential Knowing. The importance of clarity in one's speech and in one's understanding was addressed by Shusara and PielleAyan added a personal example of how you can't be in the present moment when an internal story is running. The lower mind is so adept at manipulating situations to serve its own agenda, that it is very common to see seekers who use their spiritual understandings as their justifier for swinging out of the negative states of mind. They do this thinking that their understanding is enough to allow them to rise above the emotional pain that they still have stored within them. PielleAyan shared her personal story of walking through this situation and recognizing the need to go into the pain all the way in order to ultimately see through it. Remember that your energy never lies even though your words often do.
Satsang 07-31-14
After a brief discussion about the current changes in energy, tonight's session continued with Shusara retelling the story of the silent sage and then expounding on its meaning. Shusara shared personal stories tonight about mind using Truth as something to identify with and also about the illusion of death. Her stories point to deeper experiences all will have along their journey home.
Satsang 07-17-14
Tonight's session begins with a brief discussion about the current energies and how we are witnessing the dissolution in our personal lives, within the collective, and in the Earth, as well. PielleAyan asks for clarification on the comment from last week's session that without thought there is no lower mind. Shusara talks about the sliding scale of mind, from lower to higher, and how we move along that scale all the time without realizing it. We look specifically at the Christ and how it moves in the world. At the end, Shusara shares a poignant story about the state of enlightenment.
Satsang 07-10-14
Shusara begins this session with addressing the need of the seeker to walk their spiritual talk. Too many seekers have conceptual understandings but do not strive to live them in their daily lives. You are here at this time to move into greater and greater levels of mastery and this can only be demonstrated by how you live in the world. Do you live from a reactive place, or can you be objective in your own life and make choices from a clear place outside of the story of "you?" A question was brought forth concerning how to navigate when you recognize that you've fallen short in your walk and Shusara addresses this from multiple angles. Some time was also spent looking at the experience of the observer's perception and how the observer's reality is determined by the state of consciousness observing it. Shusara ends the program by praising us for the progress we continue to make and encouraging us to keep moving forward.
Satsang 07-03-14
Shusara begins this session by discussing the importance of having the seeker ask that his/her objective observer come into being. The session focuses on the role of the observer and its paramount importance to dissolution work. The trials and tribulations of the personal self are not experienced by the observer. Moving deeper into the objective observer allows the seeker to witness and dissect the patterning of the personal self without any attachment to its story.
Satsang 06-26-14
Tonight's session began with the patterning example of a person who believes that whatever they say, it won't be good enough. Shusara expanded on where that comes from and KCSA's Meghan told her story of how this pattern just showed up in her life at work. Shusara took the opportunity to challenge Meghan on what she continues to believe about the story. Then, Shusara read a quote from Byron Katie and the group discussed the different levels of truth present within the statement. Listen carefully...there's alot to it! More discussion revolving around the "doer" took place and Shusara issued a challenge to those listening.
Satsang 06-19-14
Tonight's session came back to the topic of choice. Shusara spent time focusing on how just seeing the trigger and the patterning is not enough to dissolve it. It is imperative at this time that people take responsibility for their daily choices. The time has come to stop functioning from reactive mind and move into choices made from the objective space of the Christ. Reaction never leads to right action. Several examples were given to further illustrate tonight's topic.
Satsang 06-12-14
PielleAyan starts this session out by speaking about the importance of Shusara's work and how it should be seen as a gift to all of us. Shusara expands on PielleAyan's comments by speaking further about the work that she does as a guide and how it differs from that of other teachers. The rest of the session revolves around the importance of the choices made every moment in one's life. You live today in your past and the choices you make today will determine your future reality. Discernment and vigilance is key!
Satsang 06-05-14
