Pujanda Lakhisanda


I have held a wide variety of jobs in this life, predominately in the customer service world.  I still don’t know “what I want to be when I grow up.” Currently, I work for a large financial institution handling the monetary needs of middle market companies.  In the little spare time I can find, I enjoy relaxing with friends and family, traveling, having deep conversations with anyone who is willing, and doing anything creative.

My Story

I am a lifelong seeker of truth, even before I could understand what that meant. As a child, I had certain knowings that were very odd to even me. Knowing that I am here to do something important, knowing that I’ve been here for countless lifetimes, knowing that this life was when I was going to fulfill my purpose and do what I came here to do. Pretty intense stuff for an eight year old. In the beginning, my quest was to fill in the obvious blanks. If I came here to do something important, what should I be doing and where did I come from? 

Like many before me, I sought answers in the Church. While I found some truth I also found a great deal of exception. The idea of I’m right and you’re wrong did not settle well with me. I thought, for God to be all knowing and filled with so much love, how is there so much condemnation and judgement? So I moved on in my journey.

As a teenager, my father introduced me to The Celestine Prophecy. With each insight, I felt great shifts within me. It was my spiritual book of choice for some time. I referred to it when I felt lost or in need of recentering. It was very effective for a few years but then it, too, fell short of something. So my journey continued. 

Then, I was sort of on my own for a while. I didn’t have a physical guide or a specific spiritual teaching I was following. I dabbled with The Secret and while I found truth there, I still felt like there was more. Like The Secret was a stepping stone and not the end game. I meditated and tried to “find myself.” I felt like I didn’t belong in this world and I was always trying to make myself fit. I decided to just do the next right thing and see where that led me. Of course, that led me exactly where I needed to be. 

I met Shusara in 2007 at a local Meetup. She helped me in many ways in our short time together and I always considered her one of my guides even though we lost touch after a while. We would touch base here and there but it was nothing regular.  I recall her telling me during one of our catch up emails, “I can show you a great deal when you are ready.” I wasn’t ready… for a while… laughing.

One evening in January 2015, I was in meditation setting my intentions for the New Year when Shusara came into my awareness. I thought, I need to reach out to her and see what it is she can show me. She won’t know I’m ready unless I tell her. I went to bed that night resolved to reconnect with her the next day. I woke up to a message from her inviting me to an event 2 miles away from my house. Wow! Talk about synchronicity! So I went to the event. Then I attended my first Satsang. The rest, as they say, is history. I’ve been a student of Shusaraji and The Kumara Center ever since. I can honestly say that I am not the same person I was when I first came to the Center. I am so thankful for the transformation I have made and continue to make every day. I am unceasingly shocked, shifting, and in awe of the Work. It truly is “the point of the arrow.”

Timothy Humphrey


I’ve worked professionally as a software developer for 16 years. Currently employed at a large banking institution specializing in C#, .NET, SQL Server development for desktop and web applications. I graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Winthrop University. In my spare time, aside from pondering my place in the universe, I enjoy staying fit, outdoor activities of any kind, going to music festivals, and mixing music.

My Story

My name is Timothy Humphrey and I’ve been a lifelong seeker of truth. As a child I was raised in a Seventh Day Adventist Christian church, but I had an intuitive sense there was something more to the world than what most people accepted as real and what I perceived with my five senses. I was drawn to mysticism and people such as Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus intrigued me. I wondered how could the things they wrote about be possible with the commonly accepted reality?

As a teenager I discovered the book Emmanuel’s Book in a public library while looking for material for a class project. The book seemed out of place and drew my attention. As I leafed through the pages I saw a different way of writing and perspectives about the world than I had ever encountered before. Over the course of several months I would repeatedly renew my check out of the book as I digested every aspect of it that I could. It was a turning point for me as it took my attention away from mysticism, ETs, and “out there” phenomenon to within myself.

I continued my integration of the concepts presented in Emmanuel’s Book as I went to and graduated from college with a Computer Science degree. It seemed as a young adult that I was ready for the next phase of learning and came across The Law of One book series. It built upon the foundation prepared by Emmanuel’s Book in presenting a more direct explanation of reality. Suddenly philosophy, science, religion, and consciousness came together for me in a way I had never known before.

