Your Life is Your Spiritual Path

Your Life is Your Spiritual Path

One of the most fundamental understandings to this work is that your life is your spiritual path.  While it is a seemingly simple statement, it has profound implications. Everything ever created…worlds upon worlds…in infinite time and space…was all created within God. If God is all there is, then it stands to reason that there is nothing that exists outside of God, because no “outside” even exists.

So, what does that mean for you as a seeker? Very simply put, it means that you must stop categorizing your life and begin to see it as an integrated whole. Right now, you have a “spiritual” life here, and your work life there, your family life over there, etc… In reality, there are no categories. All is One. It is all comprised of Spirit, therefore it is all spiritual.

Really? Can that be? Is it possible that the act of brushing one’s teeth is spiritual? Or doing the grocery shopping?  Yes, yes and yes.

Consciousness is witnessing the drama of itself enslaved in a fallen state. But the key to the awakening and transcending this state lies within that drama. Yes, every single thing in this world is spiritual…and all of it is happening for the sole purpose of moving you ever closer to the awakening from the dream of separation.

Now, move forward and view your life from this new lens.



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Add Your Energy Website
Tim is still working on the AYE site in collaboration with Shusara. He doesn't want to guess how long it will take to get map integration in place. He mentioned concerns about the form field types, for instance the country field as a dropdown instead of a textbox, and integration into a Google Map component. He recommends going forward with the site without it; PielleAyan agreed. Shusara is creating the playlists on Spotify for the AYE meditations, she's still learning the site.

Shusara is thinking about utilizing banner ads on BBS. Even the staff at BBS is starting to listen to us. BBS is retweeting our tweets that PielleAyan is creating during the show. She's also thinking about utilizing ads at Facebook.

Sarah: January 1
Perry: March 2
Meghan: March 31
Shusara: April 3
Linda: May 24
Kate: June 1
Ahna: August 2
Ryan: August 9
Tim: September 24
Kadin: October 24
PielleAyan: November 7

Dark Energies
Shusara called forth Archangel Zadkiel to transmute any karmic ties associated with finances. She did that because we're in murky situation with regards to some tax situations with the IRS. She mentioned that the more you do your work the lighter you become and the more darker energies try to associate themselves with you to bring you down. By facing the issues head on, rather than believing in a story, the issues usually resolve themselves and  fade away.

Marketing Research
Shusara looked at research that indicated videos are shared more than pictures which are shared more than links.

Membership Statistics
Meetup CNW: +1
Meetup KCSA: +0
Meetup AYE: 6 (new)
Global CNW +3
Facebook CNW : +7
Facebook KCSA +7
Facebook AYE: +65

Need to be Church
Shusara says we need to be a church. She needs it for the tax exemption, the housing allowance. She wants to make sure we're as legitimate as possible to prevent any issues from a possible IRS auditing. We'll have to have literature to be a church if we're looked at, for instance. There's a list of things that the IRS has to indicate that a group is a church.

New Accounting Firm
We're probably going to move to a different accounting firm. We want a firm that's more aligned with a church, that handles these issues. We've had issues with basic communication.

Tim and the President Role
Tim mentioned what he saw about stepping up to be the president: he feels Shusara is too burdened, feels we need a business plan. Shusara shared some concerns with letting go of the presidency role: she's concerned with Tim taking on a new role at work and possibly not having the time to devote to it, she mentioned the last time someone held the role and not wanting to repeat issues that arose at that time, she needs someone who won't put up resistance to taking direction from her. She also mentioned that we may not need strict adherence to roles within the group, for instance one reason Tim didn't come forward with his idea is because it seemed outside his role of secretary. Shusara brought up the idea about a co-presidency to the group. She mentioned the business mind of Tim and the passion from PielleAyan would make a good combination. The group feels comfortable with that. Linda was asked about possibly filling in the secretary role. Shusara asked Tim to work on the following: 3 year strategy plan, future budget, annual action plan, Tim's idea of where we will be in 5 years.

(3:57pm meeting ends)
(April 5 is next meeting)