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2012 Emergence
Atona asked if we could go to the 2012 Emergence site (http://12-21-2012.ning.com) and join. She would like us to give feedback on the program Atona is hosting but we shouldn’t look at anything else. Linda mentioned that Atona says she’s talking to us even while she’s talking to everyone.

BBS Radio
PielleAyan showed a presentation about BBS Radio. We can pay as we go, no contracts. Have call-in listeners. Archived sessions. There are various ways we can make money: commission, sharing session time, charge for sessions on their site. Shusara likes it and says she can do it. Shusara views it as like an online satsang. Talked about various formats of the show, time durations (2 hours maybe). Format seems to be leaning on about 30 minutes of talk and then Q/A the rest of the time. Members agreed to commit money.

Facebook Photo Contest
Board talked about the contest. Tim talked about his experiences in setting it up and the tiny details that he didn’t expect that needed to be done. He recommends that for any future endeavors we start planning and working on them as soon as possible. The contest itself is setup and ready to go. Tim mentioned that we should promote more, he asked people to share a particular post that talks about the contest. Perry mentioned inviting people to the page. Linda mentioned a Facebook feature of inviting your friends.

Lightworkers United
Shusara wants to do a monthly meditation called Lightworkers United that invites many other people. PielleAyan is going to contact the admins of other Meetup sites to see if they will come to the events.

Pay It Forward
PielleAyan said there’s a discussion on the CNW global site about pay it forward. Wants everyone to continue it.

Physical Space
Shusara talked about the need to have physical space to meet at. PielleAyan has been contacting Reverend Nancy at Unity to try to get us space there again. She’s also contacted Mira to ask about the space she’s living at. Linda mentioned various spaces she’s been at for other Meetups that might be good.

Project Plans
PielleAyan and Shusara mentioned creation of project plans to better manage projects. Possibly putting them on the intranet. The project manager would report to Shusara once a week.

KCSA Commitment
Shusara talked about the commitment that we need to have.

  • PielleAyan said she went into meditation and asked what is holding us back. She was told that on some level we don’t fully believe in it. She has become very committed to the group, she thinks about it all day. Thinks everyone needs to either shit or get off the pot. We’re in the works of getting an investor. It’s an investor that her friend knew of who doesn’t care so much about profit and wants to invest in spiritual areas. She thinks we need to be able to sell him on KCSA so having a business plan and web site put together is needed. She asked if Linda and her can handle CNW.
  • Shusara went to Atona and said she quit, but Atona told her no. She’s doing so much and can’t take on anymore. She’s acknowledging that she can’t do everything. She handed off all the accounting duties to Meghan. PielleAyan stepped up to fill the shoes Devon left. Tim continues to provide financial support. She related how her role is to receive the vision and to transmit it to us. Holding space for others is physically exhausting and so to function in her role she can’t be bothered by worldly concerns. If the body is too exhausted it’s not possible to raise the vibration. Shusara says KCSA is going to be global. She’s avoided having this conversation for six months. She can’t facilitate CNW Meetups anymore. She really stepped up when she came to the equinox meditation. Having project managers will help her. Wants the intranet to be expanded to include file sharing, similar to Dropbox.
    • She related a story of Atona being given information about a large meditation to hold. She helped start it and then left it to other people to continue. After the excitement wore off and the work set in everything fell apart. She said that the opportunity was taken away from the group and given to someone else.
  • Perry mentioned that he was talking to someone who has thousands of acres.

PielleAyan has been working with Lori from YourCommunityConnector. We get 1 to 2 articles a year with our membership. They’re mainly used for special things, like a big event. She wants us to link up Facebook. Speaker bureau is available which is a place to find people to speak at events. If used right this can be a good way to put yourself out there. Lori also helps people promote their businesses properly. Shusara wanted PielleAyan to do the research to see if it was worth continuing membership. YourCommunityConnector could possibly function as our primary online outlet. PielleAyan thinks we should do at least one article before the end of the year.

(Next meeting is November 2)
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