(2:44pm meeting starts)

Add Your Energy
Shusara feels Add Your Energy can grow on Facebook.

PielleAyan mentioned she was talking to her bank manager and he mentioned that he has a guide that he and others take care of completely. PielleAyan said they have a reverence for her that she thinks we don't have for Shusara. PielleAyan realized that she wasn't fully committed to KCSA, she thinks we as a whole aren't as well. People talked about their levels of commitment and things they've seen.

  • Tim mentioned a fear he has about the work consuming his life and letting other people know what he does as affecting his commitment, i.e. doing the president tasks he was asked to do.
  • Linda mentioned she needs more help. Shusara said she should contact Atona.

Tim gave an update on the eCommerce options for KCSA, set your own price for donations. He's looking at packages for Kumara as well as KCSA.

Elemental Healing Satsang
Shusara thought the Elemental Healing satsang went well. The energy was very strong, there was a lot of power behind it. We're going to do the 26th again but the organizer said to simplify the flyer. Discussion about putting a picture on the advertisement. We can compile a list of places where people who would be open to our message would come. Group discussed location, Elemental Healing, possible other spots. Issues such as noise if we use somebody's place versus having our own, also leasing an entire space on some rotation basis. Shusara mentioned we won't know what it'll cost if we don't look.
    – Shusara asks that people look at office space. What rates are charged, locations, etc.

PielleAyan is going to submit our web site to Kaypacha's [the crazy surfer astrology guy] database to link up with him.

Post on Global CNW
PielleAyan asked the board to, once a week, post on the global CNW site.

Shusara Physical Commitment
Shusara physically won't be able to commit herself to as many events as she has in the past, the space she's in just won't allow it.

(4:34pm meeting ends)
(July 5 is next meeting)