In tonight's session, PielleAyan began the discussion with her experience around vulnerability and how she recognized that she wasn't being vulnerable with herself, much less anybody else. Meghan shared her experience of being stuck on the processing hamster wheel and Shusara addressed how this can be a trap in the work. The focus of the rest of the session revolved around the need for seekers to begin standing above the karma drama of the lower mind and to function with an open heart from right action.
Satsang 05-29-14
During this powerful session, Shusara spends some time explaining the spiritual protection she uses and its benefits for the seeker. The rest of the session is focused on addiction. Shusara explains the relationship between identification and resulting addiction to states of mind and shows how that dynamic is translated into the body through the brain. It is time to get real about what you're addicted to. A homework assignment was given concerning your attibutes and how/if you experience them in the outside world. Further dialogue concerning non-attachment and right action followed.
Satsang 05-22-14
In tonight's session, Shusara addresses the struggles that seekers are experiencing during these times and explains the significance of why this is happening now. The main topic of the session concerns looking at where you're making your choices from, as it determines your future experience. The message tonight may not feel good to the listener, but is very necessary for those who seek enlightenment.
Satsang 05-08-14
Shusara begins the session with a Violet Flame guided meditation. The rest of the session focuses on the listener who asked a question concerning her debt and feelings toward money and the banking system. Shusara guides us through ways of observing our own unconsciously held beliefs and how to recognize when we are identified with a role and in resistance to that role's opposite.
Satsang 05-01-14
In tonight's session, Shusara leads a guided meditation focusing on the rays of light and how to requalify the chakras. She speaks further about doing ray work and then discusses the importance of functioning from qualified chakras in the world. Particular attention was placed on the collective disqualified base chakra and the damage it does to all of us. This archive also contains a file which includes directions for doing ray work on your own.
Satsang 04-17-14
In this more conversational session, PielleAyan and Shusara discuss the following topics: the incoming energies of destruction which are assisting in the dissolution of the inner and outer worlds, what imagination really is, how we "tune in" to the collectively held energy matrices, and a lesson in not taking life...your spiritual path...too seriously.
Satsang 04-10-14
Tonight's session began with a guided meditation revolving around the requalification of the chakras. After the meditation, Shusara took some time to explain the difference between an unqualified and a qualified chakra and then provided everyone with each chakra's ray, color, archangel and ascended master. PielleAyan asked a question concerning people's current level of frustration and Shusara responded from multiple vantage points. Shusara shared some of her personal story as a means to demonstrate the importanance of the bond between guide and student.
Satsang 04-03-14
Topics covered in tonight's session include: the timing and perfection of the increase in energetic dissolution on the planet, a timely quote by Rumi, the dissolution of the inner and outer worlds, how Spirit will bring the lesson to you in the physical if you don't look within when prompted, the story of the garden of Eden, the understanding that you are an extension of God, not a spark of God, human love is predicated on behavior, and the time is now to begin your spiritual work in earnest.
Satsang 03-27-14
We begin this session addressing the question of how one can be in the space of love and still take what looks like personal action when needed. Shusara speaks at length about the times we are collectively moving through and the importance of doing deep inner work at this time of restructuring. We finish the session explaining the process we use at The Kumara Center to uncover what constitutes patterned consciousness, which is called Processing.
Satsang 03-20-14
Shusara focuses our attention on the 144,000 who came here in service to humanity because they are now being called to awaken. Are you one of the 144K? If so, connect with us at Shusara also shares techniques to navigate the strong energies that are coming up at this time. Now is the time to commit yourselves to looking deeper into the construct of your personal self. Are you functioning from the inclusivity of the heart, or from the exclusivity of the ego?
Satsang 03-13-14
Tonight's session is all about forgiveness. Beginning with the story of the prodigal son, Shusara speaks about the various levels of forgiveness and how they apply to your inner work. This show will be a mind-bender for many, which is necessary in the beginning stages of dissolution work, as it allows for mind to begin to ease into deeper understandings.

