(Tim was late)

We’ve got the binder of information from Mel Jackson. Everyone needs to sign forms today. (Everyone did at end of meeting.) Everyone sealed their mission statement form.

Perry read mission statement out loud.

Shusara, Devon, and Perry have opportunities to talk amongst themselves via living together so they talked about the need to go back to the vision in determining actions to take. The new template for humanity requires us to function from selfless service. We’re moving the new energies into being. PielleAyan agreed we should read the vision at the beginning of every meeting.

Shusara spoke to her experiences with past organizations and how it might impact us. Foundation of Unification was one. It still exists but they don’t do anything. Was founded by Atona, but not on paper. She never had an official role beyond founder and so there began to be an underlying tension that existed whenever Atona would bring anything to the group’s attention. Shusara doesn’t want that, she wants to be clear about her role. Perry is a founder alongside Shusara. Shusara put forth Perry be Vice Board Chair. Board agreed. Shusara put forth motion of her being Board Chair. Board agreed. Perry intends to still attend monthly meetings even though IGA work will pull him away. Board agreed he can remain in function as chair of the weekly meetings.

Shusara says the level of involvement of herself, PielleAyan, and Devon will require compensation from KCSA. Her focus has been on her work for the past 4 years. Dilemma exists in people needing time to devote themselves to KCSA to make it an organization and not just a Meetup group. Devon needs to move things into being as role as President. The same dilemma exists with PielleAyan. Shusara wanted to bring these issues to the group to see about finding solutions.

People are working full-time. There are practical needs that need to be addressed. PielleAyan feels that Devon needs to use her more: CCd on emails, etc. Shusara mentioned that we are one unit even though we are all individuals going through separate spaces. What affects one affects us all.

Tim mentioned Shusara, Devon, and PielleAyan need to come up with a target number, a budget, so we/they all know what exactly they need. Shusara motioned that we need a finance committee. Everyone’s on finance committee except Linda and Perry. Finance committee deals with handling finances of the organization.

Devon mentioned that churchs have a building fund that is funded from the tithes of members, get business loans, religious loans. Queen City Forward is a social entrepreneur dedicated to helping humanity. Mentioned that some venture capitalists don’t even care about some of the projects they fund, they just want their name on the project.

Crepala is a place where many well-known spiritual personalities go and talk.

Tim feels we need to develop an action plan of what we’re aiming for. Devon thinks the focus of the group should shift towards a small Meetup mindset to the large organization goal that KCSA is aiming for. Thinks we should stop planning new events to support this. Mary Beth has been doing what she’s doing f or a long time and is still hurting. Devon mentioned that her job with Lori has helped in getting private information about trends in the spiritual community. Feels we should marry the spiritual community with business.

Shusara mentions what we can offer is dissolution work. It’s important for us to be transparent with finances. Wants an aquaponics facility at our future center.

Confirmed for spring equinox at Unity. Ellen, of Sacred Grove, is upset with us for not going back there for our intensives. Janet is confirmed. Reverend Mary is confirmed. Things are still moving with confirmations. Devon has meditated on the number of blocks with the equinox and sees that she shouldn’t try to remove them.

Hospitality Committee: Meghan (chair), Perry, Linda K, Donna.

Event Planning Committee: Devon (chair), Linda M, Donna (?), PielleAyan

Committee chair decides what happens, can make decisions. Board can overrule decisions since they set the pace of things.

Devon is going to a class on Wednesday for Facebook promotion, will be $20. Mentioned there are techniques to posting to reach more people. Devon will talk more with board members individually to discuss ideas if they want to know more.

Perry mentioned that he’s going to talk to Donna tomorrow about a possible location in Fort Mill, Anne Springs Close Greenway. Shusara also mentioned there’s another property in Fort Mill, about 30 some acres, that Donna feels would be good to look at.

Tim mentioned he wants to create an intranet and wanted to ask the board if we should put a user registration form on the main site. Devon agreed.

Monday meetings are being scrapped unless there’s a need, in which case Shusara will send out a notification.