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Challenging Energies
March has been a hectic month, seems to be for time to bring up issues to be looked at and cleared. Shusara feels like possibly by the summer things will start to shift for us as a group, the energies feel like that. Her natal chart has indicated that for the past few years she's gone through a lot of difficulty but things will start to clear soon, possibly by this summer.

PielleAyan submitted the curriculum materials to Shusara.

Tim brought up a need to have a fellowship activity. Feels there's a need to have a community fellowship activity. Is going to start setting up an event before satsang so that people can talk and then come to satsang.

Group Dynamics
Shusara mentioned how there's a fine line that has to be walked because there's no manual. It's good for each person in the group to be transparent with each other so that we know how each person functions and can uniquely support them. Linda mentioned how she feels she's shifting and will be able to contribute more this year as time goes on.

Group discussed planning an intensive. Individual board member's schedules suggested a day long intensive Friday night May 1 to Saturday afternoon May 2. Price will be $200, but $175 if fully paid by end of day April 19.

Natural Awakenings Advertising
Tim mentioned looking into having weekly satsang advertised in Natural Awakenings. PielleAyan said she would look into how much it costs.

Office Fundraiser
PielleAyan wants to have a Kumara fundraiser out of the office. Group discussed how the proceeds could go to KCSA.

Linda mentioned she had lunch with Peg last year. Peg seemed to be going on a different path.

Picture Quotes
Idea was presented that Shusara could make available the pictures for the quotes and a set of quotes and other people could make the quote pictures.

Shusara Experience
PielleAyan mentioned an experience she had while doing healing work with Shusara. The fuller aspect of Shusara had merged with the physical incarnation here and there were many illumined world beings celebrating. Shusara and Perry mentioned they were grateful to the group for allowing their trip to happen.

Shusara Worldly Detachment
Shusara mentioned she's having more of a challenge dealing with the world and its commitments while she's moving forward in her work. Linda and Tim mentioned how they felt it was time for the council to pick up more of the worldly activities Shusara has been doing.

Shusara's Meditation Space
Shusara mentioned how the outside building at her house will be made into a meditation room. This is to provide a space for her to get away and meditate because the energies at her house, with the kids, is becoming too great to be in for extended periods due to her continued work.

Tim and Finances
Tim really wants to decrease the amount of money that he's contributing to the group. Meghan mentioned how the donations are being presently used. Shusara still wants to have intensives, which could be a way to bring in money.

(To Do)

  • Tim is going to set up a weekly fellowship meeting before satsang at 6pm.
  • PielleAyan is going to send an email about intensive to select people.

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(Next meeting is May 3)


(12:25pm meeting starts)

Kumara Center Lawsuit
Shusara hasn't contacted the Kumara Center lawyers but has researched trademarks and noted that trademarks are specific to categories. Their category is for the Buddhist religion so we may still be able to use it.

Shusara Blocks
Shusara shared that aspects of her personality, Karen, still need to be looked at that are serving as blocks for her.

Shusara Personal Life
Shusara reminded us that aspects of her personal journey that she shares with us is expected to stay with us and not shared with others.

Social Networking Membership

  • Facebook KCSA: 208
  • Facebook CNW: 282
  • Facebook AYE: 624
  • Facebook 144K: 63
  • Meetup KCSA: 179
  • Meetup CNW: 169
  • CNW Global: 416

Third Party Office Use
Tim brought up there's interest in using the office. Someone would have to be in the office. The energetics in the office would change if we invited another group to use the room. We would have to check out the person first.

  • Perry and Tim agreed to attend a meeting to check out the person.
  • Present to the person that we don't normally rent the office but we would allow it if he agrees to certain things: spraying Zen spray before and after, saying the protection.

Web Site

  • Look at BBS' iTunes functionality and see if we can have a link back to our site in the description.
  • We need a page for satsang and our radio show.
  • Create a page for satsang.
  • Make the link to BBS on the home page bright green.

(1:30pm meeting ends)
(April 4 is next meeting)