I would spend the better part of a decade reading The Law of One as if it were my bible. But still the yearning persisted there was more. Although I had direct knowledge that we were all connected and there was only one consciousness, God, I didn’t truly express that. By this time, I had distanced myself from my emotions, not overtly expressing negativity but yet still experiencing it within me. I was a hypocrite; I was not living the law of One.

And so, by chance yet again, I came across an organization named The Shambhala Center for Spiritual Awareness. I was intrigued by the name Shambhala as I had only a few days prior heard about it from reading a book. I attended some of their meetings and saw many parallels to what I had read in The Law of One, yet made more personal to my day-to-day life.

Over time with the organization, now known as The Kumara Center for Spiritual Awareness, I would start to see the meaning behind the adage that there’s a difference between knowing the path, and walking it. The experience of living in the illusion that we’re separate from God is a strong one and not as easily seen through as I might have first imagined. Many long cherished personal truths I’ve accepted are not truths at all, but merely strongly held beliefs born from a repeated pattern of experiences. I’ve had to get in touch with my heart, with my emotions, and not deny anything I feel. My sense of what is spiritual has started to fade and in its place is simply life.

My journey continues as being an integral part of The Kumara Center. It’s my pleasure to know that I can help others receive the teachings of this wonderful group. To begin to see past the illusions that bind.

Linda Karalus


Greetings. My name is Linda Karalus and I am currently the secretary for The Kumara Center for Spiritual Awareness. My past employment can be seen as one that has had a focus on the family and children.

From 1991 through 2000, I worked with the Parent Education Program in Prince William County, Virginia. In the position I was responsible for creating, organizing and presenting materials to support the curriculum based on S.T.E.P., Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (Dinkmeyer & McKay), facilitated in a parent support group setting. I was also instrumental in creating several stand-alone topic specific workshops that were used in conjunction with this program on as requested bases such as Single Parenting, Building Children’s Self-Esteem, and Communicating Effectively with Children. I was also responsible for recruiting parent volunteers, maintaining class and program records and presenting to groups of all sizes. And, during this time, I attended workshops of other parenting programs as I continued to expand my knowledge in the field.

In 2000, I moved to NC and took a position with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools working with behaviorally and emotionally disabled students at the elementary level. The first year was as a teaching assistant, and the second moving into the position of Behavior Modification Technician, where I remained until 2006. In this position I worked directly with students identified as BED and supported them in learning alternative ways of dealing with their behavior and emotional issues. I also worked with students within the general school population who were experiencing challenges in their abilities to function in the regular classroom. I created programs to assist with social skills, behavior management, and anything specific a child may need as indicated in their individualized education plan as assessed by the special education team. I was also responsible for the school-wide character education program and implemented monthly projects that would support the character trait of the month. A couple examples would be collecting snacks for low-income schools to give children who were in need, and sending valentines to soldiers.  My position was eliminated at the end of 2006 school year due to cuts in special education programs.

I then enrolled in community college where I took classes in psychology and sociology as well as communication and general studies. Personal circumstances created the need to return to work which led to my current employment as a full time nanny. I am now working with my third family. With each family, I gained much in the way of experience and was able to utilize all of my previous training and employment. Each family has been unique in its needs and requirements and has wonderful children with whom I have maintained relationships.

On a personal note, I have two beautiful daughters and two grandsons. I love animals and currently share my home with two cats. I also work part-time at a family restaurant as cashier on the weekends, where I truly enjoy interacting with longtime customers and the public.

