(3:30pm meeting starts)

BBS Radio Show
We talked about the BBS show. Everyone is pleased with how it's going.

Copyright Infringement
We got a letter from Getty Images stating that we had infringed on a copyright and we owe them $800. Shusara handed the letter to PielleAyan. PielleAyan has sent an email to the group and got an acknowledgement that they'll reply. Google has an option when you search images to filter out copyrighted images. http://tineye.com is a site that can be used to research copyright ownership.

Shusara mentioned that the energies are really strong and nasty, and doesn't recommend going anywhere. Recommends staying centered, doing the ray work.

Event Planning
Group discussed the need to get events planned sooner instead of more ad-hoc like we're going. Shusara mentioned having people going to other groups to see their events and who are good speakers. Meghan asked about putting the BBS Radio on Meetup; Shusara will do that.

Event Posting
Shusara needs help with the Facebook pages and updating the various meditation events. Recreating the events when they come and go. Might be possible to do recurring events. We need to keep the events more visible in people's awareness. Discussed sending reminders of events on Meetup. Tim mentioned using the web site to collect Add Your Energy charity donations. Different people took responsibility for posting about events at our different sites.

Facebook Engagement
PielleAyan says we need more activity on Facebook. We have to engage our online audience more.

Lightworkers United
No other group has responded to the Lightworkers United emails that we've been sending out. Talked about the possible reasons response has been so low.

Membership statistics

  • Global CNW +2
  • CNW Meetup +5
  • KCSA Meetup +8
  • CNW Facebook +8
  • KCSA Facebook +7

Natural Awakenings
PielleAyan wants to get involved with Natural Awakenings. Shusara did this once before and didn't find it beneficial and isn't keen on doing it again. PielleAyan wants to build connections with others.

Ray Work
PielleAyan mentioned that she realized the ray work she does is actually her calling upon herself. That's what we're all doing, calling upon ourselves. Shusara mentioned that the video PielleAyan posted on the CNW sites was what should be posted there more often. Even though we're individuals we are part of Source so every action we take has an effect on others.

Solstice/Equinox Events
There won't be a winter solstice event. We can't get together speakers. PielleAyan wants to do a good spring equinox event, feels we have time to plan for it. It is March 20, 2014 at 1:57pm. We're planning on having an event the 21st though, since it's a Friday.

Web Site
Tim demoed the new site with the store and account.

(5:55pm meeting ends)
(Next meeting is January 4)