The song for meditation at the end of the program is "Remember" by Omkara.

Satsang 03-06-14
We revisit the teaching of the vow of poverty in this session, looking closely at how the collective needs to function in alignment with its core values. Shusara speaks to the role trust plays in the choices the personal self makes, and shows us the difference in the way the heart functions. She also answers a listener's question about self-love.
Satsang 02-20-14
It's time to take your own personal vow of poverty. Of course, this was meant to get your attention, and Shusara speaks at length during this session about our values and how they relate to society's values. It's time to get honest about the pink elephant in the room!
Satsang 02-06-14
After the intial clearing and guided meditation, Shusara answered two questions from our listeners. We came back to the topic of shame and looked at how the collective is currently experiencing issues around futility, despair and hopelessness. Shusara shared how synchronicity can show you what is moving in the collective and offered a way to view our personal issues from the greater lens of the collective. The session ended with a 5 minute meditation focused on transmuting discordant energies that had come up to be released during the session.
Satsang 01-30-14
The program tonight began with a short, guided meditation. Shusara answered a listener's question about making changes to the personality - is this bad? The rest of the session focused on the state of mind called "shame." In closing, Shusara pointed out the symbolism of the Buddha under the Bodhi Tree to all of us living our lives here.
Satsang 01-23-14
Tonight's show began with revisiting the teaching of the Buddha: "the cup is already broken," or as Shusara would say, "the only thing permanent here is impermanence." Shusara answered the question of how ego is different from mind. We then looked at the need for people to begin objectively observing their own personality and stop playing the victim role. Having a sense of humor and living in kindness were both encouraged and elaborated on.
Satsang 01-16-14
This program began with a brief discussion about the subtle, and not so subtle, physical cues people receive when they have been triggered. We then talked about the value of "self-help" work in this paradigm, pointing out the paradox that exists between how it functions here, as opposed to within non-polarity. Shusara spent some time advising everyone on how spiritual ego wants to negate certain levels of teachings and edify others. It is imperative that we view all things as equal. Lastly, she discussed Buddha's quote "the cup is already broken," relating it to an experience Shusara just had this week.
Satsang 01-09-14
Topics for the session include: staying in one's innocence during these chaotic times, the pitfalls of having expectations toward your meditations, misconceptions about functioning in the world from an enlightened state, and the subtleties of spiritual ego.
Satsang 01-02-14
Tonight's session begins with Shusara revisiting last week's topic of 3rd party communication and answering a listener's question concerning it. She also addresses how little verbal communication is actually necessary in our lives and asks us to become more aware of how we use our words. Then, Shusara reads about Pope Francis and his address following the Third Vatican Council in December, and makes a point of how he is speaking from the level of the Christ to all of us. The rest of the program revolves around how the way we view our reality is completely opposite of what our nature actually is. She uses the example of a magician convincing the audience that the illusion is real as an illustration. Shusara urges us to begin seeing the world with an expectation for what we would think of as the "miraculous," since it is our God-given birthright.
Satsang 12-26-13
Tonight's session is centered around two teachings. In the first, we are given an example of the "superimposition of the unreal upon the real" and Shusara uses the example to illustrate how one's experiences and beliefs will hinder their ability to see Truth as it presents itself. The rest of the show revolves around 3rd party communication and how it is damaging to all involved.
Satsang 12-19-13
In tonight's session, Shusara begins by explaining the dynamics of the spiritual protection she delivers at the beginning of each program. We revisit the roles of victim/savior/perpetrator and look more closely at how the victim moves into the other roles, using an example to illustrate. We also look at the first two states of mind which occur at the moment of identification and encourage the audience to look for them in their own lives. Lastly, we talk about the perfection of each soul and how nothing in this world could ever alter it.
Satsang 12-12-13
Tonight's session began with a guided meditation which can be done at any time by those who wish to be in service to humanity and the planet. We then picked up with the roles of Victim, Perpetrator and Savior, explaining more about how to recognize when the victim is engaged and how to see when the victim attempts to swing out through the savior into the positive states of mind. Also discussed were the lower mind's need for domination, manipulation and control and how they function as the underlying drive for one's actions. The show ends in discussing the key to how to live in the world at this time.
Satsang 12-05-13
Tonight's session began with a brief talk about the current energies and how it is important not to identify with them. PielleAyan asked Shusara to speak to those who feel lost with the information on the programs and Shusara spent some time talking about the impact that the teachings are having on consciousness and how constant repetition is necessary to create an inroad into consciousness. Several questions by listeners were taken and the session wrapped up with the introduction of the victim/perpetrator/savior roles that are taken on by the personal self.
Satsang 11-28-13
Tonight's session begins with the story of the fall of consciousness on Earth and why humanity needs to awaken from the dream of separation. We discussed how the fall began with the identification of consciousness with the concept of "I", how the lower states of mind, physical densification, karma and reincarnation came into being simultaneously and how the program of duality perpetuates itself. We also were presented with the understanding that your thoughts are not your own and that there is only one story being played out in this reality.
Satsang 11-21-13
During this Thanksgiving session, Shusara and PielleAyan discuss gratitude. The program begins with a recap of what consciousness experienced at the time of "the fall" and how the program of duality consciousness was created. We look at how a child takes on patterning, following the "winning position," and how both sides are programmed into the patterning. Shusara recommends a technique to begin the process of moving out of reactive mind by sitting and observing the energy when you have been triggered. The session wraps up with PielleAyan sharing her experience of gratitude and how it has changed since she began this work, and Shusara speaking about how gratitude is conditional within the program, but is a natural part of your Beingness outside of the program. The show ends with The Wailin' Jennys song, "Swing Low, Sail High."
Satsang 11-14-13
Shusara shares the story of remembering her lineage and mission here. The rest of the program is centered around teachings she received early on from her guide, AtonaAreyus, such as:

Your life is your spiritual path; Human love is predicated on behavior; and there is nothing that is not spiritual.

Shusara shares her own experiences of these teachings and points the listeners to begin looking at how they have been functioning in the world, given these new understandings. This is a powerful show for seekers new to the work.

Satsang 11-07-13
In this introductory program, Shusara Akona Kumara shares her personal story of the events that led her to become a spiritual guide. As one of our listeners commented:

"It was like the quintessential Hero-Heroine's journey from darkness to light--to finding genuine purpose and meaning----one in which we could all find those similarities..."

Shusara also begins to address exactly what spiritual dissolution work is. This program is highly recommended for seekers uninitiated into this level of work, as it lays the groundwork where the seeker can connect with the guide and begin to dip their toes into the infinite pool of deeper spiritual understandings.