(3:53pm meeting starts)
(Devon not present)

Shusara felt a push that the board members should meditate together. Group discussed ways to do this. Group decided to meet earlier so that we could meditate and have time to decompress, or if not meeting earlier push the actual board meeting to later in the day. Shusara asked if anyone could think of a time for the group to meditate together. Meghan said we could do it at her place. Shusara also wanted a recurring meditation where people could do it in their homes. She indicated it would be one where you wanted to clear yourself first. First one is scheduled for Sunday July 28 at 9pm.

Shusara wants to know the site that Devon went to for the social media classes. Tim discovered shambhalacenter.com domain is available. Shusara needs help adding content to the global CNW site. Tim suggested taking the posts from the Facebook CNW page and putting them on the global page. Will also research ways to make multiple posts at once.

Shusara would like someone to investigate how to integrate Amazon products to our web site so we get a commission from recommending products. PielleAyan mentioned the Amazon associate program as a way to do this. This could be a way to generate revenue for Kumara Center. Click Bank is another site that PielleAyan mentioned as an opportunity that's similar to Amazon. PielleAyan said it was easy to set both types of accounts up and would look into it.

Shusara mentioned that the accounting software package that was recommended could host multiple accounts under one account. The pricing structure is such that a more expensive plan can host cheaper plans. Kumara's business package would cost about $40 a month, KCSA's would be about $10, so Kumara's plan could provide the accounting software for Kumara Center, effectively making it free. Meghan will look into the fine details of this as to how many accounts can be hosted in this way.

Shusara mentioned an idea where people could make donations and as they do so mention a charity they would like the money to go to. We could then have a monthly vote to decide where all the donations should go to. Tim suggested using a Meetup and/or Facebook event to get the idea out to people. PielleAyan mentioned possibly suggesting a charity in weekly reminder emails. She also agreed to do charity research. "We make a bigger impact together than alone." There are already good charities doing work, we don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Board discussed Devon not being present again. PielleAyan mentioned she's getting used to her not being here. Linda isn't sure where she feels about her being a board member. Shusara mentioned two experiences she had on the inner planes with her, it felt like Devon had moved on. Shusara said that in order for her to be at peace with us as a group she needs to do a lot of deep work that she isn't capable of at the moment. She doesn't feel that Devon will send us an email any time soon. There was much discussion amongst the board members about where Devon fits on the board. Some highlights were that personal feelings for Devon are different from Kumara Center, she removed herself from the board by her absences.

  • Tim feels the board can make a decision on its own. Is clear he would vote to remove Devon but would like input from Atona.
  • Perry has been in a space of removing Devon for two months but would also like input from Atona. He doesn't want to talk about this next meeting, feels that action needs to be taken.
  • PielleAyan is clear that she shouldn't be on the board. Would like input from Atona. Doesn't feel we should drag this on to the next board meeting.
  • Meghan agrees with PielleAyan.
  • Linda is clear that Devon has made her choice, would like to hear from Atona.
  • Shusara feels that Devon has value that she can bring to Kumara Center and doesn't want to remove her as a board member. But is clear on removing her as a board member. Shusara says we don't need to call Atona to make a decision, we can do it on our own.

Board agreed to remove Devon as a board member. Tim is going to remove Devon from email distribution groups. Shusara will draft an email and send it out to all board members for their reading and signing before finally sending it to Devon.

Board members each talked about where they are and how they feel about the decision to remove Devon as a board member.

Meghan asked about doing something for the equinox. Tim mentioned doing the monthly outdoor group meditation on the equinox since it's Sunday September 22 at 4:44pm. Shusara liked it, wants to do it around 3pm to have a talk from Jim, and possibly others, and then be in meditation when the actual equinox starts. Perry mentioned possibly using Jim's property as the location. Him being in Waxhaw may limit the appeal for others to come though.

Next meeting is Sunday August 18 at 2pm.

(7:15pm meeting ends)


(3/21/2015 Amendment)

Due to the desire to move forward with certain financial activities (removal of Devon from the KCSA checking account and addition of Timothy and Meghan) these meeting notes are being amended as follows.

Peggy Schwartz is the legal name of the person known in this organization by the following name: Devon Naiyr.
Karen Eastman is the legal name of the person known in this organization by the following name: Shusara Akona Kumara.
Alicia Davis is the legal name of the person known in this organization by the following name: PielleAyan.

Board agreed at this time that Shusara would take on the roles of Founder, President, and CEO.


(Devon not present, no one has received any communication from her.)

Meeting started with a meditation.

Shusara and Meghan met with Craig, the CPA. They feel comfortable meeting with him. For keeping records he recommended a cloud-based package to keep track of finances called Telar IT, it's, $9.99/month. Tim wants the group to shop around for other financial software instead of just buying what Craig recommends. He is willing to shop around for other software. Generally wants the group to shop around for purchases.

BBS Radio – Shusara had an idea to host satsang on a site called BBS Radio, she asked Tim to do some research. Tim discovered that it is feasible, although it wouldn't be as participatory for people listening in. Cost is $40 – $60 for 1 hour. The board thinks it's an interesting idea to explore.