My Story

My journey began in January 2007. I’d gotten a call that my mother had died so I drove to the house she shared with my stepfather and went inside. I listened as my stepfather recounted what had happened. She had apparently died in her sleep. I went outside to sit in my car. I was shaking uncontrollably, partly from the cold and partly from the event at hand. I had not been able to be in the same space as my stepfather since my late teens. I’d been traumatized by his abuse and was sick to my stomach whenever I was near him. I couldn’t look in his direction much less make eye contact. Suddenly I heard my mother’s voice say to me, “Everything is ok now, I’m ok. You have to forgive.”  Then something happened words can barely convey. I felt a lifting, like a massive weight was being lifted off my shoulders and peacefulness came over me. The shaking stopped. I went back inside the house and began to console my stepfather who was crying hysterically and making remarks about how sorry he was, how he should have treated her better, how he should have treated us better, etc. I hugged him and said it was alright, that I forgave him, and that we would get through this. For the next weeks, his guilt and grief kept him in a place of severe and desperate depression and drunkenness. I went several times when he called threatening to kill himself. Each time, I assured him I’d forgiven him and that he needed to forgive himself. Those close to me, who knew my story, could not believe what had come over me, and quite frankly, neither could I. I knew something profound had happened, but I didn’t understand it. I was at peace with that very heavy dark period of my life. I remained the pillar of strength as I experienced other deaths that year, three of them of close family members. A sensation in my heart area I can only describe like a large magnet had also began pulling me toward something. At least that is what it felt like.

I’d struggled with what was called major depressive disorder all of my adult life. That didn’t change, however it did briefly subside until toward the end of 2007. I soon began attending meet-ups as a means to meet other adults as my daughters had both moved out. In time I began attending spiritual and metaphysical groups. I found one based on the teachings of Eckhart Tolle which intrigued me so I ordered the books and began reading and attending the meetings. About halfway through the first book, I remember being so deep into reading that it felt as though my eyes were just skimming the pages, I suddenly lifted up from the couch and shouted out loud to myself, “I get it!!” It was as though suddenly I understood everything, yet I couldn’t tell you what that was, I just understood. For several weeks I walked around in a state of bliss, nothing could touch me, I was happier than I’d ever been. Then just as quickly it began to fade. I kept going back in the book trying to find the place that had triggered whatever it was that had brought on this euphoria. I couldn’t find it for the life of me. I stuck with this group for some time as I knew something had happened, something outside of the life I’d known of depression and anxiety. There was something else going on and I became dedicated to finding it which at that time I called a body, mind and spirit healing journey.

My exposure to religion was limited to church on Sundays, sometimes. And what I had experienced was programmed as fear and punishment. Fear God, and be constantly punished for my sins and the sins of the world. I felt I was being punished for everything from bad thoughts to mistakes I’d made along the way to anything and everything that anyone did wrong. For many years I believed that if there was a God, he must be one cruel M-F. My life had been one major struggle after the next and all that God talk was bull crap. Although there was a place in me that wanted to know something bigger, something better, therapy and medication were what kept me going. I believed the thoughts that played repeatedly in my head that I was unworthy of any kind of peace or happiness in my life and that I deserved all the negative experiences and worse. I was the ultimate victim.

Enter Shusara, whom I met a little later at another meet-up in September of 2010.  I didn’t know what I was looking for; I just knew there was something I was supposed to find and when I met her, I knew this was it. Something she said grabbed my attention and within the week, I was working one on one with her. I’d asked a question about dying, and she began explaining the birth/death cycle. Something in her words felt real. It was truth, deep truth. For the longest time I didn’t completely understand a lot of what she was saying, but I knew I was in the right place and regardless of the challenges and lack of understanding I was going to see this through. I will never forget the look she gave me when I expressed I’d been a failure all my life and I will not fail again. I was a mess. Chaos and confusion ruled my world and thoughts and choices all came from that space. At this point, I’d spent a lot of time in therapy and on the highest doses of antidepressants and anxiety medication for 17 years.

Traditional therapy and meds made life tolerable but had never gotten to the core of my issues. By July of the next year, I’d successfully weaned myself off these meds, having come to the realization that I was not going to be able to fully heal, fully experience what needed to be experienced by being dulled down with medications. Don’t get me wrong, I do not advocate anyone just coming off meds, but I felt an internal guidance that this needed to be done in order for me to move forward at this point in my life. I did it slowly and with much caution. It hasn’t been easy, but it was a necessary part of my journey.

