(3:05pm meeting starts)

Bank Concerns
Meghan wanted to know the reason Shusara went with First Citizens, our bank, because she doesn't like their online system and had an issue with seeing $0 in the bank account. Shusara said she chose them because they were a local bank and might be better protected if the economy takes a downturn.

BBS Radio
BBS Radio is willing to offer us the spot after Athena as a rerun, 9pm PT Wednesday. Would be $35 extra. Tim will front the money. Shusara mentioned how we all are from the Ashtar command so the energy of having two programs back to back will be powerful.

BBS Radio Archive Sales
Tim mentioned the lack of sales for the BBS archives. Asked if there was any way to increase sales. PielleAyan mentioned sharing on Facebook. Tim thinks the membership will help drive sales. Overall group felt lack of sales is due to them just being recently available.

Community Involvement
PielleAyan thinks we need to be more visible on YourCommunityConnector. Feels we need to do Shift Charlotte next year. Shusara is willing to be a speaker then.

Copyright Infringement
We need to send them our 501© paperwork and they would be willing to work with us.

Elemental Healing
PielleAyan visited Elemental Healing and feels this has potential for a meeting place for us. $25 for first 3 hours at Elemental Healing. Weekend is $150. Their library felt cozy, $15 for first 3 hours. They have ways to advertise us. Mentioned possibly doing an open satsang at 7:30, take a break, and invite the advanced students to stay for the BBS show. Feels there's a glass ceiling at Unity. Group decided to move forward in investigating using Elemental Healing.

Shusara mentioned how the energies are really crazy and to keep doing the protection as much as possible. The energies seem to be really bad for the first half of the year but there are some opportunities that will occur. Shusara feels this could be a window where all of our work takes off.

Flute Circle
Perry danced at a powwow and met a part Apache lady. She mentioned that she's a part of a 5 person flute circle that loves to travel and play at events. She would love to play at an event we have. Perry is going to investigate possibilities of having her play, also for networking.

Shusara feels an intensive is coming up. Perry volunteered to take the kids to PielleAyan's so that we could have space at Shusara's place if need be.

Lightworkers United
Shusara contacted someone who owned the lightworkersunited.org site to see if they'll sell the domain and she hasn't gotten anything back from her. Tim suggested another method to get the email address of the owner, will let Shusara know what he finds.

Linda mentioned that we have two additional groups that will be a part of Lightworkers United.

Personal Commitment
PielleAyan feels we need to get together and get on the same page. She thinks about KCSA constantly. Has questions she wanted to share with the group to think about.

  • What is preventing you from wanting to do more?
  • What would you say your level of passion is? Is it a priority?
  • What is your level of commitment?
  • Do you truly believe in KCSA or want to believe in it?
  • What would you do if it ended?

Feels if KCSA is going to happen we need to all be in.

Shusara needs to know the commitment from each person, so she can know if what she needs isn't there she can look elsewhere. The current world paradigm is dissolving while we're still living in it. The question is where is your focus, on the world or KCSA. She's seen similar groups fail because of personal dynamics interfering. The work we're doing, along with other groups around the planet, will help humanity move forward. We're going to be in the middle of a global movement on the planet. The energy that we bring is what's the main benefit, not just the meeting and greeting. We have a similar energetic effect on people that Shusara does. Shusara herself is too busy to attend meetings as much as she used to, also the energetic work she does is taking a drain on her so she doesn't have the capacity to attend all the meetings anymore.

PielleAyan is taking quotes from Satsang and putting them to pictures. Asked if everyone could submit quotes and/or pictures.

Social Media Activity
Shusara wants the Facebook postings to go out at a more frequent pace, will let everyone know what it is. Wants to use Facebook for marketing. Would like us to integrate with other groups to advertise things we're doing, sharing posts.

PielleAyan says we need more activity on the CNW sites. More reminders for Meetup events should be sent. Possibly post past videos for the charity raffle drawings on Facebook. Do charity raffle promo videos. We need more people engaged for the raffle, possibly ask friends and family.

Meghan found out at the end of the year that we were supposed to be sending quarterly documents to the state and federal governments. She's not sure where this will head but wanted to mention this to everyone. Craig, our CPA, left the original firm and this caused a disruption in us being serviced as we weren't notified about this.

If we can get 5000 subscribers to our YouTube site by the summer (May 31?) we can get invited to VidCon and they'll pay us to make videos.

(5:15pm meeting ends)
(Next meeting is February 1)