(2:30pm meeting starts)

Meeting started with a group meditation with the intention to clear any blocks that may exist. Everyone mentioned what they experienced during the meditation. Afterwards Shusara talked about the reality of what we are going through, KCSA is real. She mentioned that we’ve done this before and have failed. She mentioned looking back over your life and thinking about things that you could’ve done differently.

  • Meghan believes it but has a fear of being a failure.
  • PielleAyan says she’s lazy, feels that’s why her life is so chaotic.
  • Tim has experienced a distinct feeling when he was 18 that there’s no more time.
  • Linda doesn’t feel like she knows what she’s supposed to do. Feels other people should tell her what to do.

Tim mentioned his session with PielleAyan and how Sananda mentioned that as KCSA continues we will grow together, start sharing thoughts, etc. Tim mentioned that he felt the openness displayed by the group today exemplified that.

Things are coming and we have to be ready. If someone doesn’t feel like they are ready then they should go to Shusara.

BBS Radio
The first show is November 7. PielleAyan mentioned equipment that’s needed for BBS radio. Tim needs to work on the web site to support downloads from BBS. PielleAyan wants an “events” email address forwarded to her yahoo account.

Facebook Engagement
Tim thinks we should focus more on increasing engagement with the members and shelve doing a photo contest until we have more engagement. Meghan had an idea for a discussion that could be put on the global CNW site or Facebook. PielleAyan mentioned the discussion she’s holding at the global CNW site and putting it on Facebook.

Facebook Photo Contest
Shusara asked about the Facebook photo contest. Tim mentioned that there was only 1 picture that got 2 votes and so the winner was set. He feels we didn’t promote enough but really felt that the group wasn’t for it. Perry didn’t agree with it, felt it was too vague. Linda didn’t understand it, technology wise. PielleAyan posted on her page. Meghan didn’t get it, thought it was vague, she thought we had postponed it. Tim mentioned his main goal was to support the idea even though he didn’t completely understand it. Shusara said the idea might work because we didn’t fully get behind it, is willing to try it again.

Hold the Space Meditations
Shusara asked why certain people haven’t RSVPd to the Hold the Space meditation Meetup events. Tim said he just hasn’t been in the habit of doing it.

The group discussed re-engaging with the community and hosting Meetup events again.

  • Nancy at Unity would like us back.
  • We can hold meetings two Tuesdays per month at Unity.
  • Lightworks United meditation would be held second Tuesday of the month at 7pm starting in December. Shusara would like to get the Sanctuary room for these.
  • CNW meetings would be held third Tuesday of the month. PielleAyan and Linda will work together on these. First event will be in November if Linda can get a guest speaker. PielleAyan will contact Jim DelliColli, Janet Sussman, and Reverend Maria.

Membership statistics
Shusara mentioned membership statistics:

  • Global CNW site remained stable
  • CNW Meetup lost a net of 4 people
  • KCSA Meetup lost a net of 1 person
  • CNW Facebook gained a net of 8 people
  • KCSA Facebook gained a net of 9 people

Web Site
Tim has been working on redoing the web site in time for the first BBS Radio show on November 7.

(5:10pm meeting ends)
(Next meeting is December 7)


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