My patterning was deeply entrenched, and though I continue to hold attachments to stories, I now have deeper understandings that continue to fuse these stories to truth, a truth that is unquestionable, a Knowing. Much has moved in my life experience, shifted, in so many ways. Having done this work now for over five years has enabled me to peel away many of the concepts I once identified with, the image of a victim who was bound and doomed to a life of suffering and misery. How I experience thoughts as well as what thoughts I attract, how I respond to triggers, how I relate to my worldly experience in general is nothing like what it once was. With Shusara’s guidance and my own processing work, I’ve realized that thoughts are random and are attracted based on the energy being experienced and that emotions are only energy that has been identified with and labeled. I can now see how triggers are showing me something that needs to be looked at and that there is an underlying belief that is holding me to a story and that under that belief is an unmet need which once uncovered can be the key to true liberation. Sound complicated? It did for me for a long while and my resistance to change has also held me back a lot of times. I’d been depressed for so long, I didn’t know how to be otherwise and when mind experienced something unexpected, like a different or positive outcome of a particular event, it questioned it. It can’t be so, mind would argue! Yes, the questioner still holds the cards, but higher Knowing, or Truth continues to gain strength and break through the concepts that bind me.

I can only share what my experiences have shown me. I’ve discovered much about who I thought I was, and how that came from imprinting that began in infancy. Every single experience from taking the first breath to hugs, or lack thereof, creates a picture in the lower mind. These pictures, memories, become the personal self, or who one thinks they are, emotionally, physically, and mentally. It is patterned consciousness, the ego. As I continue to peel away the layers of false identity, the truth continues to reveal itself at deeper levels, the truth of connection to God, as an individuated part of The One Source of all that is.

I will continue this work and advocate for it for the rest of this life experience. I will share my story to anyone who wants to hear it as I am a walking testimony to the value of what can be accomplished when one begins to dismantle the program of the lower mind, regardless of how hopeless you think your life is. I know my outer world is a reflection of my inner world and so I will work to clear that which still needs clearing. I know that my transformation has been exceptional and my gratitude for my beloved Shusara and this work in helping me find the missing piece of myself, that which the magnet in my chest were pulling me toward, are beyond any dollar amount. I am eternally and humbly grateful.



PielleAyan’s business background is mainly in mortgages, administrative work and customer service. She currently serves as Vice President on The Kumara Center’s Core Council and is also a member of the Marketing Committee. She is the mother of two teenagers and recently engaged. She is inspired by being able to be of service, living from the heart and being able to be witness to people on their journey to awareness, including her own. PielleAyan also does energy work which can take on and come in different forms. For fun, she loves spending time and doing things with family, friends and her fellow Kumarians. PielleAyan also enjoys being able to go off on her own to sit in meditation, contemplation or read a book, especially on a beautiful day.

My Story

I came to this work from a long history of depression. It started in my teens and I didn’t make life easy for myself, so it was one disaster after another that just continued to snowball. When I was pregnant with my son, I guess you could say I found God, but what I really found was a path, a very ambiguous one as I found Christianity to be, but a path none-the-less. I became thirsty for this loving and forgiving God everyone spoke of. I had had dreams of Jesus apologizing to me, that I would never be allowed into heaven and I was in need of this love and forgiveness He was able to bestow upon those worthy of it. I started reading things, going to church, attending special classes and prayed a lot. I was raised sort of Catholic, my mother was Catholic, but my dad was atheist, so my church experience up until then was religious education classes through eighth grade and then basically just going to church on Easter.

Even though I was on this new path, the depression got worse as time wore on. I wanted out, I no longer wanted to live. When I was little I remember clearly thinking that this life was all a dream, and that all these people I saw and the world around me only existed in what felt like my head, that there was really only me in this dream. I used to say that living on earth was the real hell, that not being in the dream was where I would find heaven. I started to try and figure out how to pull off suicide. Three things constantly stood in my way: studies show females for the most part don’t pull off successful suicides and it had to be successful, I wanted it to look like an accident because I didn’t want the kids to grow up with that hanging over their heads, and lastly was the idea that suicides just come right back around to another life and I wanted to be done with this whole life thing. I ended up seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist, being diagnosed with chronic depression and being put on medication. I just didn’t understand the world, how it worked and didn’t want to be a part of it.

