(2:33pm meeting starts)

Advertising Page
Shusara mentioned creating an advertising page on the main CNW site. Sort of like a community bulletin board as another way to foster community. Board agreed it's a good idea.

Autumnal Equinox Event
Shusara has not heard anything back from Jim about the equinox event. Autumnal Equinox Gathering is the label for the event. It will be combined with the monthly outdoor group meditations Tim and PielleAyan have been hosting.

Devon reached out to Atona last month because she does want to connect with the group. They haven't actually met yet. Atona knows that until Devon does her inner work that she isn't ready to rejoin the group.

Facebook Like Contest
Shusara wants to have a Facebook picture like contest for the CNW page. Tim explained it's a contest where participants submit photos to a Facebook page and the one that receives the most number of likes after a certain period of time wins a prize. The goal is to attract more likes to the page since in order for people to like an image they must first like the page. Tim agreed to set it up. The prize will be a $25 Visa gift card. Each board member agreed to donate $5. Board agreed to start it October 1.

Facebook Posts
Shusara wants everyone to like all the Facebook posts so that the posts stay alive. Tim asked if it's okay to not like something he doesn't truly like, Shusara said sure. She does say we are being asked to function from outside the personal self, so who is it that doesn't like the post she asks.

Tim asked if Shusara had utilized the Facebook post scheduling feature. Shusara mentioned it didn't work for her and Tim described how it worked in more detail. Shusara expressed this may not work for the sharing feature of Facebook. Tim said he would look at options of how to utilize sharing with post scheduling. He indicated most likely this would require reposting the item rather than sharing.

Future Meeting Change
Perry would like everyone to discuss how they are at the beginning of each meeting going forward.

Hold the Space Meetup Events
Shusara asked everyone to RSVP to all the Hold the Space meditations on both Meetup sites, Kumara Center and CNW. That way people coming to the site will see people are engaged.

Inspirational Videos
Shusara asked if everyone had gotten the Dropbox link to a document of inspirational videos. PielleAyan mentioned giving Chris access since he spends a lot of time on YouTube so he has a good chance of coming across good videos.

Lack of Desire to Serve
Shusara asked Linda where she is with the Sunflower project. Linda says that she has felt a desire to pull away from service in that capacity, she discussed with the group her reasons for feeling that way. Shusara said in the future if anyone feels like that to say so, so that someone else can do the work. She doesn't want anyone to feel they have to do something they don't feel called to do. Board agreed if only one member wants to do something it's worthy of being done.

Shusara mentioned an idea of having a blog where we just ask a question of what did you do to be of service. Linda will look into that.

Online Banking Security Questions
Meghan would like the online banking security questions from Shusara.

Project Managers
Shusara mentioned how a lot of ideas we come up with don't go anywhere. Tim mentioned that we need project managers for any projects we have to drive them forward to address this issue. This person would be responsible for getting the project done. This doesn't mean they have to do all the work, they can delegate, it's just they're responsible for overseeing tasks to ensure the project completes. The President would be responsible for overseeing the project managers. Tim agreed to be the project manager for the Facebook Like Contest. PielleAyan agreed to assume this role for the Web Site Product Integration.

Shusara TED Talk
Meghan wants to nominate Shusara for a TED talk. Meghan said they'll pay for your airfare and hotel. She thinks Shusara could build an online audience to help her chances of being picked. Shusara wants to push the YouTube videos. Shusara isn't ready to go back to satsang. Meghan thinks she can do a quarterly seminar rather than have weekly satsang. The main purpose she sees is to help build an online following. Shusara feels holding satsang was to gather the board members together and doesn't feel a need to hold satsang in Charlotte anymore.

Shusara's KCSA email account
Shusara emphasized to people to send things that are KCSA related to her TheShambhalaCenter@gmail.com account because she has too many emails in her personal account.

Video Sessions
Meghan thinks Shusara should do a 5 minute guided meditation video either as a separate video or at the end of the YouTube question videos. Shusara thinks it's a good idea and wants to do it. Shusara is open to doing a weekly BBS video too. Blogtalkradio is another site where we could host online shows, it's free. PielleAyan is willing to do research on this.

Web Site
Tim feels called to redo the web site. Shusara thinks it's a good idea as she would like to utilize it more.

What We Do is Important
Shusara shared a story/message related to not doubting yourself, that the things we experience are real, what we're doing is important. She posed a question: if something bad happened to the planet would you be able to say to yourself that you've done everything you could to shift consciousness? We're being challenged to step it up because time is running short. If we are on a planet that's passed the point of no return, what can you do?

Shusara wants PielleAyan to connect with Lori Ives-Godwin from YourCommunityConnector.com. Lori is the hub of metaphysical things in Charlotte and wants to connect with Shusara to see how to help us since we haven't really used our membership. Annual membership is about $200. If we post things that are non-profit they can be posted for free. There is a deadline to post things so we have to submit things ahead of time to meet the deadline; September's deadline has already passed.

(Next meeting is October 5)
(5:00pm meeting ends)