Shusara mentioned an experience she had recently where her and Atona had to meet with Jim Dellicolli for IGA. Because it had taken a while to setup, and from past experience, Shusara knew he was hard to get a hold of. When Atona then called her and said that she had setup a time to meet in two days Shusara's immediate response was "good luck". Atona told her she needed to put aside anything she knew about him to make this work. Shusara then realized how she was functioning from mind, from pictures. She related the story to illustrate how we have to move in the space to expect things to happen. If we expect that things won't happen then we're sabotaging it from happening. We should all look for this in our daily lives too. We're here to co-create, it's when we attach ourselves to the outcome that issues happen. This is how we need to function for Kumara Center. Her time away from satsang is to be able to sit in this space. Lady Athena's program mentioned that expectation is the start of precipitation. Mentioned how there is no free will because once you move into the space of allowance there is only right action, no matter how it appears. We should look at this otherwise we'll be trying to build Kumara Center, which is another reality, from the rules of this reality. Look at where our expectation is the opposite from our desire. We're being asked to function from a different model from how the world works.

Tim wanted to mention doing outdoor group meditations because he, Lish, and Meghan did one last week. Board agreed and thought it would be a good idea. Will look for a park to hold it, scheduled to have it July 6 at 11. Will post on the Kumara Center and Create a New World Meetup sites.

Next board meeting will be July 27 at 2pm.


(2:33 start)
(Devon not present)

Started with Shusara giving Board an update on Devon. She’s moved out and is beginning a new, full-time job. Atona had told Devon not to communicate with others, as part of her process, which is why Devon had not been responding to e-mails, but that has ended and Shusara’s understanding is that she can communicate now.

Shusara stressed that ALL members of the Board are being held to a higher standard. We have to function from our understandings and not from the personal self. Need to function outside the personal self as a group – the success of KCSA depends on it.

The group, as a whole, agreed that Devon absolutely has a place on the Board and has much to add to the group. The question was brought forth of her capacity to function in her role as CEO and President. The Board went over what roles are in terms of CEO as carrying and advancing the overall vision and President as running the organization on a daily basis.

Shusara asked everyone to give their view on the situation – NOT from a personal place, but from what they objectively witnessed in the time Devon has been President/CEO:

  • Perry mentioned that she always talked about having pages and pages of ideas but not much seemed to actually transpire – at least that she brought to the Board.
  • PielleAyan feels one of her strengths is that she’s a talker, but she tends to talk in circles. Makes things bigger/more difficult than they need to be. Feels she’s been all over the place. Thinks there’s a lot going on with her personally and it has affected her work with KCSA.
  • Meghan is personally amazed by what Devon knows so making things bigger is reflective of what she sees. Thinks she’s fitting for the roles, but not capable of doing them at this time. Thinks she would be a major asset.
  • Linda agrees with Meghan. Is very valuable in terms of connections. Feels her heart is in it but right now is not her time. Thinks she’s challenged in getting her ideas out.
  • Shusara warns the Board not to confuse passion with commitment, as passion and the ability to execute on it are two different things. Feels that, regardless of how much we love Devon, the Board has to be realistic in looking at what the issues are and be willing to do what is necessary, in the highest good of all Board members and of KCSA. This decision simply can’t be personal.
  • Tim feels much the same as others. Mentioned she doesn’t seem to follow through. She functioned well in working with Craig to incorporate KCSA. Feels she is valuable as a first contact with others in CEO role but not as President since that role is involved with the day to day tasks. She doesn’t seem to want to do the role. Feels the push in March to get a full-time person for KCSA was driven by her personal desire to have a job.

Shusara shared that she found out from Linda that we don’t have a space at Unity anymore, and that Devon told her that we needed to put everything on hold, but that Devon never brought this to Shusara. Clear and timely communication is imperative for anyone who holds a Board position with KCSA, and/or any other title.

All Board members present feel that Devon isn’t capable of performing in her role as President or CEO. The Board hopes Devon has already come to the same conclusion and will tender her resignation as KCSA President and CEO, but will notify Devon of the Board’s decision in the event that Devon does not communicate with the Board in the time frame given (by end of Sunday, May 19).

Meghan wondered if there was a role we could make for her. Shusara suggested Devon may like to be the director of public relations when she’s able to fully commit to the work.

For the time being, the Board agreed Shusara will step back into the CEO and President roles, since by law we need someone in the President position. She will maintain the role as CEO (if we even need that titled filled), but will eventually hand off the role as President to someone else. Tim has expressed interest in functioning as President and the Board was agreeable. The Board agreed that, whoever it is, it should be a gradual transition.

Linda shared that she still wants to be a bigger part of things even though her life is in flux at the moment.

Shusara would like to just do something simple for solstice. Board agreed.

The New Moon meditation brought up questions that PielleAyan thinks we should all spend time looking at:

  • What role do I see myself playing in KCSA?
  • Where do I see KCSA going?
  • What foundation do I need to lay?
  • What do I need to see and clear out (personally)?
  • What do I need to do and be during this time?
  • What do I want to see manifest for KCSA in the near future?
  • What is my value?
  • What is my worth?
  • What is my plan, how can I sustain this and keep a stable path?
  • What can I learn from others?
  • What do I believe, what do I know?
  • Remember who I AM, stay focused
  • Stay empowered
  • Assistance finding what I need

Shusara wants to emphasize the Add Your Energy part of Create a New World. Essentially flip the emphasis. Base idea would be to add your energy wherever you are even if it’s not something we physically do as a group.

We’re not doing a big solstice event this year so PielleAyan will contact speakers to let them know we’re canceling.

Tim and Shusara will work together to talk about Add Your Energy and remaking the site.

There’s a general view that people in the community are looking for a connecting point to connect with others, we can function to assist with that.

Tim mentioned we should still continue to find a building. He mentioned the possibility of getting office space in a larger building as opposed to having an entire building. PielleAyan and Tim will explore this.

Board feels good about everything. 

Next meeting is scheduled for June 15 at 2:00.

(4:15 end)