(Linda is absent)
(Meeting started at 2:30pm)

Shusara started meeting and asked everyone how they're doing. (Parentheses denotes general feeling: okay/not okay)

  • Perry is stressed, trying to operate from inner world more. Able to let go of issues better. (50/50)
  • Tim is generally stable. Has ups and downs but is better able to see things so they don't last as long. Has leadership opportunities coming. (65/35)
  • Meghan has been on a roller coaster. Was sick a month ago, more with her lungs. They're healing but still needs to take it slow. Recovering slowly, medication has really messed her up. (20/80)
  • Devon is best she's ever been, clearer. Feels she's going through a cleansing in her life with all the chaos that's been happening. (95/5)
  • PielleAyan is fucked up. Feels energetically drained due to pushing people around her forward. (80/20)
  • Shusara really enjoyed her time away, being out in nature. Found her inner poetry again. Had a very heart based meditation. Coming back into the world and fulfilling roles again is challenging. Being in the world is slowing her progress down because she's in other people's energy fields. Has asked Perry to step up with household responsibilities to help free up her time. She's seen more how she's made choices that didn't serve her and needs to address this, feels this is the last piece of Karen to fall away. (80/20)

If we are going to function as a collective as part of Kumara Center we have to do our own work. We can't have a lack of integrity in terms of how we function within the group and outside of it, e.g. no bad mouthing others behind their back at work but being spiritual with the group.

Devon said we added a speaker, Kahlina. Her work was energy healing, she made sprays to help with it. Speaking first and then Jim will, Janet, Shusara. Agenda is done. Ellen is confirmed, drummers, Kimberly, Jim still doesn't have topic. Program just needs to be printed out. Asked board if we could go to CNW's Facebook page to keep page active: like posts, invite friends, etc.

Shusara got the gift bags. May need help preparing bags: stuffing bags, cutting cards.

Summer solstice. Dr. Matt is interested in participating in it. We still don't have a location. Unity is not an option. South Carolina option didn't pan out, Copper Head(?). Using Porta Potties has become an issue, do we or don't.

Reedy creek has an option, $300 for 8 hours. Has tables, electricity, close to bathrooms, fireplace. Takes 90 days to actually process the paperwork. Devon feels Charlotte Parks and Rec is the way to go. Feels safe. You have to be out by sundown since they lock gates. We have no funds. Tim is willing to cover cost for park.

Fundraising opportunity is a 50/50: you sell tickets to people and one person wins half of whatever is collected. Another is raffling off gift cards. Online satsang, memberships. Cooking contests, poker tournaments, field day.

Easiest fundraising opportunity is 50/50. Devon says to do it Shusara would have to write a marketing piece to let people know what they're supporting.

Possible group activities: fundraising, income (donations), events, Satsang, processing workshops.

Lot of discussion in terms of what Kumara Center should be doing immediately and long-term. Developed the following categories to define what Kumara Center is and what we do.


Services: satsang, processing workshops, online workshops, service work from members (healing, jewelry, etc), availability of marketplace, intensives / retreats, speaking engagements, community outreach, CNW.

Marketing: public relations, sales and marketing

Income: Fundraising, income from services, donations / capital, members, investors (future possibility)


Shusara said we need people to start posting on CNW global site.  Hootsuite.com is a site to schedule events and drip them out over time.

Shusara mentioned people posting on CNW global site or Facebook and how to go about it. There's a general tone that she wants conveyed. Multiple writers but one voice. Initially Shusara wants people to bring things to her. Sees this happening for a few months. Devon shouldn't use so many exclamation points.

Mentioned needing a full time person to drive Kumara Center's goals forward. Shusara mentioned Devon is the perfect candidate for it. She isn't willing to do it because she needs money, like anyone else. She could do it but ultimately she wants to make about $50,000 a year (about $4100 / month), initially she could make less than that per month since she's living with Shusara. Devon mentioned she's developing an idea for making money.

We need a CNW legal organization similar to KCSA.

Devon will call Craig Monday to see if it's possible for CNW to run a 50/50 when it's not setup as a legal organization right now the way KCSA is. PielleAyan will look into raffle tickets.

Shusara mentioned that something the board could do while she's away and can't do satsang is have a weekly panel of board members that could field questions. A way to continue the work of Kumara Center.

Discussed PielleAyan doing her healing work with Kumara Center, similar to the Meetup event she had/has. Devon mentioned that PielleAyan should start a business. PielleAyan is concerned with doing that because she's under the IRS' radar right for tax trouble from the past.


Next steps

  • Devon gets Tim monthly number for immediate income
  • Devon calls Craig about CNW doing 50/50
  • PielleAyan looks into acquiring raffle tickets
  • Devon will look into parks for solstice. Jatton park in Lake Normal and Reedy Creek. Try to get info for next week.

(Meeting over at 6:00pm)