During this time in therapy I found my first spiritual guide. I attended her meditation workshops, she taught me all about the chakras and she took me under her wing and helped open me up to the magic of life that is out there just waiting to be discovered. Still thirsty, I read everything I could get my hands on and I came across the teachings of many other spiritual guides, all directing me to a path of awareness and self-realization. As time passed I felt that my new understandings and circle of supportive people were enough and I was able to come off of the medication and stop the therapy. Then there came a point where my guide and I knew that the time had come for me to find a new guru, and that my path was taking a turn. What I was looking for was not in her experiences or on her path. Everything in life started pointing to leaving Long Island and moving south to the Charlotte area of North Carolina and so we packed up and made the move.

After getting to Charlotte, the depression started up again. Things were just not going well at all and were quite bad. I quickly fell back into the chronic depression and again the suicidal thoughts returned. I made a plea to the universe because this time, my three sticking points didn’t have the same power and I really just didn’t care anymore. I was so upset with the universe; I was convinced that I was following Spirit by moving to Charlotte and now it was just so bad. I asked that if I was meant to live, show me the way and fast because I didn’t know how much longer I could hold on.

Someone suggested that I try to find a Charlotte Meet-Up group to find friends and like-minded people. I signed up for 12 groups, and waited to become an approved member, one of them being Create a New World, which was organized and run by Shusara Akona Kumara. Create a New World was the only group to respond. The first time I walked through the door to one of her events I clearly heard the words, “She is to be your next guru.” Of course, being the incredibly untrusting individual I was I kept ignoring that voice for months while I continued to attend her events and get a better feel for her. When I could no longer ignore the pull, I had no idea what to expect but I knew that annoying voice that was tugging at me had never been wrong before, plus I knew it would never be quiet either, I took the chance and asked her to please be my spiritual guide.

It’s been five years now that Shusara has been my guide. There are people who know me now that did not know me five or more years ago and if I happen to share an experience with them of how I was in the past they can’t even believe what I’m saying. I tell people that working with Shusara saved my life and people tend to giggle at that, but I wish I could convey to you how true that really is. I was done with life. If it weren’t for my kids I don’t know if I would have even made it to her.  Everything I had tried up until my work with her had just been a Band-Aid. I will say my previous guru and the many books and teachings I had come across were a great prep for my current work but it was all missing something.

I have recently realized that The Kumara Center for Spiritual Awareness is my life. Sure I have a full time job, I’ve got kids, a fiancée, friends and family, but outside of the demands of my household, my first priority is The Kumara Center and the work. One of the many teachings is that your life is your spiritual path, and I’ve realized the same is in the reverse there is no separation. I love this work. I see so much unnecessary suffering going on with people and it breaks my heart and I know that there is a path to true liberation. I also know this path isn’t for everyone. This path takes work, it takes courage, it takes perseverance and it can put you through the ringer, but I always come out on the other side grateful for the experience and what I have seen. I came to this work looking for a way to function in life and live it so I could find some sort of happiness and this work has far exceeded anything that I even thought was possible. Now that doesn’t mean everything is always rosy, because you’re here until you’re not (another teaching) but I have the tools I need to stay on this path of mastery and liberation. This work not only provides you with teachings and meditation but it also has a technique that no other path has called processing which has been the biggest piece for me so far toward achieving that liberation.

If you are truly willing to do the work and try to understand the teachings of The Kumara Center, I guarantee you will find the same that the rest of us have. You have to do the work though. Shusara is a guide, she can’t do it for you. The work is experiential, you have the teachings, but as you experience them, which occurs mainly through processing, and on different levels too, your world will begin to change. When I was on meds for depression, I had asked the doctor how will I know it’s working, he said it will take some time, but one day you’ll look out and see that the grass is a little bit greener, you’ll notice that you actually really laughed at something, the sky will be bluer. Another teaching is that we are not here to change anything, we are here to see through it. Every day I swear I come across something where it’s more beautiful than in past experiences or I never experienced it in that way before. I can feel my heart expanding. I feel like it was the same as being on the meds, you just start to notice how things are different now. There has also been great changes in all of those around me and how they all function, too. When I do my work it also allows things to shift for them.

I would love for everyone to have exposure to what this work can do for you. I know what it did for me and as someone who does energy work, when I’m dealing with someone who is suffering, I can feel them, I can feel what they feel, and my heart goes out to them because I know there’s a way out. Of course it is up to them, but I want to do what I can do get this work out there, make it visible and accessible to everyone. Allow people to be able to have that opportunity and choice. Whether you are on your knees begging the universe and God for a way out or just experiencing a few small bumps in the road, this work can benefit anyone and everyone. Lately I’ve been having the experience of being out in public and when I come across a person and I can see they are so stuck in the illusion, I have this knowing that runs through me and says to them, one day you are going to wake up. I know that it is part of my purpose to provide the opportunity to allow others to awaken and I am so grateful to be able to be a part of The Kumara Center for Spiritual Awareness and its mission, and I am eternally grateful to Shusara Akona Kumara for being the amazing, precious guide that she is.

Shusara Akona Kumara


I lead a very demanding, and very full, life. In addition to founding The Kumara Center and functioning as its teacher and guide, I also created KUMARA, a spiritual aromatherapy company, as another avenue to assist in the expansion of consciousness for my students and other seekers. I have been married to my soul partner, Perry, for over twenty years and we have three amazingly wonderful children, along with two awesome cats, Daisy and Dakota, and a tank-full of fish. I don’t have much time outside of my work, but when I can I love to read, watch movies with my husband and kids, garden, cook and just be still in nature with a good cup of coffee. I have to make time to be alone regularly, and the Outer Banks in North Carolina are my current refuge from the world, although my husband and I dream of property in the western NC mountains for a close getaway haven. When time and money allows, my absolute favorite thing to do is to travel, especially with Perry. We both love to explore new places, spend loads of time together driving through new country, and just be together in the natural world. Journeys with my husband are sacred experiences for me.

My Story


I am Shusara Akona Kumara, founder of The Kumara Center for Spiritual Awareness. My adult work life began under the hopes of a career as an English teacher at the secondary school level. At the time it seemed very unfortunate that the market was flooded with applicants, just out of college, and the older generation of teachers was not yet ready to retire. So, I moved on. Over the course of fifteen years I held jobs as office manager and executive assistant in a small stock brokerage firm, events and marketing manager at an upstart educational technology software company, a residential loan officer, and I even ran my own business selling high fashion jewelry.

Then, in mid-2007 my true awakening began when my Kundalini was activated and I was lead shortly after to my spiritual guide, AtonaAreyus. As a result of my deep dissolution work with her, in December of 2008 I was able to recall my memories of where I came from and what my mission here is during this time, which lead me to where I am now.

My job is to help awaken humanity, primarily by acting as a guide for those who wish to make great spiritual advances in this lifetime and, ultimately, step off the life/death cycle altogether. I began the Kumara Center for Spiritual Awareness as a means of support for those who are searching for this level of work.

The method I use to guide seekers is unique and multi-faceted. In essence, we use a piece of the mind to dissolve the mind, thus enabling consciousness to return to its true nature and once again function from its Knowing, which resides within the heart. In truth, your life is your spiritual path and there is nothing to change. All that is needed to achieve liberation from the attachment to polarized mind already exists in your life and it is my work to point seekers in the direction required to see through the veils, or maya, the world calls "reality."

At this time, most are not ready to cast off the unconscious, entrenched beliefs which bind them. Many of those who are called to begin the work have a background in spirituality which often includes the following: A Course in Miracles, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, the Upanishads, Vedanta, Mooji, Gangaji, Adyashanti, Gary Renard, various forms of Eastern teachings and channels such as Ramtha, Bashar and Abraham. Others simply find their way to this work quite innocently, not understanding why they came, but sensing it is time to seek and find Truth.

If you feel that the time has come to "go home" and can recognize that, while they served a definite purpose at the time, all the spiritual teachings you have followed in the past have left you with a certain emptiness inside, I invite you to join me at The Kumara Center for Spiritual Awareness.

It is my most sincere desire to facilitate the spiritual growth of any true seeker who is lead to my work. I strive to remain a most humble servant in the service of The One.

Shusara Akona Kumara